Star Mind - KINODANZ's New Fantastic Action

Recently, Russian filmmakers are increasingly turning to the fiction genre. One of the new such masterpieces, where the action will unfold in space, was the film "Starry Mind" (2020), the exact release date in Russia, the actors and plot of which were announced, and the trailer has already been released.

Rating of expectations for the premiere (KinoPoisk) - 81%.


Genre: fantasy, adventure

Producer: Vyacheslav Lisnevsky

Release Date in Russia: March 5, 2020

Cast: Egor Koreshkov, Alyona Konstantinova, Katerina Shpitsa, Nikita Volkov, Alexander Kuznetsov, Mikhail Bashkatov, Ekaterina Kabak, Nikita Duvbanov, Anvar Halilulaev, Sergey Gilev and others.

A specially trained team goes into space to find a new home for all of humanity, but there is something that threatens the entire mission.

Photographer: Natasha Rutkovskaya


Our home planet Earth in the near future is literally dying due to the most dangerous environmental situation. Humanity begins to develop a program that will be the only chance for salvation - an international project to create a new home in space. In order to equip a suitable exoplanet, a special group is sent to it, which should install a terrorization device (it will create living conditions on the planet). However, in flight with a spacecraft, an accident occurs, the connection with the Earth breaks, the team loses the chance to go back. The crew is landing on a new planet, but here the whole team is waiting for something dangerous and incomprehensible ...

Photographer: Natasha Rutkovskaya

Director and shooting

The director and screenwriter of the film was Vyacheslav Lisnevsky, who became famous thanks to such projects as: "Balkan Frontier", "Retribution", "Run!", "In a cage"). The script was also written by Dmitry Zhigalov (Abigail, Beyond Reality).


  • Victor Denisyuk (Eclipse, Dancing to Death, Beyond Reality, Abigail);
  • Eugene Melentiev ("Dancing to Death", "Eclipse", "Beyond Reality", "Abigail");
  • Alexander Kurinsky (Dancing to Death, Eclipse, Beyond Reality, Abigail).

Andrei Anaykin (Balkan Line, Thursday, Abigail) was responsible for the installation.

The CEO of KINODANZ, the producer of the film, tells how the project was created:

"We encountered difficulties creating truly high-quality computer graphics that would be on a par with the graphics of Hollywood blockbusters. To solve this problem, a unit was created that guaranteed the right quality graphics at an affordable price."

Dmitry Zhigalov, screenwriter, also talks about making the film:

"This is a delight! From an early age I was obsessed with films and always dreamed of making movies. We conceived our film as international history. Space exploration is an international task."

Vyacheslav Lisnevsky emphasized that the film crew tried to offer their own version of the development of the future and to assume what would happen to humanity if it finds itself in a situation of ecological crisis. In my head there were images of characters, and the selected actors agreed with these images.

Filming began on August 2, 2016 under the working title "GEMINI Project". Places for the production of tape were Moscow and Kazakhstan. Photos from the filming are already on the network.

The release date of the picture changed several times - at first the dates were called from April to August 2019, but then, according to the latest news about when Star Mind will be released (2020), it became known that the final version was scheduled for March 5, 2020 of the year.

Actors and roles

The following Russian movie stars starred in this science fiction movie:

  • Egor Koreshkov in the role of Dr. Stephen Ross ("Psychologists", "Champions: Faster, Higher, Stronger", "Thaw", "Eighties", "Optimists", "Lost");
  • Alyona Konstantinova in the role of Emily Novak ("The habit of parting", "The reverse side of the Moon 2", "Flower Tango", "Chronicles of the Paranoid", "Gift");
  • Katerina Spitz in the role of Jane Rutkowski (Swallow's Nest, Metro, Poddubny, Kuprin: The Pit, The Old Guard);
  • Nikita Volkov in the role of Vadim Ladin ("Two Women", "Baker and Beauty", "Survive After", "Tenderness", "Happiness is ... Part 2");
  • Alexander Kuznetsov in the role of Senator Reigert ("Legends of the Circle", "Destroyer", "Lawlessness", "Alaska Kid", "Provocateur");
  • Mikhail Bashkatov as Nicholas Stoller (“Give Youth!”, “Eagle and Tails”, “Kitchen”, “Translator”, “Tourist Police”);
  • Ekaterina Kabak in the role of Felicity ("Wind in the Face", "A Woman Not Apt to Adventures", "Only Girls in Sports", "Catch the Moment", "Take a Walk, Vasya!", "Eclipse", "Vocal and Criminal Ensemble" );
  • Nikita Duvbanov in the role of Frank ("Shatter", "Two girls aground", "Call DiCaprio!", "Abigail", "Beyond reality");
  • Anvar Khalilulaev as an editor (Yeralash, Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone, Balkan Frontier, 11+, Elusive: Bangkok);
  • Sergey Gilev as a terrorist (All at once, Policeman from Rublevka to Beskudnikovo, Parisianka).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • According to the director Vyacheslav Lisnevsky, the film “Interstellar” inspired him to create this motion picture. The director also says that his work is "an answer to the American blockbuster."
  • The film crew repeatedly visited Star City and consulted with astronauts in order to more realistic show the space and convey its atmosphere.
  • About one third of the film will be recreated using computer graphics. The Moscow City complex was taken as the basis of the city of the future, and the Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan became the place used for the landscapes of the new planet.
  • During the production, the design of costumes and gadgets changed as much as 4 times.

The exact release date in Russia, the actors and the plot of the film "Starry Mind Film" (2020) are known, and the trailer can already be seen. Russian fans and fans of science fiction films are looking forward to the premiere of this project, which promises to be a new milestone in Russian film production in the genre of science fiction.