11 little-known series from Netflix

Netflix Studio presented many wonderful paintings, but not all of them have become mega-popular. This flagrant injustice needs to be fixed. Pay attention to the list of little-known series from Netflix, which everyone is obliged to familiarize themselves with.

Gypsy (Gypsy) Season 1

Genre: Thriller drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.6, IMDb - 6.9

Release date: 2017

In the summer of 2017, the series was closed after the first season, although the scriptwriters had already developed a script for the second season.

The life of psychotherapist Gene is monotonous and boring. But one day, Patient Sam comes to her, who cannot recover after breaking up with Sydney. The young man is heartbroken and does not know what to do. The next day, Jean meets Sydney and introduces herself to her as Diane, which violates all professional principles. Having known each other better, a relationship begins between them. Another patient, Allison, is suffering from depression and drug addiction. There is a whirlpool of thoughts and feelings in Jin’s life. She is rubbed into confidence in her patients, and then enters into intimate relationships with their relatives. As a result, it destroys not only other people's lives, but also its own. Professional passion and destructive desire mixed together ...

Darkness Season 1

Genre: Science fiction, thriller, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 7.7

Premiere: 2015

When the main character takes pills, the image on the screen acquires a yellowish tint.

28-year-old Brian Finch is a typical loser who has achieved nothing in life. But once the world of the protagonist is completely turned upside down when he finds a strange drug under the abbreviation NZT. After drinking the pill, Brian discovered his amazing abilities - now his brain can work in enhanced mode. The young man gets a job at the FBI, because with his abilities, he can unravel even the most difficult thing. At work, he meets agent Rebecca, who wants to climb the career ladder as soon as possible. In all this confusing and strange story, there is the politician Edward Morr, who has his own cunning plans for Finch. However, the FBI officers do not know anything about the cooperation of Brian and the Senator. What are the consequences of this confusing tangle of conspiracy?

Diagnosis Season 1

Genre: Documentary

Rating: IMDb - 8.0

Release date: 2019

The slogan of the film is "What's wrong with me?"

"Diagnosis" is one of the most interesting little-known series in the list presented by Netflix studio. Lisa Sanders is a therapist with many years of experience. Every day, a dozen patients come to see her, because Lisa is an excellent doctor who will help every patient. In her free time, a woman leads a column in the New York Times Magazine, where she describes the most unusual cases from her practice. Lisa, together with programmers, creates a social network where people with rare diseases could communicate with each other. Patients talk about their symptoms and together try to fight disease. The documentary presents the story of several patients with unusual diseases who managed to find effective treatments.

Victim Number 8 (La víctima número 8) Season 1

Genre: Thriller

Rating: IMDb - 7.2

World Release: 2018

Director Alejandro Bassano directed the series Paper House (2017).

Crazy fanatics and religious recruiters commit a major terrorist attack in one of the cities of the European Union. Criminals indiscriminately mock women, kill civilians, and only hide behind the false dogmas of some scriptures. All their actions led to the fact that about a thousand people were brutally killed. In the center of the story will be two storylines. First, we will be shown a story about the victims, and then we will get acquainted with the criminals who started a bloody massacre. Fear, pain, death, broken destinies, grief - the series takes over the soul from the first minutes of viewing.

The A List (Season 1)

Genre: Thriller

Rating: IMDb - 5.5

Release date: 2018

The slogan of the film: "Let the games of the mind begin."

Do you think that a children's camp will provide you with fun and carefree summer days? No matter how. Mia was sure that she would spend the funniest and coolest holidays in her life, but the girl was mistaken. When the charming beauty Amber appeared in the camp, everything changed dramatically. The life of high school students turned into a real perverted nightmare ...

Fragrance (Parfum) Season 1

Genre: Thriller drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 7.1

Release date: 2018

The series received two nominations for the German Television Award.

In the Lower Rhine, the corpse of the famous singer Katarina Laufer is found. The killer not only cruelly dealt with his victim, but also cut off all the hair from his head and even armpits. Experienced investigators Nadia Simon and Matthias Kochler undertake the case. The school friends of the murdered woman came to a classmate’s funeral, among them was Moritz, who is especially sensitive to smells. During the investigation, detective Nadi recalls the unsolved case of the disappeared boy, who was nevertheless found killed with the same signs as Katarina. What the hell is this crazy nut that cuts everyone's hair? And here the detective finds out an interesting detail - at school, the students were obsessed with Suskind’s novel "Perfumer". They conducted their own experiments on human odors and wanted to find a fragrance that would give power over people. And then Nadia has a crazy theory ...

Dead Zone (Zone Blanche) 2 seasons

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.8, IMDb - 7.6

Premiere: 2017

The slogan of the series: "Crime by nature."

The town of Villefranche can rightfully be called a "dead zone". One can only dream of cellular communication, but it is better to forget about the navigator, in this place it always shows inaccurately. Even animals and birds behave very strangely. The village is located in the forest thicket, which stretches over hundreds of hectares around. Villefranche has a very high crime rate, and the police do not want to come here, because they themselves are afraid to be killed. But at the same time they are sure that everything is calm and quiet in the town. It turns out that recently 38 murders have been committed. Then the police send there an experienced detective Frank Siriani. A man must solve all the murders and find the criminals. On his arrival, another crime is committed ...

Glitter (GLOW) 3 seasons

Genre: Short, Drama, Comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.4, IMDb - 8.0

Release date: 2017

Kia Stevens, who played the role of Tammy, is a professional wrestler in life.

"Advise what series can be watched in one go?" - a fan of movies from Netflix is ​​interested. "Shine" is an excellent series that will appeal to every viewer. In the past, Ruth was a popular and successful model. With the birth of a child, the girl was forced to “tie up” with business and engage in the education of her firstborn. After some time, the heroine realizes that she does not want to be a housewife all her life and cook stupid dishes for her husband. Ruth decides to return to the modeling business and wants to regain its former glory. But already at the first casting, the girl was gently hinted that she was unlikely to appear on the covers of fashionable glossy magazines. Ruth was already ready to give up, when suddenly she received a tempting offer to star in the series about women wrestlers. The girl finds herself in a world of lush hairstyles and sparkle. Ruth had the last chance to show her abilities, and she certainly is not going to miss him.

Lovers (The Affair) 5 seasons

Genre: Drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.4, IMDb - 7.9

Release date: 2014

In the second season in the first series in the house of the main characters you can see the painting by the artist Lyubov Popova "Picturesque Design".

Noah Solloway is an ordinary school teacher and writer, who so far is the author of only one book. A man and his family come to the test in a rich resort town located on the ocean. At a local eatery, Noah meets a waitress Alison, who recently lost a baby. It seems that each of the heroes is happy separately, but for some reason it was a romantic spark that ran between them, and soon they find themselves in a tender embrace.

Homeland (Homeland) 8 seasons

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.0, IMDb - 8.3

Premiere: 2011

Before filming, Claire Danes watched films attended by patients with bipolar disorder. The actress wanted to better prepare for her role.

At the center of the story is Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody. The military has been considered missing since 2003. Once during a special operation, Brody is found on a secret base of terrorists. Central Intelligence Agency agent Carrie Matheson believes the sergeant has been recruited by al Qaeda and cannot be trusted. She believes that Brody was deliberately “left” to the Delta special forces unit to return to the United States with the aim of launching terrorist attacks. But no one wants to listen to Matheson. The public and government believe that Brody is a war hero. Who can unravel this tangle of opinions and get to the bottom of the truth?

Mad Men 7 seasons

Genre: Drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 8.6

Date of release: 2007

Actor John Hamm is present in every episode of the series.

"Mad Men" is a fascinating little-known series from Netflix studio in the list presented. Don Draper wears expensive costumes, makes good money and skillfully manipulates people. The man holds the position of Creative Director at Sterling Cooper. He has a wonderful wife and wonderful children. In general, the protagonist’s life is gorgeous. But Don is not who he claims to be. Underneath all the external splendor, the foundation of his difficult past is buried. Draper works side by side with the most problematic personalities, which give him a lot of trouble. And in the life of American society some global event will happen ...

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