“Kissing Booth 2” will be released in 2020

The exact release date for the second part of the film “The Kissing Booth” in Russia is set for 2020, the audience is waiting for the favorite actors and the romantic plot, the trailer for the youth film from Netflix is ​​one of the most anticipated among fans of projects such as “To all the guys I used to loved "and" Almost seventeen. "

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 100%.

The kissing booth 2


Genre: comedy, romance

Director: Vince Marcello

World Premiere: 2020

Russian release: 2020

Cast: Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Macy Richardson-Sellers, Joel Courtney, Joshua Daniel Go, Francis Sholto-Douglas, Michelle Ellen, D. David Morin, Taylor Zahar, Bianca Amato,

15-year-old Beth Rickles could not even imagine how popular her story would become when she posted it on the Wattpad website, intended for writers. After the film adaptation of the project, the “Kissing Box” became the most revised 2018 movie on Netflix.


The story of a sociable and sweet high school student El continues. In the first film, the girl, who has not yet known love and kisses, is fighting the attraction of her best friend to her brother. All around consider Noah as impudent and windy, because on his account a lot of broken girlish hearts. Autumn school carnival and the “Kissing Box”, in which the main characters take part, completely changes their life. In continuation of the picture, events continue already at Harvard, where Noah entered after graduation. Despite the fact that El managed to tame ardent Noah, there is now distance between them and rumors that the guy has a new passion, and the cute guy Levi begins to look after the girl. Will Noah and El manage to keep their feelings?

Director and shooting

The sequel is directed by Vince Marcello (The Fake Vampire, American Girls, Isabelle Dances in the Spotlight).

Vince marcello

Camera crew:

  • Screenwriters - debuting in the film industry Jay S. Arnold and Vince Marcello (Energy Company, School Zombie Ball, Summer. Beach. Cinema);
  • The project is being produced by Andrew Cole-Balgin ("Mr. Hollywood", "Wanda and the Alien"), Ed Glauser ("Wanda and the Alien", "The Kissing Box"), and Vince Marcello ("Disgrace", "Love");
  • Camera work - Anastas N. Mikos ("Smile of Mona Lisa", "Man on the Moon", "Cadillac Records", "Duplex").
For those who are interested in the latest news about the 2nd part of the “Kissing Booth”, there is confirmed information - the shooting started in the summer of 2019 in South Africa, in Cape Town and in Los Angeles, USA.

Actors and roles


  • Shelley "El" Evans - Joey King ("Pretense", "Ramona and Bizus", "Family Weekend", "Leave Beautiful");
  • Noah Flynn - Jacob Elordi ("Euphoria", "The Kissing Box", "Hot Vacations");
  • Macy Richardson-Sellers (Legends of Tomorrow, The Ancients, Star Wars: The Force Awakens);
  • Lee Flynn - Joel Courtney (Super 8, Messengers, Dear Eleanor, Assimilation);
  • Tuppen - Joshua Daniel Go (Go Forward! The Global Cheerleader Competition, Travel is the Goal);
  • Vivian - Francis Sholto-Douglas ("Black Mirror", "Bloody Riding", "Fall of Troy", "Samson");
  • Heather - Michelle Ellen (Warrior, Tipping Point, Red Sea Diving Resort);
  • Senior master - D. David Maureen ("Time Changing", "Dexter", "Mentalist", "Chuck");
  • Marco - Taylor Zahar ("Scandal", "Clumsy", "Suburb", "Young and Hungry");
  • Linda - Bianca Amato ("Sex and the City", "Good Wife", "Elementary", "Blue Blood").

Interesting Facts

Do you know that:

  • According to Netflix site director Ted Sarandos, the first installment of The Kissing Booth has become one of the most watched and watched teenage romcoms in America and beyond.
  • At the time of writing the first novel, Beth Rickles was only 15 years old.

The premiere of the second part of the film “The Kissing Box” is scheduled for 2020, but the exact release date in Russia has not yet been announced, the trailer has not been released, but it’s known that the actors will remain unchanged, and the plot of the continuation will be based on Beth Rickles’s new book “The Kissing Box” 2: Through the distance. "

Watch the video: The Kissing Booth 2 Officially Announced! (April 2020).