7 best films about the Middle Ages over the past 7 years

The Middle Ages are the times of noble knights and impressive outfits, interstate feuds and exquisite tournaments. The entertainment of the era forces filmmakers around the world to shoot films dedicated to this historical segment over and over again. We have compiled a list of the best films and TV shows about the Middle Ages that were released in 2012-2018. Various genres and countries, unique storylines - all this will allow the viewer to completely immerse themselves in the Middle Ages.

The captive. Escape (Flukt) 2012

Genre: history, thriller, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.2, IMDb - 6.0

One of the roles in the film went to Christian Espedal, vocalist of the Norwegian famous black metal band God Seed, a musician better known by the pseudonym Gaal, who played the archer Grim.

Events unfold in Norway in the 14th century. The plague epidemic that raged for more than a decade in the country claimed half of the population. The poor peasant family leaves their homes in search of a better life. Instead of the desired happiness, the peasants find death at the hands of robbers, the leader of which is the woman Dagmar. Only the eldest daughter, Signe, escapes. The captured peasant woman is not going to give up so easily, and the leader of the bandits is ready to help her, because the story of her life is also not so simple.

Robin Hood: The Beginning (Robin Hood) 2018

Genre: thriller, adventure, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.6, IMDb - 5.3

Fans of Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Force Awakens can find out some of the filming locations presented - part of the filming process of all three films took place in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, in its old part.

Director Otto Buthurst decided to tell the audience the beginning of the famous story about the noble robber Robin Hood. Instead of a happy return to the homeland of the Crusade veteran, Lord Robin Loxley, a very unpleasant discovery awaits - corruption and lawlessness reign in his native Nottingham. To help fellow citizens, Robin decides to join the Sherwood Rogues. Loxley begins to lead a double life to follow the sheriff of Nottingham.

Last Knights 2014

Genre: adventure, detective, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.1, IMDb - 6.2

The role of Olaf was the last for Dave Leggeno (the Harry Potter franchise, the series "The Last Detective", "Purely English Murder"). The actor was found dead in a California national park, where Dave was engaged in hiking. According to the official version, death came due to the heat.

After all the Great Wars ended, a single Empire formed on the planet. Humanity lives side by side with each other, not paying attention to religion and skin color. Gradually, the Empire begins to divide into enclaves, and the noble Lord Bartok has to call for help battle-hardened faithful knights. Only they can help restore peace to people and rid the state of strife, even if their own life is at the cost.

King Arthur Sword (Legend of the Sword) 2017

Genre: adventure, drama, action, fantasy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 6.8

The legendary sword Escalibur was recreated for the film in the amount of forty copies, ten of which were recreated from metal, and thirty from plastic.

Young Arthur, who lived in a suburb of Londinium, could not have imagined that he was a descendant of kings. Everything changed after the magic sword Escalibur was in his hands. The legendary artifact changes Arthur. Suddenly, he becomes one of the representatives of the resistance. Not the last role in the transformation of Arthur is played by the young mysterious girl of Guinevere. Soon, the young man can not only master the magic sword, but also help his people in the fight against the dictator Vortigern.

Outlaw King 2018

Genre: military, history, biography, action, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 6.9

Part of the scenes of the historical drama was shot in Berik-upon-Tweed, a city that passed from the British to the Scots 13 times during the ongoing wars between the two states.

Robert Bruce, the protagonist of the picture, was the legendary Scottish monarch. Events unfolding in the 14th century, the Scots are struggling to achieve sovereignty. Scotland, led by Robert Bruce, declares war on the British. The greatest monarch commander sets a goal for his people - to confirm the independence of his country.

Healer: The Physician 2013

Genre: history, adventure, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.7, IMDb - 7.2

The plot was based on the novel of the same name, written by the American writer Noah Gordon.

The events of the picture unfold in medieval England. Ten-year-old Rob Cole loses mother - a woman dies from an unknown disease, doctors can neither save her nor reduce her torment. After the tragedy, the boy dreams of one thing: to grow up and become a doctor who saves people from death. On his life path he will meet charlatans, but after that he will find his real teacher - the great healer Avicenna.

Nameya Gredzens Ring 2018

Genre: history, drama, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.9, IMDb - 6.3

Completes our list of the best films about the Middle Ages, filmed in 2012 -2018, a joint project of Latvian-British filmmakers. The director and scriptwriter of the historical drama was Aigars Grauba.

The 13th century was marked in the history of the Crusades by widespread Christianization and cruelty. This time, the Pope is faced with the goal of enslaving the pagans of the Zemgals. The Pope's deputy, Max, will meet the fierce resistance of the freedom-loving people, led by the wise and noble Namey.

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