"Rush Hour 4" - what is known about the continuation

The long-awaited continuation of the beloved by many comedic franchises with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan received a green light! The exact release date (2020 or 2021) and the plot of the film "Rush Hour 4" are unknown, but the actors have been announced, the trailer has not yet been released. Fans and fans are already looking forward to the premiere of the sequel to the cult comedy thriller.

Rating expectations film premiere (KinoPoisk) - 96%.

Rush hour 4


Genre: comedy, action

Producer: is unknown

Release date: 2020 or 2021

Cast: Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan and others.

Hong Kong detective Lee and American policeman James Carter have been on the team for a long time: what adventures they have never been to! The couple will return to the screens to investigate a new dangerous case ...


Li and Carter met while investigating the abduction of the Chinese Minister’s daughter in Los Angeles. It was then that both found a common language, despite the different mentality of their countries and different outlooks on life. Of course, the partners saved the girl (though they destroyed half of the city), and earned honor and respect. But their service did not end there: in the following parts, friends investigated the explosion at the American embassy, ​​pursued counterfeiters, visited Paris and once again rescued the minister’s already grown-up daughter.

What adventures await Lee and Carter in the new film? There was no official announcement, but you can expect anything from this couple.


The director of the fourth part has not yet been appointed, but the author of the script is already there - he became Ross LaManna (“Maximum Impact”, “Titanic”, “Ice Silence”), who worked on the entire trilogy. The producer of the project, Arthur M. Sargsyan (Irish, Vegas, Foreigner, How to Rob a Bank), also once worked with all three franchise films.

Filming was supposed to begin in 2018, but the script was repeatedly rewritten, because of this the production was delayed. Also a problem for everyone was the accusation of director Brett Ratner (“Escape”, “Red Dragon”, “Twenty-one”, “Family Man”, “Guys with Trunks”) of sexual harassment, so he is unlikely to return to work on the franchise.

Bret ratner

There is no official information about when the 4th part of “Rush Hour” will be released, but the latest news from the actors hinted that the shooting will begin in 2019. What viewers hope to see in the sequel:

  • even more police Carter jokes;
  • joint battles between Carter and Lee with enemies;
  • Isabella's return (the girl who threw Lee because Carter accidentally shot her);
  • the return of another funny character - taxi driver George.
Well, in the end, viewers want to see funny moments from the shoot.

Actors and roles

The fact that the continuation was announced, the world learned from Chris Tucker ("The Fifth Element", "My Boyfriend is Crazy", "You Shook My World", "Jackie Brown", "Friday") and Jackie Chan ("Armor of God" , "Project A", "Magic Store", "Knight of the Shadows: between yin and yang", "Tuxedo", "Shanghai Knights"), who posted a joint photo with a hint of a sequel on Instagram. This couple will return to their roles as police Carter and Detective Lee, respectively.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Before working on the first part of “Peak Hour,” Jackie Chan never spoke English himself, but used the services of dubbing, as he doubted his abilities. However, director Brett Ratner persuaded the actor to refuse dubbing.
  • Jackie Chan's favorite number is 32.
  • In many scenes, Chris Tucker improvised - he does so in each of his projects.
  • In 2019, Jackie Chan aroused the anger of Hong Kong residents with his reaction to the protests taking place there. Some citizens wanted to abolish the deprivation of democratic privileges for Hong Kong, and therefore staged a variety of protests, for example, they threw the flag of the People's Republic of China at sea. This is how Chan spoke about the incident: “On the one hand, I had to show my patriotism, because I am a Chinese citizen and a native of Hong Kong. On the other hand, I was hoping to convey a common opinion to people through this campaign.”

Probably, information about the exact release date in Russia (2020 or 2020) and the trailer for the film "Rush Hour 4", the actors of which are known and the plot has not been announced, will appear in 2020, and the project itself may premiere in the same year. So the fans did not have to wait very long, and they again will be able to see Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan on one screen.

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