20 films about love, from which even men will cry

Many people sometimes want to get comfortable in a chair, take cover with a blanket and a little sad. Especially for people in a state of quiet sadness and melancholy, we have put together modern films about love that you can cry over.

A meter from each other (Five Feet Apart) 2019

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 7.2

Many viewers call this film with Haley Lou Richardson and Cole Sprouse the youth version of the classic melodrama Sweet November. The drama was nominated for the MTV Channel Award as a breakthrough of the year.

Movie detail

Both heroes of the film were diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, or as it is also called "cystic fibrosis." The main feature of the disease is the fact that they cannot approach each other by a meter, otherwise they may die. Two people in love are not even allowed to touch each other, so as not to destroy the fragile life of a loved one. But there is one law that has been tested over the years - the rules exist in order to violate them.

A Star Is Born (2018)

Genre: music, melodrama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.3, IMDb - 7.7

Lady Gaga agreed to take part in the project with only one condition - the film will be shot without the use of phonograms, and all songs will be recorded live. Some of the scenes in the film are recordings from a concert of a star in Los Angeles.

Once Jackson Maine was a successful country performer, but problems with drugs and alcohol did the trick, and now he is slowly sinking. Once at a bar he meets a charming waitress Ally, who has a beautiful voice, and confesses to Jackson that he writes songs, but is afraid to perform them. Passion flares between them, and Maine has a goal in life - to make her beloved famous. A man lets Ellie into show business, but can show business let the girl go to him without mutilating their fate and love?

White Nights (2017)

Genre: drama

The drama was based on the novel of the same name by Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky, transferred to the realities of the modern city, and the songs of Russian rock giants - groups DDT and Splin - were used as a soundtrack.

The main character of the film, Fedor D., is a very dreamy and romantic guy. During a walk along the streets of St. Petersburg, he meets a girl whom he falls in love with at first sight. They are waiting for several white nights, filled with adventure, bright moments, smiles, laughter, crazy actions and rare sincerity in our time. This meeting could be the first chapter of a beautiful novel, but the girl’s heart belongs to another person.

Three meters above the sky (Tres metros sobre el cielo) 2010

Genre: romance, drama, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 7.0

The Spanish version of the film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Federico Mochchia is considered by many to be one of the best films about love that make you cry. The melodrama brought the actor Mario Casas world fame and recognition.

A guy nicknamed Ace is a rebel and a rake who is in prison. Babi girl is a subtle and naive nature, belonging to a completely different social layer. The opposition of two young people does not push them apart, but brings them together. Together they must experience great love, great disappointment and try to stay together.

I am the beginning (I Origins) 2014

Genre: melodrama, drama, fiction

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.6, IMDb - 7.4

The main roles in the fantastic melodrama were played by Michael Pitt and Brit Marling.

Graduate student Ian Gray has his own laboratory, in which he studies the evolution of the retina. On Halloween Eve, he meets a girl named Sophie with amazing eye color. Between the pair there is a stormy romance, but soon the girl dies due to an accident. Fully immersed in the work after the tragedy, Michael suddenly finds the preconditions that Sophie, like many other people, does not die just like that, but degenerates into people with the same eyes.

At the mercy of the elements (Adrift) 2018

Genre: thriller, biography, adventure, romance, drama, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 6.6

Most of the filming process took place on the high seas two hours from the coastline. Filming sometimes started before dawn and could last twelve hours in a row.

The film is based on a real story. The main characters, Richard and Tami, are young and free. They met in Tahiti and fell in love. The couple decides to go sailing the Pacific Ocean on a yacht. They still do not know that instead of a vivid and memorable adventure, they will face difficult trials, because a terrible hurricane will burst into their trip, which is incomparable in strength with any other in history. They no longer control their destinies, and their lives are in the grip of the elements.

I declare war (La guerre est déclarée) 2011

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.6, IMDb - 7.0

Director and screenwriter and actress Valerie Donzelli told in a melodrama the story that happened in her family.

Juliet and Romeo meet at a disco, they fall in love with each other, and after a while the couple has a baby. Over time, they notice that their son is developing more slowly than their peers. The couple does not despair even when the doctors make a terrible diagnosis and make disappointing predictions. A joint struggle brings them closer, and they begin slowly, but surely, in spite of the doctors and evil fate, to go to victory - the recovery of their child.

The Time Traveler's Wife 2008

Genre: melodrama, drama, fantasy, fantasy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.6, IMDb - 7.1

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston bought the rights to the film adaptation of the novel by Audrey Niffennegger even before the book was officially published.

The main character named Henry Detemble has a feature caused by a rare genetic malfunction in the body - he travels uncontrollably in time. Most often this happens as a result of some kind of stress. He meets his future wife when she turns six years old. Henry gives little Claire a sheet with the dates of his future appearances. Now her task and the purpose of life is to wait for short meetings and love him all his life.

Good kids don't cry (Achtste-groepers huilen niet) 2012

Genre: family, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0, IMDb - 7.5

This Dutch sad Dennis Bots film about adolescent love is able to bring even restrained people to tears. Two years after its release, Norwegian filmmakers made a remake of the picture.

Sixth-grader Ekki can be safely called a tomboy and a “little girl” - she prefers fights with boys and a game of football to dolls and dresses. Before the football tournament, it turns out that Ekki has leukemia. People around her regret and sympathize with her, and she, like a real wrestler, continues to play football and live an ordinary life. And helps her to stay afloat the first romantic feeling for a boy named Yoep.

Carol 2015

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 7.2

Back in 1953, Patricia Highsmith had an affair with socialite Virginia Kent Caterwood, about whom the writer wrote her book, The Price of Salt. The film "Carol" is an adaptation of this novel.

Events unfold in the 50s of the last century in New York. Acquaintance of an ordinary young saleswoman Teresa with an irresistible mature and rich woman Carol unexpectedly turns into love for both women. At the time of their meeting, Carol is in the process of divorce, and the woman’s husband can take advantage of Teres and Carol’s connection to get custody of her five-year-old daughter.

The Fault in Our Stars 2014

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 7.7

Among modern films about love, which you can cry over, "Blame the Stars" is perhaps one of the most famous. When actress Shailene Woodley read her monologue on samples, the crew members in the audience burst into tears, after which she got the main role in the film.

Young Hazel has cancer. Despite a temporary remission, she completely ceased to enjoy life and fell into depression. At a meeting of a support group for cancer patients, she meets Augustus. They understand each other from the first word in everything from illness to dreams and thoughts. Between them flashes a real bright feeling of first love. Together they decide on a crazy act - a journey that will give them joy in their by no means cloudless life.

Arrhythmia (2017)

Genre: drama, melodrama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.7, IMDb - 7.5

The film was conceived as a romantic comedy about a divorcing couple forced to live side by side with each other, but after the scriptwriters Natasha Meshchaninova and Boris Khlebnikov decided that the characters would be doctors by profession, the picture got a completely different context.

Oleg works as an ambulance doctor, and his wife Katya - in the hospital admission department. While the main character gave all his strength to work, his marriage was cracking at the seams. In the end, Katya invited her husband to divorce. In addition to this event, working troubles also fall on Oleg’s head - the new leadership does not want to show humanity to people, but wants to put the work of the brigade on stream. The main character is not going to put up with the lack of humanity in the workplace, or with the collapse of the marriage.

The Notebook 2004

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.3, IMDb - 7.8

The film is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, which became a bestseller a week after the release.

Every day, an old man comes to an elderly lady in a nursing home to read her a story in a diary. This is a story about poor and handsome guy Noah and charming aristocrat girl Ellie. The guy who managed to win her heart can never be equal to her rich relatives. First, lovers are separated by Ellie's parents, and then the ensuing war. Years pass, events and faces succeed each other, but once an occasion must again reunite loving hearts, otherwise it cannot be ...

My first time (Ma première fois) 2012

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 6.1

The director and screenwriter of the film Marie-Castile Mension-Shaar created a film based on his own memories.

Everything big always starts with small things - with the meeting of two people who have a love for each other. Eighteen-year-old Sarah and her companion Zachariah have biblical names, and this is not an accident, but a hint that the first naive feelings have no time ... Once a sad young man and a young girl found each other - and this formula is win-win for romantic melodrama.

Midnight Sun (2018)

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 6.6

In this film, the main role was played by the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, Patrick. Prior to this, the young actor was involved only in episodic and secondary roles.

Seventeen-year-old Katie is forced to live and create only under cover of night, and this fact does not mean at all that she must be a vampire or some other evil spirits. The reason is simple and simple - this thin girl, composing songs at night, has intolerance to sunlight. One night, she meets a red-haired charming guy who is able to become the sun in her hopeless life. Between the young people there is a sudden and passionate feeling for which Katie is ready for anything.

Without me (2018)

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 5.6

The main performers Lyubov Aksenova and Polina Maksimova had to learn to ride a motorcycle and play the piano to participate in the project.

Two completely different girls, Ksenia and Kira, are united by only two things - love for the same man, and the pain of loss after his death. After the death of the beloved, both of them receive a message from the other world. The author of the message can only be Dmitry. His last desire is to go to the sea, and the girls must make a joint journey in which mysterious clues lead them.

Titanic (1997)

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.4, IMDb - 7.8

James Cameron's film with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the lead roles was nominated for fourteen Oscar nominations in 1998, and he won in eleven of them.

The plot is based on the story of two people madly in love with each other on the same sinking ship. Somewhere at the end of the journey, the impoverished aristocrat Rosa is facing a marriage of convenience, and Jack is waiting for the unknown and an event that rarely fails him, because even he won a ticket to the “great and unsinkable ship” in poker. Two hearts, two different worlds and one big, but very short love. And somewhere on the horizon is an iceberg looming, which will destroy thousands of lives and not spare anyone.

Ghost 1990

Genre: thriller, romance, drama, fantasy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.2, IMDb - 7.0

After the release of melodrama on the screens in some cinemas, women were given handkerchiefs.

At Sam and Molly, everything is just beginning - they are developing in their new New York apartment and enjoy the troubles and each other. They could have lived happily ever after, had it not been for the gunman’s shot in the evening street, which killed Sam. But he is dead only to living people, but in reality he became a ghost, which should warn her beloved woman about the danger that threatens her. Only the medium who can hear him can help him, but the seer herself is not particularly willing to help the annoying ghost.

The Lucky One 2011

Genre: melodrama, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 6.5

The first shows of the melodrama were specially for the military even before the premiere on the big screens.

Logan Thibault went through military missions in Iraq three times as a marine. The man believes that he survived only because of his talisman - an accidentally found photograph of a stranger. Her smile led him through real hell, and, returning home, Logan sets a goal - to find this woman, whom he loved, without even knowing her.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2004

Genre: drama, fiction, romance

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0, IMDb -8.3

Completes our list of modern films about love, which you can cry over, a picture included in the hundred best according to IMDb.

The main idea of ​​romantic melodrama is that you can throw love out of your head, but you cannot throw it out of your heart. In the life of the shy and melancholy Joel, nothing special happens. Having changed only once the route of his movement, he meets a blue-haired immediate girl named Klimentina. They spend time together, and it seems that they have already been together and have known each other for ages. It soon turns out that this is indeed so ... But the girl turned to a special service that erases a person from memory if necessary.

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