The film "After the Wedding" - about working on history

An unusual plot and unexpected ending will surprise the viewer with the new American drama “After the Wedding” (the date of the Russian premiere is September 26, 2019), a whole team of professionals was involved in the filming and work on the film. This is a remake of Suzanne Bir's film "After the Wedding," nominated for an Oscar 2007 as the best foreign language film of the year.

Isabelle devoted her life to helping others. She learns that the woman who heads the multimillion-dollar corporation is ready to donate a huge amount to her. Their meeting in New York is successful, but things change when Isabelle accidentally meets her husband. She still does not know that someone started the game with the fate of others, in which the truth would be more dangerous than lies ...

Movie detail

About the plot

Isabelle (Michelle Williams) is the director of a homeless shelter in Calcutta and devotes her whole life to caring for them. Isabelle adopted the fragile seven-year-old boy Jay (Vir Pachisia). They are so attached to each other that they are practically inseparable. Over the years, Isabelle, along with her colleague Prina (Anjula Bedi), made every effort to ensure that the shelter lived, but now it is on the verge of bankruptcy. At this crucial moment for a charity, Prien receives a letter from a potential philanthropist who demands that Isabelle come to New York for a personal acquaintance. At first, Isabelle flatly refuses to indulge the whims of an unknown philanthropist, but Prina manages to convince her colleague. Isabelle returns to the city in which she deliberately has not been more than 20 years.

Once in New York, Isabelle is stunned by the chic of a hotel room that she had been booked for. She meets with a possible savior of the shelter - a bright wealthy woman, media magnate Theresa Young (Julianne Moore).

It seems that Theresa's life could not be more perfect. She runs a successful business in one of the skyscrapers and lives in a mansion on the famous Oyster Bay with her family - husband Oscar Carlson (Billy Crudup), who is engaged in art, 21-year-old daughter Grace (Abby Quinn) and eight-year-old twins Theo and Otto.

However, how dissimilar the lives of Isabelle and Theresa may seem, the heroines have to find out that they are united in much more than they can imagine.

Isabelle expects to return to the shelter to her beloved Jay as soon as possible, but Theresa has other plans. She invites Isabelle to the wedding of her daughter Grace and Jonathan (Alex Isola), a promising manager of her company. Isabelle realizes that she will feel like a stranger at this celebration of life and is trying to refuse, but Teresa insists.

No matter how joyful the triumph might seem, the wedding reveals a carefully concealed truth and forever changes the course of life of the heroes.

In its depth and dynamics, “After the Wedding” can be compared with such paintings as “Ordinary People” and “Language of Tenderness”. The film not only explores the complex and unstable power of human relationships, but also invites the viewer to reflect on what a family is.

“After the Wedding” is based on the film of the same name by Suzanne Bier, nominated for an Oscar. The main roles in the film were played by the Oscar winner Julianne Moore (Hours; Hannibal The Hunger Games: Mockingjay), Oscar nominee Michelle Williams (Venom, Manchester by the Sea; Greatest showman ”), Billy Crudup (“ Where did you go Bernadette? ”), Abby Quinn (“ Bumblebee ”;“ GOOD GIRLS GET HIGH ”) and Alex Isola (“ Orange is the hit of the season ”and“ Young Dad ”).

Companies Ingenious Media, Rock Island Films and Riverstone Pictures present the film by screenwriter and director Bart Freindlich (“Wolves”; “Nanny on Call”) “After the Wedding” Y. The picture is produced by Joel B. Michaels (“Terminator: May the Savior Come”; “Basic Instinct 2: Lust for Risk”; “Lolita”) and Harry Finkel (“In Search of Steve McQueen, Side by Side”).

About the work on the film

Joel B. Michaels admits that he was impressed by the Oscar-nominated film by Danish director Suzanne Bir, "After the Wedding." “What I liked most is that he talks about the ambiguous moments of our lives, when the moral boundaries between good and bad are almost erased,” the producer recalls. “There are practically no people among us who would not try to manipulate other people, big or small. But no matter how good the intentions, manipulations, distorting the truth, often lead to disastrous consequences. "

Michaels began an active fight for film rights with larger production companies and by mid-2007 was successful. He waited for a draft version of the script, after which he spent several years searching for a suitable director. In 2016, friends advised him to turn to Bart Freindlich. Michaels knew that Freindlich is a masterful storyteller, able to convey all the emotional nuances, and is known as an "acting" director.

“Bart immediately grasped the idea of ​​the film and began to describe the story as I myself imagined it,” Michaels recalls. “We talked to him several times, and I was convinced that he understood well the psychological state of all the characters.”

According to Freundlich, he likes the work of Beer, but he did not watch the movie "After the Wedding." The director liked the dynamic development of the characters and the way to convey the drama of what is happening. “This story is from the modern world,” Freindlich is convinced. “One of those that everyone seems to understand. I was fascinated by the plot, I wanted to further explore human nature, study the intricacies of relationships with people with whom we decided to connect our lives "In the end, we all make a journey along the road of life, and we have not so many choices that can affect our destiny."

Freundlich and Michaels discussed critical aspects of history. There were two main male characters in the Beer film, but Michaels decided that the film would be an order of magnitude more interesting if the main roles went to women. Freundlich seized on this idea and fully supported the producer.

“The original story was difficult to compare with anything that I had worked on before,” Freundlich admits. “The story itself was unusual, and the characters were alive and not like each other. I had an amazing opportunity to tell a story about women who have to make difficult decisions and deal with their consequences. "

Julianne Moore likes Beer films, and when she found out that her husband Bart Freindlich set about adapting the story, she decided that she would be interested in the role of Teresa. While Freundlich wrote, Moore gave him advice on the characters and their relationship.

"I think each of us has similar stories, and they are very interesting to me," says the actress.

After Freindlich finished work on the script, Moore was approved for the role of Theresa. “Casting is always difficult, but after Julie was approved for the role, it became much easier to interest other actors,” Michaels notes. “It was thanks to her and Bart that we managed to get Michelle Williams and Billy Crudup.”

According to Freindlich, casting is one of the most fascinating components of working on a film, but the casting of the actors “After the Wedding” was special. The director claims that for the first time he managed to select exactly the actors whom he imagined when he wrote the script. He has long appreciated the talent of Michelle Williams and the penetration of her roles. In addition, he has been friends with Krudap for many years, who starred in two previous films of the director.

Michelle Williams was attracted by the ups and downs that the heroes have to endure. “I’m always interested in doing something that I haven’t tried before and which I probably don’t know how to approach,” the actress says. “I wanted to transform into Isabelle. It was a little painful, because every time it was a new emotional experience".

Williams could not help but touch how reverently Isabelle takes care of the children in the shelter. In a conversation with Harry Finkel, the actress expressed her intention to spend some time before the start of filming, working as a volunteer in such a shelter.

The difficult task of creating the image of his father completely fell on the shoulders of Billy Crudup. He and Freundlich discussed this role a lot. The themes of the picture were close to both - how parents try to invest as much as possible in their children, how they try to protect them, and how sometimes adults fail on the parent field. Krudap admits that he and Bart have repeatedly discussed these topics in friendly conversations, which is why it was easy to discuss working aspects.

“Working with Bart is always a pleasure,” says Krudap. “He intuitively understands how important events can turn out to be insignificant at first glance.”

Moore from the very beginning supported the candidacy of Abby Quinn for the role of Grace. “She is amazing,” Moore admires. “As the director’s wife, I looked at the samples. I immediately remembered Abby. She was very natural and open, it was nice to look at her. I remember, I thought:“ Please let her choose her. ”

“The very first meeting with Julie and Bart convinced me that everything would be fine,” Quinn recalls with a smile. “I spent several hours in their house. We talked about their children, where they grew up. For the time that we had conversations, I managed to make friends with Julie and understand how Bart sees each of the characters. "

“What is amazing in Billy Crudup, Michelle Williams, Julianne Moore and Abby Quinn - is that these actors are ready and strive to immerse themselves in the contradictions of their characters,” adds Freindlich. “They sought to show which actions of their heroes were subconscious and which - meaningful and planned. "

The date of the Russian premiere of the film “After the Wedding” is September 26, 2019, talented actors and filmmakers took part in the filming and work on the film.

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