New Netflix TV Series Seasons 2019

Netflix is ​​a famous film studio offering a huge database of series, including not only art and entertainment paintings, but also documentary programs. Below are the new seasons of the popular series from Netflix (Netflix) 2018-2019 release.

Elite (Élite) Season 2

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.3, IMDb - 7.5

New season premiere: September 30, 2019

Miguel Herran previously participated in the Netflix hit paper House of Paper (2017).

In the educational institution in which the children of wealthy parents study, 3 teenagers from ordinary families were included. Golden youth did not very welcome the newcomers. Every day the atmosphere inside the team is heating up. Once, as a result of tensions, a terrible murder occurred. The narrative goes in two timelines. One tells about the admission of ordinary teenagers to a prestigious school. At the center of the second is the murder investigation process. In the second season, viewers will see the continuation of the main storyline. Will the children from working families be able to establish relations with the elite circle?

Orange hit the season (Orange Is the New Black) season 7

Genre: Drama, Comedy, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 8.1

New season release: July 26, 2019

At the heart of the series is Piper Kerman's book, Orange is the Hit of the Season.

Details about the series

At the center of the story is Piper Chapman, who went to prison because of her former lover. Relatives and friends immediately turned away from the woman. But in fact, Piper gained much more than she lost. In prison, Chapman met new people who became her reliable support. And she found herself a new love. The final season will provide answers to many questions, the most important of which is how will the history of the prisoners end? And the saddest thing about this outcome is that some will finally find freedom, while someone will linger in the “cage” for a very long time.

Riverdale Season 3

Genre: Drama, Romance, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 7.2

Release date: October 11, 2018

Most of the filming process took place in the vicinity of Vancouver.

Details about the series

When the Black Hood was defeated, Minnett Police Sheriff arrested Archie for the murder. It turned out that the young man was not at all involved in the commission of the crime. Hiram Lodge is involved in this. Archie's friends tried to do everything possible to keep the guy at large. But in the end, Archie agreed with the accusations and went to jail. After some time, another threat appeared in Riverdale - “The King of the Gargoyles”. The new antagonist of the series lures young men and women to play with him the dubious game "Griffins and Gargoyles", the purpose of which is to commit suicide.

Riverdale Season 4

Genre: Drama, Romance, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 7.2

New season premiere: October 9, 2019

Actor Kay Japa starred in the movie "Dog Life" (2017).

Details about the series

The third season left behind many unresolved issues. At the moment, the name of the new villain has not yet been disclosed, but the creators of the series promised even more romance in the new season. Recall that at the end of last season, Archie and friends burned blood-soaked clothes and that very hat of the famous Jughead Jones. Most likely, the events of the last series will entail serious consequences, which we will become aware of in the new season.

Stranger Things Season 3

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Fantasy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.4, IMDb - 8.4

New Season Release Date: July 4, 2019

Sheriff Hopper's trailer costs only one dollar.

Details about the series

The action of the third season of the series takes place in the same town of Hawkins. Four friends and one teenage girl named Eleven will meet dangerous monsters again. But this time, dark forces are far from the worst thing that can happen to young heroes. Friends will encounter problems of adulthood, and on July 4, daredevils will meet with a mysterious monster who will begin to terrorize the inhabitants of the city. By the way, in the new season, viewers will see a lot of rats that explode (in the literal sense of the word). The series will again bring a lot of surprises and will “cloud the mind” even to the most attentive fans.

Dark season 2

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0, IMDb - 8.7

New season release: June 22, 2019

In the second season, a new character will appear Clausen. He will be in charge of missing people in Vinden.

Details about the series

In the new season, Jonas is trapped in the future and is trying hard to return to 2020. At this time, his friends Francis, Magnus and Martha are trying to find out who is behind the mysterious incidents occurring in their city. With each passing day, people are more and more involved in events organized by an obscure figure that controls everything that happens in parallel worlds and different time zones.

13 Reasons Why Season 3

Genre: Drama, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.5, IMDb - 7.9

New season release: August 23, 2019

It was originally planned that the main role will go to actress Selena Gomez.

Details about the series

Fans of detective films are invited to familiarize themselves with the new season of the series "13 Reasons Why" (2019) from the Netflix film studio (Netflix). Eight months have passed since the events of the second season. Clay and friends are trying to cover up behind Tyler, who at the "Spring Ball" at school tried to arrange a terrorist attack. Soon, during a football match at Liberty High, Bryce Walker is killed. The main character of the series Clay is under the scrutiny of the police, as he is considered the main suspect. What are the consequences of the investigation? The stakes are rising, because even good intentions can change the lives of characters once and for all.

Mindhunter Season 2

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0,, IMDb - 6.4

Premiere: August 16, 2019

The slogan of the series: "History. Template. Profile."

Details about the series

Events of the second season will unfold between 1979 and 1981. Holden Ford and Bill Tench will continue to split into atoms of various kinds of maniacs. This time they will have to face the "Monster from Atlanta" - Wayne Williams. He killed more than 30 black children and adolescents. The heroes of the series will have to tie a belt tighter, because the criminal is that nimble sly one.

Glitter (GLOW) Season 3

Genre: Short, Drama, Comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.4, IMDb - 8.0

New season premiere: August 9, 2019

Ruth Wilder, along with the same single women, is trying to realize herself in a ladies' wrestling show. In the last episode of season 2, a group of female warriors set off for the city of dreams - Las Vegas, where everyone who has the talent and the motivation to "break" is open to roads. Ruth has a wonderful guy, but the relationship does not bring her happiness. It seems that the girl’s life finally went uphill, but the problems did not leave the heroine. Every day she faces serious difficulties, and on top of that, she quarrels with the show's producer Sam. Caught in the thick of fascinating events, Ruth lost herself and is already losing her mind from constant action.

Lucifer Season 4

Genre: Fantasy, drama, crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.5, IMDb - 8.2

New Season Release Date: September 12, 2019

"Lufitser" in Latin means "luminiferous."

Details about the series

"Advise what series can be watched in one go?" - a fan of Netflix paintings is interested. “Lufitser” is a wonderful film, at the same time romantic and at the same time a little scary. Chloe Decker, seeing the true evil face of Lucifer, no longer wants to be with him. The lord of hell cannot survive this news and falls into deep depression. Lucifer continues to help the detective investigate dangerous crimes and at the same time tries to figure out his own feelings. Once he met Eve from the Garden of Eden, and the question appeared in his head: "For what purpose did Eve appear"? Perhaps she wants to avenge the murder of her son Cain in the finale of the third season? Or was the sinner tired of the monotonous life with Adam and just came to see her longtime seducer?

Outlander Season 4

Genre: Fantasy, drama, romance

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0, IMDb - 8.4

New season premiere: November 5, 2018

At the heart of the series is the book of the writer Diana Gambledon "Alien."

The third season ended with Claire and her young man in distress on a ship sailing to Scotland, and ended up in America. The main characters are trying to decide what to do next - to stay and get comfortable in a new place or go where your eyes look? Claire knows exactly what the future holds for America. She tells the terrible truth to Jamie, and he cannot believe what he heard ...

Sinner (The Sinner) Season 3

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.4, IMDb - 8.0

New season release: August 7, 2019

Tagline series “Everyone knows that she did this. Nobody knows why.”

Detective Harry Ambrose gets a routine routine. In the north of New York, a serious car accident occurred. The man hopes that he will be able to close this case as quickly as possible, because he still has a lot of worries. Participant in the accident Jamie turns to the main character for help. Harry agrees to help and during the investigation discovers an underground criminal network. What circumstances of the accident became known to him? Is Harry in great danger, and he could die in the new season of the series?

Avoiding the Kill Punishment (How to Get Away with Murder) Season 5

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0, IMDb - 8.2

New Season Release Date: September 25, 2018

The name of each series is taken from a replica uttered in it.

Renowned attorney Ennalize Keating at the university teaches the discipline How to Avoid Punishment for Murder. In the near future, students will have to put their knowledge into practice. The plot of the new season catches from the first minutes. In each series, the characters have bright and unusual behavior, which attracts the viewer. In the story, Ennaliz and her team of experienced lawyers are faced with the most difficult legal problems. The difficulty is that all suspects are 100% guilty. It doesn't matter who you are - a millionaire, an ordinary ice cream seller or a hairdresser. You simply have to sit behind bars. But there are a few trump cards in the sleeve of the Ennaliz ...

Avoiding the Kill Punishment (How to Get Away with Murder) Season 6

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0, IMDb - 8.2

New season premiere: September 26, 2019

Actor Alfred Enok starred in seven out of eight films about Harry Potter.

In the new season, Annalizing Keating continues to seek justice. Many difficulties fell on her, but the woman never gives up and goes to the end. Ennaliz survived her husband’s betrayal and continued to lecture law students again. The heroine finally managed to win a resounding victory in the Supreme Court. Ennalis still has a lot of tests ahead, but most importantly, friends and even students are always with her. Although traitors may fall among them, Keating must always be on its guard.

Last Candidate (Designated Survivor) Season 3

Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.7, IMDb - 7.6

New Season Release Date: June 7, 2019

Cal Penn played the role of spokesman for the White House. He actually worked at the White House during the presidency of Barack Obama.

The third season takes place in America. Once a criminal group staged a terrorist act right on the doorstep of the White House. The explosion killed absolutely everyone except one person - Tom Kirkman, who was far from politics. Tom had no choice, and he assumed the duties of president. Now he needs to find the criminals and punish them in all severity of the law. But besides this, Tom needs to deal with other problems that the president had previously dealt with. Every day there are more and more problems. Will Tom cope with his responsibilities?

Force Majeure (Suits) Season 8

Genre: Drama, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.6, IMDb - 8.5

New season premiere: July 19, 2018

The view of the urban landscape against the background of the offices of the main characters is not real, it is a curtain.

Self-taught lawyer Mike Ross escapes after an unsuccessful drug attempt and ends up with one of New York’s best lawyers on Harvey Spectrum. Harvey was so tired of boring job seekers that this time he decided to change his strategy and hired Mike. As it turned out, the young man has an innate talent and a brilliant memory. In the new season, two lawyers will again do the impossible. For several years of collaboration, they became not only colleagues, but also real friends.

Force Majeure (Suits) Season 9

Genre: Drama, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.6, IMDb - 8.5

New Season Release Date: July 18, 2019

According to the plot, the picture takes place in New York. However, the shooting itself took place in Toronto, Canada.

In the final season of the series, the action will again take place in New York in one law office. The outwardly impregnable and arrogant lawyer Harvey Spectr, together with Mike Ross, will once again find himself in difficult situations. Chris McCumber, Executive Director of USA Network, said the Force Majeure series played a huge role in the life of our network. For almost 10 years, the series shone on TV and showed crazy ratings. We are grateful to Aaron Korsh and the entire film studio for their amazing creativity and dedication "

Dynasty Season 4

Genre: Drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.0, IMDb - 7.3

New season premiere: October 11, 2019

The slogan of the series is "Evil. Ambitious. Delicious."

In the center of the story is one of the richest families named Carrington. The dynasty has a huge oil business, each member of the family can buy whatever they want. The plot tells about the confrontation of a rich heiress and a potential stepmother. Once, the tycoon’s daughter Fallon comes home and discovers his father in the arms of a maid named Crystal. The businessman said that they would get married soon, which means that the former servant will become the stepmother for Fallon. That's just the daughter of a businessman and wants to hear nothing about it. The girl is sure that the maid is an ordinary fraudster, pursuing selfish goals.

Hundred (The 100) Season 6

Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.3, IMDb - 7.7

New season release: April 30, 2019

Richard Harmon and Jessica Harmon are in reality siblings.

Details about the series

For five seasons, the heroes of the series have done everything to survive on Earth. But they did not succeed. The planet turned out to be more unsuitable for life. After 125 years in cryosion, our heroes woke up in a new house, a farewell gift from their old friends. Clark and Bellamy lead the group into a wonderful world, hoping to start all over again. They come to Sanctum and understand that not everything here is as beautiful as intended. Boys and girls are once again forced to fight for their lives and the future of all mankind.

Black Mirror Season 5

Genre: Science fiction, thriller, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.5, IMDb - 8.9

New Season Release Date: June 5, 2019

In each series, one of the heroes at least once exclaims "Hey."

Details about the series

In the series, many different stories about modern life realities are intertwined. In season five, viewers will be introduced to three different stories. The first Smitherins will talk about the taxi driver Andrew, who suffers from an overabundance of modern technology. He hates phones, computers, and other gadgets. The second storyline will affect the fate of a single teenage girl. The heroine does not communicate with anyone, she finds joy only in communicating with a clone robot. The third story in the series is about dating apps.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 2

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 7.7

New Season Release Date: April 6, 2019

In the series there are many references to the film "Riverdale".

The second meson will continue to talk about the amazing adventures of the little witch. Sabrina dreamed all her life to live like a normal person. She did not want to get involved in witchcraft, but you cannot convince by nature. People around wanted the girl to go to the Witch School. And Sabrina did it. What will be her future fate? Can a girl finally find her happiness? Or will she have to be a witch for the rest of her life and solve difficult questions?

Roman Empire: The Power of Blood (Roman Empire) Season 3

Genre: Documentary, Drama, Biography

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 6.9

New season premiere: April 5, 2019

Director Richard Lopez made the film "The Johnstown Massacre."

The series will tell about the ruler of Lucius Commodus. With the actions of this emperor, the destruction of the great Roman Empire began. When Mark Aurelius was on the throne, the state was considered one of the most powerful in the whole world. But during the reign of Lucius Commodus, the politics of Rome changed dramatically ...

Dear White People Season 3

Genre: Drama, comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.5, IMDb - 6.3

Premiere: August 3, 2019

The slogan of the series: "I bet you think this show is about you."

The plot revolves around black teenagers who went to college, where mostly white students study. Young people try to stick together so that their rights are not infringed. According to the plot, the heroes of the series are forced to face social inequality, because whites consider themselves masters of life, showing open contempt for black guys. Samantha Waite cannot look at this discrimination and is trying to awaken the consciousness of her peers. Will the local activist manage to do anything?

The End of the F *** ing World Season 2

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Romance

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.7, IMDb - 8.1

New season release: October 12, 2019

The series talks about how destructive indifference can be.

James, 17, is convinced he is a psychopath. In childhood, the hero witnessed the suicide of his own mother, which led to mental trauma. Sometimes a guy goes into the forest, kills small animals and once dreams of killing a man. James has a girlfriend, Alyssa, who is also not all right with her head. The girl cannot find a common language with her family and offers James to drop everything and go in search of her father, who left the family many years ago. Teenagers will go through many difficulties, but the worst thing is that James will have to kill the serial killer in order to protect Alyssa. Now the guy with the girl will be hiding not only from their parents, but also from the police.

Sacred Games Season 2

Genre: Drama, crime, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 8.9

New season premiere: August 16, 2019

This is the first original Indian series from Netflix Studios.

In the summer of 2019, the new season of the Sacred Games series from the Netflix film studio (Netflix) was released. The Indian series will talk about the exemplary police Sartage Singh from Mumbai. The main character is immersed in the work and does not see anything except her. Once upon a time, a man was in love, but after a hard break, Sartage no longer wants to meet with anyone. Once an unfamiliar voice in a telephone receiver informs that in 25 days the city will fly into the air. Now the man must save his beloved Mumbai no matter what. As a result, Sartage saved his hometown, now it remains to neutralize those who are behind the killings. And if one of them is preparing a new attack?

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