The series "Bodyguard" - will there be a season 2

The real breakthrough for the BBC channel was the series “The Bodyguard” released in 2018, the release date of the 2nd season of which is set for 2020, the actors and the plot are known, the trailer has not been released. The star of the Game of Thrones, Richard Madden, again appeared before the audience in a heroic manner, but this time changed medieval armor to a modern suit and pistol.

Rating of the television series: KinoPoisk - 7.5, IMDb - 8.2.


United Kingdom

Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Producer: John Strickland, Thomas Vincent

Season 2 release date: 2020 (unofficially)

Cast: Richard Madden, Sophie Rundle, Vincent Franklin, Ash Tandon, Gina McKee, Pippa Haywood, Stuart Bowman, Richard Riddell, Paul Radi, Nicholas Gleves and others.

The main character, a war veteran, is entrusted with the task: he must become the bodyguard of the Minister of the Interior of England. However, his views are radically different from the views of the one whom he is entrusted with protecting. Because of this, the bodyguard can become the main enemy ...


David Budd is returning home to London by train. Information comes from the conductor that the terrorists want to blow up the train, and David only has 7 minutes to prevent this. A man finds a criminal, and thanks to his heroism, people remain saved. This case becomes known, and Budd is invited to work as bodyguard for the Minister of the Interior, Julia Montague.

However, not all so simple. It turns out that Julia is a politician who supported the sending of British troops to Afghanistan, which for our hero ended in a post-traumatic disorder, the death of friends and hatred of British officials.

One day, David meets his army friend, who intends to take revenge on Julia, who managed to become David's mistress. So his words go into action, and the protagonist has to figure out who is behind the attack, but he himself falls under the charge.

As a result, the hero finds all the intruders and restores relations with the family. The creators said that in the new season, David may become the bodyguard of one of the members of the royal family or a foreign dignitary.

Director and shooting


  • John Strickland (Virtuosos, GMT, Mr. Selfridge, On Demand);
  • Thomas Vincent (Borgia, Versailles, Tunnel).


  • Eric Coulter (Crimes of the Past, Shetland);
  • Simon Heath (United, Munich Tragedy, Duty-Free, Murder Code);
  • Elizabeth Kilgarriff (Call the Midwife, Luther, Poldark).


  • Andrew McClelland (Sherlock, Tenth Kingdom, Poirot, In sight);
  • Steve Singleton (Downton Abbey, Crash, Mistresses, Death and Nightingales).
In 2018, the scriptwriter Jed Mercurio notified the audience that he had begun negotiations with the BBC about the possibility of a second season. He also hinted that he would like as many as 4 seasons for The Bodyguard, each of which will have a lot of new characters, and only a few old characters will go from season to season.

The lead actor, Richard Madden, says that the creators are still discussing the possibility of releasing season 2:

"When I took on the role, there was no mention of the second season. We planned a simple series of 6 episodes. But our project appealed to the audience, and now there is a need, the desire of the audience to continue."

Filming of the entire project took place in London. It is currently unknown whether the green light will continue. But if it is announced, then the second season of the series "The Bodyguard" may come out in 2020.

Actors and roles

The following actors starred in the project:

  • Richard Madden in the role of David Budd (Rocketman, Cinderella, Bird's Song, Serena, Klondike, Game of Thrones, Magnificent Medici);
  • Sophie Rundle as Vicki Budd (The Inspector's Visit, Pointy Peaks, Gentleman Jack, Murder Code, Jamestown, City Legends);
  • Vincent Franklin as Mike Travis (Illusionist, Bourne Identity, From Hell, Vera Drake, Bright Star, Peterloo, Decline and Destruction);
  • Ash Tandon in the role of Deepak Sharma ("From Here to Here", "Scott and Bailey", "Five Days");
  • Gina McKee in the role of Anne Sampson ("Mirror Mask", "When was the last time you saw your father?", "Atonement", "Naked", "Forsythe Saga", "Rook");
  • Pippa Haywood as Lorraine Craddock (Green Wing, If Only, Poirot, Requiem, Agatha and the Truth about the Killing, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies);
  • Stuart Bowman as Stephen Hunter-Dunn (Versailles, Song of the Sunset, Crimes of the Past, The Musketeers, Golden Hour, Traditions);
  • Richard Riddell in the role of Tom ("Robin Hood", "Legend", "Merlin", "Bad", "Young Morse", "Curfew");
  • Paul Radi in the role of Rob (Terror, Poirot, The Last Executioner, Young Morse, Doctor Martin, Mother Father Sons);
  • Nicholas Gleaves as Roger (Survivors, Spider-Man: Away from Home, Purely English Killings, Chasing Shadows).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The television project is a huge success: each series was watched by almost 10 million people on TV.
  • In 2019, the project was nominated for the Golden Globe and Emmy Award in the category "Best Drama Series". He never won the award, but Richard Madden received the Golden Globe in the nomination "Best Actor on TV (Drama)" for playing in this series.
  • It is also known that Richard Madden may become the new agent 007. The producers of “Bond” liked the actor’s game, and they can offer the role of James Bond to Madden in the near future.
  • The moment of the assassination of Julia Montague won the BAFTA Award in the category "Best Serial Moment".

Whether the release date of the episodes of the second season of the series “The Bodyguard (2018), the actors and the plot of which were announced and the trailer has not been released, is yet to be announced. But, given the high ratings and positive reviews, the BBC channel will not keep fans waiting long exit continuation.

Watch the video: 2 Brothers The Series Episode 1 Eng Subs (April 2020).