"Percy Jackson 3: The Curse of the Titan" - when will be continued

Fantasy film franchise about the demigod hero Percy Jackson has not been too successful. However, fans are still hoping for the announcement of the release date in Russia, the actors and the plot of the film "Percy Jackson 3: The Curse of the Titan", the trailer of which never came out. However, the news comes disappointing - most likely, the tape will not give a green light, and we will not see the continuation.

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Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse


Genre: Fantasy, Fantasy, Adventure

Producer: is unknown

Release date: is unknown

Cast: Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario.

The franchise tells about the adventures of a teenager, Percy Jackson, who suddenly discovered that he was a descendant of the real Greek god Poseidon.


During a school trip to a museum, young Percy Jackson is attacked by a terrible monster, but the teacher saves him and explains the whole truth about who Percy is. It turns out that the hero is the son of the god of the seas Poseidon, so he goes to the Half-Blood Camp, the same demigods as he, along with his best friend Grover, who is actually a satyr. There he finds answers to all his questions, makes new friends and gets involved in dangerous adventures.

If “The Curse of the Titan” is still released, its plot will revolve around the battle of the main characters with the titan Atlas, which captivated Annabeth and even Artemis herself. The heroes will manage to cope with him, but they will pay a very high price ...


Logan Lerman, the star of dilogy, said during his press tour back in 2014 that the production of the third part is not planned:

"It was a great experience for me, but too much time has passed, and I have not heard anything about the continuation. But I would be glad to return to this franchise, because under the contract I have to play in three films about Percy Jackson."

An official statement about this has not yet been received, however, most likely, the producers informed the actor that they were not going to extend the story of Percy Jackson.

After the small box office box office of Hollywood by the standards of Hollywood, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, the appearance of the sequel seemed a real miracle, but the franchise was given a second chance. However, when part 2, called the "Sea of ​​Monsters", was rated even worse than its predecessor, it became clear that no one guarantees the third part.

At the moment, according to the latest news, “Percy Jackson 3: The Curse of the Titan” may still come out, but in the format of the series.

Actors and roles

If the continuation still comes out on the screens, then the same actors will appear in it as in the previous parts:

  • Logan Lerman in the role of Peri Jackson (“It's Good to Be Quiet”, “Rage”, “Train to Yuma”, “Fatal Number 23”, “Gamer”, “Sidney Hall Disappearance”);
  • Alexandra Daddario as Annabeth (“Choice”, “Why Women Kill”, “True Detective”, “Clan Soprano”, “We Always Lived in a Castle”);
  • Brandon T. Jackson as Grover (Horse BoJack, Lascivious California, Izzy Hurrying Through the City, Year of the Impressive Man).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was released in 2010 and earned $ 226 million worldwide ($ 88.7 million in the United States) with a budget of $ 95 million. The sequel, Sea of ​​Monsters, debuted in 2013 and earned $ 199 million worldwide ($ 68.5 million in the US) with a budget of 90 million.
  • The franchise is based on the cycle of books "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" by writer Rick Riordan.
  • In the original books, Percy Jackson is only twelve years old. However, in the films he is shown as a seventeen-year-old.
  • After the release of the films, a real Half-Blood Camp opened in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

It is likely that the release date for the film "Percy Jackson 3: The Curse of the Titan" in Russia, the actors and the plot of which was not announced, and the trailer did not come out, will not be appointed, since the creators do not plan to release a sequel to the dilogies, which upsets fans very much.

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