Kate Beckinsale will beat men in the comedy "Pretty Woman Platoon"

The role of the mischievous bouncer in the new comedy thriller “Beauty at the Platoon” went to Kate Beckinsale, the exact release date of the film is set for November 2020, the cast and plot are known, the trailer has not yet been released, since the shooting is in full swing.



Genre: action, comedy

Producer:Tanya Wexler

World Release Date: November 12, 2020

Premiere in Russia: 2020

Actors: C. Beckinsale, J. Courtney, S. Tucci, L. Cox, B. Cannavale, D. Bradley, C. Brassington, O. Feffer, C. Gregory, T. Xander and others.


Lindy is a bouncer woman who has poor control over her own anger. Her main fear is to kill another person in a fit of rage. And in order to at least somehow restrain herself and restore clarity of thinking, she wears a special vest with an electrode pad. He is shocking at the right time, which reassures the girl. But after the death of her boyfriend, Lindy takes off in all serious ways and forgets about self-control, because she needs to find the killer and take revenge. She begins to commit atrocities, and the police pursue her as the main suspect.

Director and shooting

The director was Tanya Wexler (“Without hysteria!”, “By calculation”). Wexler said in one interview:

“Beauty at the Platoon has a hilariously funny scenario, I immediately liked the idea of ​​the film. And when I found out that the main role will be played by Kate Beckinsale, I could not help but take the opportunity to take up this work myself. This action movie will be appreciated by every woman (and maybe a man) who wants to release their Thelma and Louise. ”(Thelma and Louise (1991) is a comedy drama about two friends who decided to leave their native one day town and become elusive criminals).

Tanya wexler

Camera crew:

  • Screenwriters: Scott Wascha;
  • Producers: David Bernardi (“In the Glory”), Sherril Clark (“Fear Your Desires”), Robert Van Norden (“When I Died”);
  • Operator: Jules O'Laughlin (“Duel”, “Fall of the Angel”).
The film is responsible for Millennium Media (Millennium Films).



  • Kate Beckinsale as Lindy (Widow, Pearl Harbor);
  • Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad 2, Divergent, Chapter 2: Insurgent);
  • Stanley Tucci (Feud, King's man: The Beginning);
  • Laverne Cox (“Do you know how to keep secrets?”, “Orange is the hit of the season”);
  • Bobby Kannavale ("The Throws of Jesus", "The Irishman", "Ant-Man and the Wasp");
  • David Bradley (“Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone”, “Game of Thrones”);
  • Christian Brassington as Julian (“You, Me, and He,” “The Golden Age”);
  • Ori Feffer - Delacroix (“For Conscience”, “Spy”);
  • Konstantin Gregory (Wonder Woman: 1984, Julius Caesar, King's man: The Beginning);
  • Tom Xander as Toby Kasparzky et al.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • This is the first Millennium Media film with the main female character, as well as a female director and producer.

The release date of the comedy Beauty at the Platoon with Kate Beckinsale is set for 2020, the actors and plot of the film are known, the trailer will appear closer to the premiere.

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