"Ghost Rider 3" - there will be a film or series

Many fans hoped that the Ghost Rider 3 project, the film or the series, the release date (possibly 2020), the actors and plot of which are unknown, the trailer has not been released, yet they will give a green light. And fans can breathe a sigh of relief - the television show will be released, and the audience has already seen the main character in one of Marvel’s projects. Fans have to wait for the release of a full-fledged television project to see their favorite character on the screens.

Ghost rider 3


Genre: action, thriller, fantasy

Producer: Ingrid Escaheda

Release date: 2020

Cast: Gabriel Luna and others.

This story tells about an amazing character who can turn into a supernatural creature - a demon who punishes unclean souls.


In the original comics, the plot focuses on Johnny Blaze, an ordinary motorsport guy. Once, Blaise’s father gets very sick, and then Mephistopheles comes to the young Johnny and offers to make a deal with him. Johnny agrees, but after a while his father still dies, and the hero himself forgets about the deal. However, then he has unusual abilities ...

It was rumored that in the upcoming film, the place of the rider was to be taken ... by the racer! However, the planned 3rd part did not appear on the screens.

In the series, the production of which is announced, the plot will focus on Robbie Reyes, already appearing in the project from Marvel's "Agents S.H.T." Robbie is a typical antihero living on the border of Texas and Mexico. It is his soul that is connected with the demon, and when the Horseman is released, Robbie begins to take revenge on all whom he encounters. But the main character is struggling to control the terrible power that he possesses.

Director and shooting

The first part of the “Ghost Rider” was very successful, as the box office says - with a budget of 100 million, about 200 were able to be collected. Well, the second part turned out to be very disastrous - with a budget of 57 million in the USA, the tape collected only 51 million .

But still, the directors intended to release the third part, and its release date was already set for 2019. However, due to funding problems, the release date for the sequel in the form of a movie was delayed. The latest news is disappointing - according to official information, the third part of the film "Ghost Rider" will not be released. In 2013, the rights to the adaptation of the comic books about the Ghost Rider again passed to the Marvel studio, which is not going to revive this character at all in the wake of the successes of the films Captain America, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers.

But it seems that the Ghost Rider will still appear on a large television screen - the Hulu and Marvel Television studios have announced the creation of the series, whose premiere is scheduled for 2020. Ingrid Escaheda (“Hannah Montana”, “Justice”, “Empire”, “Wanted”) became the showrunner of the project.

Ingrid Escaheda recounts:

“I am very excited that I was honored to work on the“ Ghost Rider. ”The story about him amazes every bit of me - my love for controversial characters and the desire to scare people brought me here. It’s important for me to find a double that excites like existing fans, so the potential audience, and I believe that we can do it. "

Actors and roles

Gabriel Luna (Real Detective, Escape, Rosewood), who will play Robbie Reyes, the new Ghost Rider, can star in the series from Marvel. Nothing is known about the rest of the caste at the moment.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The ghost rider is in the Top 100 greatest comic book heroes.
  • The author of the original Ghost Rider comics, as well as the co-creator of individual comic book numbers about Captain America, Daredevil, Captain Marvel, Gary Friedrich, died in 2018 at the age of 75 from a complication of Parkinson's disease.
  • The performer of the role of the Phantom racer Nicolas Cage (“Treasures of the nation”, “Kick”, “Sign”, “Gone in 60 seconds”, “Between the Worlds”) excluded his return to the franchise.

Whether it’s a movie or a series, but Phantom Racer 3, the release date (possibly 2020), whose actors and plot are unknown, the trailer has not yet been released, it remains to be expected. Still, the full-length franchise about the Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze will remain a dilogue, but now Marvel will tell the story of the new racer, and this story will be told in the format of the series.

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