"New Home Alone" - Another Disney Reset or Rumor

Everyone’s favorite New Year’s childhood movie is coming back, and with mature Macaulay Kalkin! The release date, the actors and the plot of the new film "Alone at Home" have not yet been announced, and the trailer has not been released, but one thing is certain - it will be a restart of the good old comedy about a boy fighting alone with malicious thieves. The reaction from the fans is mixed - many are happy about the possible return of Calkin to the main role, but some viewers are against restarting their favorite childhood film.

Home alone


Genre: comedy, family

Producer: is unknown

Release date: 2020-2021

Cast: is unknown

Favorite childhood film will return to the screens, but it is still unknown who will become the new hero of the remake of the tape "Home Alone".


By an absurd accident, the main character remains at home alone at Christmas. At the same time, a couple of thieves intends to rob the house. The child will have to protect his home from robbers: for this purpose he invents ingenious traps, and also tries to deceive thieves, creating the illusion that there are adults in the house besides him.


Disney announced its intentions to restart the movie "Home Alone" in the summer of 2019, as well as some other films, in particular, "Night at the Museum", "Diary of a Wimp". It is still unknown in what format the restart will be performed - will it be a movie or a series?

Restart Reviews

Many fans did not like the idea of ​​a new movie, "Home Alone." The network has a lot of comments on this subject:

  • "And do they really have the audacity to retake Home Alone? ";
  • "Restarting my favorite movie, Home Alone, is the worst thing that happened to me."
  • "Remaking this movie is a bad idea";
  • "I don’t know why Disney decided to restart, but I don’t like it."

Some even accused the studio of thirsting for profit on the films that we watched in childhood and fell in love with this:

  • “I don’t know if the rest liked this idea, but it seems to me that the studio started this restart only because of the opportunity to make big profits”;
  • "Another classic will be destroyed because of the thirst to make money!";
  • "Damn! Disney just wants money! Leave the franchise alone, she's good, don't mess her up!"

Whoever at Disney thought it was a good idea to remake Home Alone has clearly not seen this before. pic.twitter.com/OvmEmUPAmn

- Shawn Smith (@ Shawn_Smith1) August 7, 2019

Actors and roles

Disney Studio intends to invite Macaulay Culkin ("My Girl", "Good Son", "Fraser", "Kings", "Drivers") to the main role, thereby delighting the fans. It is still unknown whether the actor really agreed to star in a remake.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Kevin Culkin embodied his famous image in an advertisement for Google’s voice assistant. The hero was left alone at home again at Christmas, but his voice assistant helped solve all his problems. Fans were delighted with such an unusual advertisement and thanked the actor for being able to see the childhood hero again.
  • The creators of the series "The Big Bang Theory" three times invited Macaulay Culkin to star in the show, but he refused them all the time: the story of two physicists and their close neighbor seemed too banal to the actor.
  • Learning about the remake of "Home Alone", Macaulay Culkin posted a comic photo, signing what he would look like if he starred in the remake. Recall that in 2019, the actor turned 38 years old. Fans immediately added their own funny details in his photo, however, the actor was not offended.

Will the new film "Home Alone", the release date, the actors and the plot of which are unknown, and the trailer did not come out, become as popular as the original, we will know only after the premiere of the remake. However, let's hope that the plot of the film does not change - it will be the same favorite Christmas comedy about the struggle of the young protagonist against the robbers.

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