7 new Russian films and series about the village

Many urban residents are interested in the question: “How do their compatriots live in the outback?”, And the villagers are interested in looking at their lives from the side. That is why films about the province do not lose their relevance over the years. We have put together in a single list Russian films and series about the village that have already been released in 2019, so that viewers can change the visual range of the metropolis and see what is happening in other regions of our vast country.

Thank you grandfather for the victory (2019)

Genre: family, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 4.9

The main role in the film was played by Yegor Beroev, who won the hearts of the audience with his roles in “Turkish Gambit”, “Railway Romance” and “Admiral”.

Movie detail

Many years ago, Timur’s father quarreled with him because his son chose a Russian woman as his wife. Now, by coincidence, Timur must send his Russian wife Irina and son Sandrik to Abkhazia to his grandfather in order to solve his problems. Ten-year-old Sandrick finds himself in a completely different world where there is no Internet, but there are children of his age who enjoy each other’s company, there are funny grandfather tales and many honest and open people.

Island of the Doomed (2018 - 2019)

Genre: adventure, detective

Filming of the first season of a detective series about the outback took place in Yaroslavl.

Details about the series

It is not for nothing that the residents of the city called this area the "Island of the Doomed" - time seems to have stopped here. Around the island, everything is invariable for long kilometers, and the local population lives among lakes, swamps, legends and traditions. Once local fishermen find a girl’s corpse in old clothes. This event excited not only the town, but also made the authorities alarmed. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB were sent to the "Island of the Doomed", and the local district Prokhin will help them in the investigation, helping metropolitan investigators to adapt to the conditions of the lost province.

ALGERIA. (2018)

Genre: history, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.0

The term A.L.ZH.I.R. is a colloquial abbreviation and refers to one of the three islands described by Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his "Gulag Archipelago." This is Akmola camp of wives of traitors to the Motherland. During its existence, about 18 thousand women passed through the camp.

Events unfold in one of the most famous and terrible women's camps of the Stalin period - A.L.ZH.I.R.E. Here women of different classes and social classes are gathered. The main characters, the wife of aircraft designer Konstantin Pavlov and the wife of director of the opera house Vladimir Ter-Ashaturov, find themselves in real hell, you can get out of it only with enormous fortitude and endurance.

Second first love (2018)

Genre: melodrama, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.7

Sophia Priss, who played the main role in the film, was remembered by many viewers for her role in the series "Wings of the Empire."

The ordinary coastal city has become a place of unimaginable passions - the girl Anya is in love with the son of a fisherman, who her mother absolutely does not like. Mother chose an enviable groom for her daughter - the son of the head of the administration, Anatoly. Anya does not want to follow her parent’s lead and marries her beloved Ivan, and she is also expecting a child from him. Her husband disappears on the first wedding night. Soon his body is found in a burnt warehouse. Anina's mom tries to save the situation and takes out a passport without a stamp for her daughter. The girl leaves the city, hiding her pregnancy. Difficult birth ends in the death of a son. Everything leads the girl to the fact that after so many losses, she is forced to marry the unloved.

Guardian Angel (2018)

Genre: melodrama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.3

The series was shot by director Maxim Demchenko, on whose account the projects "OBZh", "Alien Wives", "Hurry to Love" and "Doctor Richter".

The beginning of the twentieth century, the revolution reigns not only in the streets, but also in the minds. Professor Angels raises three daughters, and the peasant Kondratyev, who lives in his estate, has three sons. Professor Angelov’s plans to leave abroad intervene in the revolt of the peasant Kondratiev. It would seem that the banal situation of that time was connected with the wars of various social strata ... If not for the love of the eldest peasant son Fedorov for the eldest professor's daughter Lydia. After a terrible night of rebellion, the lives of all the heroes of the picture change in the most unexpected way.

Lawyers (2018 - 2019)

Genre: thriller, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.1

The remarkable lawyer of the capital, Artem Sotnikov, is being deceived by his common-law spouse. Being able to restrain his emotions, he crashes the car of his leader and realizes that he does not want to stay in Moscow anymore. So he finds himself in his hometown. Despite the fact that he wants to end his lawyer career, circumstances dictate his own rules to him, and he begins to work in a local law office. To relive the troubles in his personal life, he helps the love of his colleague Alena Kochubey. But in order to achieve the favor of a woman, he needs to recapture her from her spouse, who is not at all an ordinary person, but a city prosecutor.

Blue Lake (2019)

Genre: melodrama, drama

The project that started in 2019 completes our TOP of already released Russian films and TV shows about the village. Elena Arosieva, one of the actresses who starred in the main roles, became famous thanks to her roles in the films "Belovodye. The Secret of the Lost Country", "While the Fern Blossoms", "Squad" and "One Night of Love".

Nina lives a very ordinary life and considers herself a happy woman. But one day she finds out that her husband Vadim has an affair on the side and his immediate plans for a divorce. In addition, the man plans to keep their common daughter. The only chance to change something is to escape. Random driver Michael helps a woman and takes her to his hometown, where the woman soon gets a job. Running away from the past, she thinks that it will not catch up with her, but the provincial realities and prevailing circumstances lead her to completely unexpected situations and actions.

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