20 puzzle films about people in confined spaces

This selection is for fans of a claustrophobic atmosphere and unexpected turns. Finding yourself in a confined space, and even with strangers, is not the best of pleasure. Especially if the circumstances of such a neighborhood are not fully understood. We have compiled a list of puzzle films about a group of people in a confined space and the challenges they need to pass in order to stay alive. Now, viewers can put themselves in the place of the characters in order to feel the horror of what is happening and think - what would they do if they were in a similar situation?

What would you do (Would You Rather) 2013

Genre: horror thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.5, IMDb - 5.7

In the psychological horror film of David Guy Levy, one of the roles was played by the famous porn actress Sasha Gray.

After the death of the parents, the main character falls very tight - all the worries about the terminally ill brother fell on the girl's shoulders. Shepard Lambrick, a man of aristocratic appearance with good manners, begins to support a desperate girl. As a sign of his support, the benefactor invites Iris to dine in his mansion, where seven more people are invited to find themselves in difficult situations. But instead of a dinner of heroes, a bloody game awaits in the enclosed space of the castle.

Exam 2009

Genre: detective, horror, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 6.8

Stuart Hazeldine's film can be called a British survival game. One of the main roles in the film was played by Gemma Chan, familiar to the public from the series Sherlock and Doctor Who.

One large corporation announced a set of employees. Applicants are invited to a casting to fill a vacant position. Among the huge number of candidates, only 8 people go to the final part of the interview. None of the remaining ones wants to lose an advantageous offer, but the only question is what each of them is ready to go to achieve the goal? Being in a confined space, they experience despair and hopelessness, but someone must pass the psychological test

Buried Alive (Buried) 2010

Genre: detective, drama, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.6, IMDb - 7.0

American film distributors managed to interest the audience with an unusual promotion, the main prize of which was watching a movie before it was released on large screens. The peculiarity was that the release took place ... in a coffin.

Paul is a contract soldier. During one of the battles in Iraq, he lost consciousness, and having regained consciousness, he realized the terrible thing - he was buried alive. Once in the coffin, the hero experiences terrible, psychologically difficult and physically impossible moments. What will win - the hero’s will to live or an unexpected trap?

Locke 2013

Genre: drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 7.1

In fact, only one actor is shot in the film - Tom Hardy. The only film set involved was a car. Minor filming participants were simply at the hotel, talking with the character on the phone.

Ivan Lok can safely be called a workaholic. On the eve of an important day, which should be marked by an increase, he needs to go to another city, where a woman unfamiliar to him must give birth to a child from him. Just one call completely reverses Ivan's life. Locke has to make many important decisions when driving on the night freeway and making numerous calls.

Detective (Sleuth) 2007

Genre: drama, crime, detective, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 6.5

Two great actors - Michael Kane and Jude Law - keep the audience in suspense until the very end of the picture. "Detective" - ​​a remake of the eponymous film with an unexpected ending, filmed in 1972. And Kane played in both - in the first lover, and in the second - the deceived husband.

After the wife leaves the successful author of detectives Andrew Wyke, he decides to invite her young lover to a conversation. Milo Tindl comes to visit her deceived husband, and receives an unexpected offer - the writer is ready to let go of the unfaithful spouse if Tindl helps him in one fraud. If the wife’s new lover helps him to stage the robbery of the mansion, then the whole love triangle will be the winner. But what men really intended is only they know.

The Mist (2007)

Genre: sci-fi, horror, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.6, IMDb - 7.1

The film is an adaptation of the novel "The Fog," written by Stephen King. The author was offered the episodic role of a biker in the picture, but King refused the offer.

It would seem that a hurricane is the greatest evil that could descend into a quiet provincial town. But after the storm, David Drayton notices a strange and dense fog, which will soon come down from the mountains. Drayton and his son are sent to a supermarket, in which they find themselves locked out with a few neighbors who hid from the terrible haze.

Saw: Survival Game (Saw) 2004

Genre: detective, horror, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 7.6

It is hard to imagine, but the project, which became a classic of films about a group of people in a confined space and testing, was played without rehearsals, and the list of puzzles in the terrible story about the game of survival was cut down so as not to show the audience especially cruel scenes.

Two completely unfamiliar people find themselves in the basement. They don’t remember how they got into this strange room. Escape is impossible - someone chained them with strong chains to the pipes. Between the heroes in equal position lies the corpse of a man with a gun in his hand. Soon they find the key to salvation - a record about how to survive and not let their family die, one of them should kill the other ... And this is only the beginning of the 7-hour hell that the participants will have to go through.

The Stanford Prison Experiment 2015

Genre: history, biography, drama, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.4, IMDb - 6.9

The process of filming a thriller based on a real experiment conducted by psychologist Philip Zimbardo took three weeks.

Psychologist Philip Zimbardo decided to test by experiment the theory that the behavior of both prisoners and their guards depends on the personal qualities of people. 24 students had to play jail - for the money they had to enter into the roles of criminals and overseers. The experiment had to be stopped in less than a week.

Deadly Maze (House of 9) 2004

Genre: horror, thriller, detective, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.1, IMDb - 5.5

In the worldwide film distribution, Stephen R. Monroe's film came out under the name House of Nine.

A mysterious sadist abducts completely unrelated people: a dancer, a priest, a composer and his wife, a tennis player, a drug dealer, a designer, a rapper and a policeman. Then begins a terrible game, which could be called "Only one should remain alive." The main prize is $ 5 million. The maniac watching them wants to know about how much time should pass for a person to turn into a real beast under the yoke of conditions?

Nine Dead 2010

Genre: horror, thriller, detective, crime, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.0, IMDb - 5.5

The prison number of the Kugan criminal corresponds to the real number of the maniac and killer Charles Manson.

The list of puzzle films about a group of people in a confined space and testing would not be complete without this film. The masked man abducts nine people. At first glance, these people have nothing to do with each other, but each of them keeps his "skeleton in the closet." In order for the whole company to be able to live a normal life again, they must put together a puzzle of their involvement in the murder of a young man. Everyone is given 10 minutes to explain the reason for his abduction.

Devil 2010

Genre: horror, thriller, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.7, IMDb - 6.2

One of the main roles in the film was played by Chris Messina, familiar to the audience from the films "Vicki. Christina. Barcelona" and "Sharp Objects".

According to a narrator named Ramirez, there is a legend that any appearance of the devil begins with suicide. It is with suicide that the plot begins - the worker rushes down from the skyscraper. The investigation of the details entrusted to Detective Bowden, who recently lost his family and trying to fill the grief with alcohol. By the time Bowden arrives at the crime scene, an elevator breaks down in a skyscraper in which five former criminals remain. Five people are locked in the same room, and everything that happens to them is now recorded by surveillance cameras.

The Killing Room 2008

Genre: detective thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.5, IMDb - 5.7

The detective thriller was shot by director Jonathan Libesman, who earned fame for the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Several people decided to make money and participate in a psychological experiment. Surely they would not think about “easy” money if they knew in advance exactly what experiments they would put on them in a closed room with screwed furniture.

5 Unknown 2005

Genre: detective, drama, crime, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.6, IMDb - 6.5

The detective thriller failed at the American box office, collecting only twenty thousand dollars with a budget of three million.

In a deserted and tightly closed warehouse, five battered men come to their senses. All of them suffer from memory loss. After a brainstorming session, it turns out that two of them are abducted businessmen, and three of them are their abductors. After a five-fight, the gas cylinder causing amnesia was broken. Before the arrival of accomplices, it is necessary to find out: who, who is and to be saved.

Separator (The Divide) 2011

Genre: horror, thriller, fiction, action, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.4, IMDb - 5.8

During torture, one of the heroes calls the date of the fall of the twin towers in America - these numbers are the cipher.

During a nuclear bombing, several people hide in a basement in which a former fireman named Mickey equipped a kind of bunker. He is the owner of the room, and therefore it is he who is engaged in the separation of food between the survivors and the establishment of rules of order. After a while, their bunker is opened by mysterious people in protective suits. The heroes have to find out who these people really are, and for what purpose they appeared in their refuge.

Room of Fear (Panic Room) 2002

Genre: crime, drama, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.3, IMDb - 6.8

Initially, it was assumed that the main roles in the film would go to Nicole Kidman and Hayden Panettiere, but in the end, Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart starred in the film.

Acquiring a new home, Meg Altman did not know about the presence of a secret room in case of hacking. The realtor informed her about this only on the eve of the purchase, and, as it turned out, did it for good reason. On the first night of a stay in a new house, burglars enter the apartment. Meg and his daughter with diabetes are hiding in a shelter, but soon realize that they are trapped.

Cloverfield, 10 (10 Cloverfield Lane) 2016

Genre: horror, thriller, fiction, drama, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 7.2

Before the creation of the full-length thriller Cloverfield 10, director Dan Trachtenberg shot only series.

Due to an impulsive act and a quarrel with a guy, Michelle has an accident. Girl comes to life in the bunker. Howard, its owner, claims that while the girl was unconscious after a car accident, the world underwent a nuclear bombardment. In order to be able to live an ordinary life again, it will take several years. Michelle, Howard and Howard's assistant, Emmett are beginning to get used to a little bit of life in isolation. While Michelle and Emmett do not understand that Howard cannot be trusted, and in fact they are in mortal danger.

Hunger 2009

Genre: horror, thriller, action, crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.6, IMDb - 5.3

"Hunger" was the debut directorial work of Stephen Henges.

They say that a person can live without food for a month. Is it so? It is this question that the heroes of the film have to answer. They all ended up at the bottom of the well under strange circumstances. Soon, people isolated from the world will learn that they are the victims of a monstrous experiment.

Redd Corporation (Redd Inc.) 2011

Genre: horror thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.0, IMDb - 5.9

The Australian thriller was filmed by director Daniel Kridge, on whose account such series as "Bikers: Brothers in Arms", "Tricky Business" and "Special Rescue Department".

Crazy serial killer Thomas Reddman captures six office workers. Chained to jobs, people are tasked with proving Redd's innocence. If the "work" is not fulfilled, the prisoners will have to learn a lot about the "personnel policy" of their new boss.

Communication (Coherence) 2012

Genre: horror, thriller, fiction, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 7.2

The shooting of the thriller lasted only five nights, and most of the dialogues in the film are acting improvisations.

A regular dinner party of eight friends can end in the most unusual way. On the night of their collection, a comet falls to Earth, and simple communication turns into a series of mysterious and strange events in which the past, present and future intertwine.

Green Room (2015)

Genre: crime, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.6, IMDb - 7.0

According to Patrick Stewart, who played a major role, after reading the script, he was so impressed and scared that he turned on the alarm and drank in his house. He immediately realized that he was obliged to play in this thriller and accepted the offer.

The concerts of the punk band "Wrong" do not bring any special income, and therefore they agree to perform at the club for skinheads. One of the members of the group witnesses the murder in the dressing room. Now the lives of all the Wrong members are hanging by a thread, because skinheads and their leader Darcy Banker do not want to leave witnesses to the crime alive.

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