“Salt 2” - will there be a continuation

Beauty Angelina Jolie captivated the audience by playing an employee of the CIA, and now many fans are waiting for the appointment of the release date for Russia of the second part of the film "Salt" ("Salt 2"), the actors and plot of which are unknown, and the trailer has not yet been released. The first part turned out to be profitable, but they did not immediately think about the continuation - however, the sequel still received a green light.

Rating of expectations of the premiere (KinoPoisk) - 86%.

Salt 2


Genre: thriller, thriller, crime, detective

Producer: is unknown

Release date: is unknown

Cast: Angelina Jolie and others.

Continuation of the adventures of agent Evelyn Salt.


Evelyn Salt was a successful CIA employee, but her own agency is accusing the girl of working for Russian intelligence. There is a pursuit for Evelyn, and only his own unique fighting skills and special training help Agent Salt hide and survive. In the original final scene (there are also alternative endings) Evelyn Salt escapes from his enemies and runs through the forest in a bloodied shirt ...

It is possible that in the sequel we will be shown exactly how Evelyn managed to survive and what the girl is now doing.

Director and shooting

News that the sequel will still be released has been around for a long time. However, the production of the tape dragged on for a long time due to the busy schedule of the main actors - Angelina Jolie was busy with her own directorial career, and Chiwetel Ejiofor became part of the Marvel cinematic universe, and because of this work, there is not enough time for other projects.

Continuation screenwriters will be:

  • Becky Johnston ("Seven Years in Tibet," "Lord of the Tides," "Arthur Newman");
  • Kurt Wimmer (Law-abiding Citizen, Recruit, Kings of the Street, Wave Crest).

And the producer will be Lorenzo Di Bonaventure (The Case of the Brave, Constantine: Lord of Darkness, 1408, Stardust, Pet Cemetery).

Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventure said that the work on the script has already been completed, and the producer has already familiarized himself with it:

"The script of the film is fascinating and filled with bold ideas."

However, Bonaventure does not know exactly when the filming process will begin; work on production is progressing slowly:

"One of the secrets of the movie business is which films are launched into production, why they are launched, and when it happens."

There is no information about when the second part of the film "Salt" will be released, there is no news about the director either. The creator of the original film, Phillip Noyce (Power of Fear, Cage for Rabbits, Blind Rage, What / If), refused to work on the sequel.

Actors and roles

Angelina Jolie will return to the role of agent Evelyn Salt. Nothing is known about the rest of the caste at the moment.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The first part was nominated for an 2011 Oscar in the category "Best Sound".
  • Initially, the main role in the original film was to be played by Tom Cruise (Rain Man, The Last Samurai, Interview with the Vampire, Edge of the Future, Made in America, Mission Impossible: Consequences), and his character should have called Edwin Salt.
  • In 2016, Sony discussed the possibility of creating a series with the character Evelyn Salt.
  • After the premiere of the first part, Angelina Jolie said that she would star in the sequel if an interesting script was written.

Viewers are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the release date for the second part of the film "Salt" ("Salt 2") in Russia, the actors and the plot of which are unknown, and the trailer has not yet been released. The project has been under development for a long time and, possibly, production will accelerate when Angelina Jolie’s busy schedule becomes a little freer.

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