“Impulse” - what will season 2 be like

The trailer for the 2nd season of the series Impulse (2019) was shown at the Comic-Con in San Diego, the exact release date of the series in Russia is still unknown, the actors and plot have already been announced. This show has become one of the most outstanding projects of YouTube Premium, so many viewers are already waiting for the continuation of the teenage drama, which struck many with its originality.

Rating of the series: KinoPoisk: 6.8, IMDb - 7.5.



Genre: fiction, action

Producer: Mayrsi Almas, Maggie Keely, Mark Tonderay and others.

Season 2 release date: september 2019

Cast: Maddy Hasson, Sarah Desjardins, Enuka Okuma, Craig Arnold, Tanner Stein, Missy Pyle, Matt Gordon, David James Elliott, Callum Keith Renny, Daniel Maslani and others.

A teenage girl, who is also a rebel, discovers extremely unusual abilities - it turns out she can teleport, and also has telekinesis.


The focus of the story is 16-year-old Henrietta “Henry” Coles, who discovers that she has the ability to mentally move objects and teleport (however, the girl has little control over her last gift). For the first time, an understanding of her inhuman powers comes to the heroine when the star of the Clay Boone school tries to rape her. During teleportation, Henrietta inadvertently crushes the guy with his congenital telekinesis, leaving him disabled. Now, Henry needs to learn to control his abilities, not only for protection, but also in order not to allow other victims.

In the second season, they will show us what happened after Henry’s emotional communication with Cleo. The main character must make a decision that will forever change her life: leave Reston to happily start all over again or stay with the Hope family and fight enemies.

Fans are waiting for the announcement of information about how many episodes will be continued. According to the studio, the 2nd season will consist of 10 episodes. The names of the series and their release dates are known:

  • Episode # 2.1- 2019;
  • "Fight or Flight" (2019);
  • "For Those Lost" (2019);
  • "The Moroi" ("Sea") - 2019;
  • "Crossing the Threshold" - 2019;
  • "Seven of Hearts" ("Seven Hearts") - 2019;
  • "The End of the World" (2019);
  • "The Tether" ("Affection") - 2019;
  • Episode # 2.9 - 2019;
  • Episode # 2.10 - 2019.

Director and shooting


  • Mayrsi Almas (Jessica Jones, Lucifer, I Am A Zombie, Call of Blood, Be Human, Another Life);
  • Maggie Keely (911 Rescue Service, Scream Queens, Sabrina's Chilling Adventures, Flying Through the Night);
  • Mark Tonderai (Five, Tell a Mine a Tale, Four Feathers, Gotham, Rebirth).


  • Dave Bertis (Force Majeure, Edge of the Future, Road Knight, Secret Communications, Flying Through the Night);
  • Gene Klein (Secret Communications, Force Majeure);
  • Ed Freiman (Merlin, Shakespeare in a New Way, Dear Doctor, Hundred).


  • Lauren Lefranc ("Chuck", "Hemlock Grove", "Agents Sch.I.T.", "My Personal Enemy");
  • Jeffrey Liber (Lost, Immortals, Ancient, Necessary Cruelty, Lucifer);
  • Torrey Speer (Bates Motel).


  • John Dudkowski (White Collar, Edge, Eternity, Graceland, Umbrella Academy);
  • Christopher S. Kapp (Good Fight, Animatrix, Rebirth);
  • Darold Krotzer ("Sons of Anarchy", "Losers", "Pines", "Good Behavior").
Continuation filming took place in Toronto, Canada. The premiere of the new season can be expected in September 2019 on YouTube Premium.

Actors and roles

In the series starred:

  • Maddy Hasson as Henrietta Coles (Seeker, Socio, God Bless America!, Grimm, Mr. Mercedes);
  • Sarah Desjardins as Jenna Hope (Pines, Supernatural, Riverdale, Pride and Prejudice and Dogs, Kiss by the Lake);
  • Enuka Okuma in the role of Anna Hals ("Cops-new recruits", "Planet of monsters", "Double miscalculation", "How to avoid punishment for murder", "Million little things");
  • Craig Arnold as Lucas Boone (Blackbird, Call of Blood, Haven Secrets, Ransom, False Accusation);
  • Tanner Stein as Clay Boone (Here and Now, Million Things, Extra-curricular Activities, Teen Wolf);
  • Missy Pyle as Cleo Coles ("The Delirium that My Father Carries," "Big Fish", "Artist", "Disappeared", "It Can't Be Better", "Ma");
  • Matt Gordon as Thomas Hope (Cops Rookies, Room, Let's Dance, Hot Spot, Burden of Truth);
  • David James Elliott as Bill Boone (The Pious Bitches, Trumbo, Scorpio, Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey);
  • Callum Keith Renny in the role of Nicholas (“Butterfly Effect”, “Remember”, “Where Dreams Bring”, “Warcraft”, “Fifty Shades of Freedom”);
  • Daniel Maslani as Thomas Lindemann (Murdoch's Investigations, On the Chain, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, The Last Candidate).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The television series can be called the spin-off of the 2008 Teleport film, as the show and film are based on books by writer Stephen Gould called Jumper, which talk about people who have discovered the ability to teleport.
  • Enuka Okuma, Matt Gordon and Aidan Devine co-starred in the TV series "The Rookie Cops", and due to the fact that they already have experience in joint filming, the interactions of their characters look realistic and not simulated.

The shown trailer for the 2nd season of the Impulse series (2019), whose exact release date for the series in Russia has not yet been announced, and the actors and plot are already known, has intrigued fans of the show - they are looking forward to continuing the adventures of a girl with the ability to teleport.

Watch the video: Impulse Season 2 Teaser Trailer (April 2020).