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25 best psychological thrillers according to the audience

Love movies that keep you energized throughout the story? Like when during the evening movie screening hands are covered with goosebumps, and the heart skips a fright? Do you like puzzles, interweaving of human destinies and personality psychology? Then keep our selection. This is a digest of the 25 best psychological thrillers according to ordinary viewers.

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5 inspirational series about strong women

The weaker sex is no longer weak. Women lead companies, single-handedly drag the whole family, lead countries, invent new technologies, fly into space, drive cars, build houses. This is given to some very easily, while others are forced to take on such a role due to life circumstances. Is it difficult for women to do business and fate?

10 films about abnormal tornadoes, tornadoes and storms

What destructive power are natural disasters capable of? To answer this question, you need to get acquainted with the list of the best films about hurricanes, tornadoes and tornadoes. In the paintings presented, desperate heroes will fight the climatic apocalypse. Tornado (Twister) 1996 Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama Rating - 7.2 A slow-motion recording of the sound made by a camel was used as the sound of a tornado.

So be it - a new film about The Beatles

The release date of the film "Let It Be" / "Let it be" is set for 2020, there will be no special actors; The trailer will be released later. This film will be the release of the 1970 documentary "Let it be", telling about the legendary band "The Beatles" and one of their concerts in 1969. Let it be USA Genre: Documentary Director: Peter Jackson World Release: 2020 Cast: The Beatles and others.

How the actors of the Lord of the Rings trilogy have changed in 17 years

Just imagine: the people who were born on the day of the premiere of “The Lord of the Rings” will be 18 years old next year. But if you compare the photographs of the actors - how they changed during this time, it seems that some drank the elixir of eternal youth. These people seemed to freeze in time - facial features remained the same, it even seems that over the years they did not appear a single wrinkle.

April 23 "Avengers: Final" will already be watched in Moscow

There is very little left until the most anticipated premiere of 2019 - the world premiere of Avengers: Final will take place on April 24, and the release date in Russia was set for April 29, but there is also a pleasant surprise - on April 23, the closed blockbuster Avengers: Final will take place in Moscow at the Moscow International Film Festival (Moscow Avengers Endgame International Film Festival).

Musical “Romeo and Juliet” - March 13-17 in Moscow

Everyone knows that “there is no sadder story than the story of Romeo and Juliet”, and the long-awaited musical “Romeo and Juliet”, which is expected in Moscow on March 13-17, will help to once again verify the veracity of this statement. The musical performance about young lovers, which fans are looking forward to, invariably makes a splash in all cities and countries in which it was even shown once.

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Senafon (2019) was shot in Rayong Province, a three-hour drive from Bangkok. Out of season, tourists do not come here. However, this is not a fun comedy against the backdrop of paradise beaches, but a drama about the relationship of fathers and children, searching for yourself in a new place. Thailand, Russia Genre: comedy Director: Evgeny Shelyakin Release date in Russia: 2019 Actors and roles: Mikhail Gomiashvili (Xenophon), Evgenia Dmitrieva (Irina), Vladimir Mishukov (Alexey), Anastasia Somova (Katya), Polina Pushkaruk (Mila) , Patrida Piekuu (Pim), Gerai Moenprayon (Bunchi) About filming and plot Director Evgeny Shelyakin shared some thoughts on filming: “From the very beginning there was a task - not to make a tourist movie, because the story is not about that at all.

Photos of talking walls on Instagram: “The truth is written on the fences”

Have you ever paid attention to the inscriptions left by nameless authors in the courtyards of your houses? What did the author want to say with this phrase? Or is it just a random thought, flashed for a moment in someone's head and immediately irrevocably dissolved in gray being? Instagram has a separate account dedicated to talking walls.

Kate Beckinsale will beat men in the comedy "Pretty Woman Platoon"

The role of the mischievous bouncer in the new comedy action movie “Beauty at the Platoon” went to Kate Beckinsale, the exact release date of the film is set for November 2020, the cast and plot are known, the trailer has not yet been released, since the shooting is in full swing. Jolt USA Genre: Action, Comedy Director: Tanya Wexler Release Date: November 12, 2020 Russian Premiere: 2020 Actors: K.

15 films with a New Year's mood

On New Year's holidays, we are all in search of a good movie, which is filled to the brim with Christmas comfort and the atmosphere of a home holiday. We offer you to see a list of the best Russian and foreign films about New Year and Christmas. New Year's comedies, fantasy and melodrama will remind you that miracles are real. Last Christmas 2019 Genre: Comedy, Romance Expectancy Rating - 97% (Movie Search) In addition to the title based on George Michael’s song “Last Christmas”, George Michael’s unreleased songs will be used in the film.

Action "Alita: Battle Angel"

The release date for James Cameron's new movie “Alita: Battle Angel” in 2019 at the world box office is February 5, 2019, and in Russian cinemas you can see a fantastic action movie from February 14. The basis for a joint project of American, Canadian, Argentinean and Japanese manufacturers was the manga Yukito Kishiro.

Thor: Love and thunder are all about the 4 parts of the Thor

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is rich in its diverse characters, and one of the most famous superheroes in the universe is the Thunder and Lightning God. However, in the comics, the name of this character was taken by another heroine, and a television project about her has already been developed - the release date for the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” (2021) is known in Russia, the plot and actors have been announced, and the trailer has not been released.


The winner of the 69th Berlin Film Festival and, as a result, the winner of the Golden Bear Award was the Nadav Lapid’s film “Synonyms” with a release date in 2019, the trailer of which is freely available. In the Russian hire this drama will arrive on April 25 of the same year. Her rating of expectations by our viewers is rated at 99%.

The box office success of The Lion King - Latest News

The box office in the world of film adaptation of the Disney cartoon "The Lion King" (2019) exceeded the one billion dollar mark! This is not surprising, because viewers warmly recall the original 1994 Disney animated film that captured the hearts of people around the world. Therefore, with the hope of recalling their childhood, fans with great zeal began to attend film adaptation sessions in cinemas.

New York City Season 1 Episode 8 Show

The beginning of the end of the “Game of Thrones” took place, namely the premiere of the first episode - the show of series 1 of season 8 was held on April 3, 2019 in New York at the Radio City Music Hall. On the Red carpet, the spirit of “high school graduation” reigned, fans were expecting favorite stars from all Seven Kingdoms.

What is wrong with Pets Cemetery

On April 4, 2019, a remake of Stephen King's “Cemeteries of Pets” started at the box office, but what’s true here and what is fiction, let's see. The "King of Horrors" has always been famous not so much for zombies or ghosts as for the realism of its works. On the eve of the premiere, it turned out that what many considered a deep understanding of life was the life of the writer himself!

Anne Hathaway in the movie “Witches” by Robert Zemeckis

Not so long ago, in the American magazine "Varity" it was published that the famous Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway will take part in the filming of "The Witches" by Robert Zemeckis, an American director, producer and screenwriter. The film will be called "Witches", and the actress will play the role of the Great Supreme Witch.

Historical photos in color

Black and white shots create the false impression that the events displayed on them took place hundreds of years earlier than in reality. But it’s worth adding a color picture, as the image takes on a completely different look - it seems that you are looking at the frame for the first time. We invite you to see the most vivid and interesting historical moments in color.