“True Detective” - what season 4 will be like

In January 2019, the 3rd season of True Detective was released, and HBO did not think about continuing until show runner Nick Pizzatto announced that he had ideas for a script for the sequel. At the moment, the release date of the series, the actors and the plot of the 4th season of the series “True Detective” are unknown (possibly 2020), and the trailer has not been released.

Project rating: KinoPoisk - 8.7, IMDb - 9.0.

True detective


Genre: detective, crime, thriller, drama

Producer: Carey Fukunaga, Daniel Sackheim, John Crowley and others.

Season 4 Release Date: 2020 (unofficially)

Cast: is unknown

New heroes investigating a new crime - each season of this series is not connected with the previous one, but invariably one thing - crime occurs somewhere, and detectives undertake the investigation.


In the third season, the action took place in the Ozark Plateau, which is located on the border of several states. Detective Wayne Hayes and Arkansas investigator Roland West are trying to find the culprit in a mysterious crime spanning three decades.

It would seem where in general you can go after the 3rd season, in which we were shown the main character at 3 different ages (35, 45 and 70 years). What other riddle will the audience have to solve? What the creators are preparing for the new season is still unknown, but they promise that it will be truly grandiose, and there will be less everyday life in the frames of the new season.

Director and shooting


  • Carey Fukunaga ("Jane Eyre", "Maniac", "Anonymous", "Rodless Beasts");
  • Daniel Sackheim (Doctor House, The X-Files, Ozark, Jack Ryan);
  • John Crowley (Boy A, Brooklyn, Closed Circuit);
  • Miguel Sapochnik (“Game of Thrones”, “House Doctor”, “Iron Fist”, “Rippers”).


  • Nick Pizzolatto (Murder, The Magnificent Seven, Galveston);
  • Scott Leisser;
  • Graham Gordy ("Mistakes of the Past", "Quarry Mercenary", "My Dog Skip");
  • David Milch (Deadwood, Fart, NYPD).


  • Richard Brown ("Trick-22", "King Outlaw");
  • Lee Kaplin ("Ali", "Carmel", "Noise and Rage");
  • Steve Golin ("Game", "Sex in another city", "Sleeping", "Beach Loafer");
  • Carey Fukunaga


  • Alex Hall (“The Price of Passion,” “Listening,” “Blue Blood,” “The Story”);
  • Leo Trombetta (Narco, Mad Men, Like Little Children, 13 Reasons Why);
  • Affonso Gonçalves (Mildred Pierce, New York, I Love You, Only Lovers Survive, Dead Don't Die).

After the release of season 3, HBO did not disclose its plans for continuation. And there was only one answer to the questions about the potential 4th season: "We are waiting for the show runner to have ideas to continue. The 3rd season was great, we hope that the series has a future."

The creator, and concurrently screenwriter of the project Nick Pizzolatto, admitted that there is still an idea for the 4th season, and he already discussed it with a certain actor (whose name is kept secret) and really wants to realize all his ideas in the 4th season, but doesn’t yet know "will they be able to do this":

“For a while I had a wild, but strong idea about the direction of the new season - no one has ever seen this on TV. But then I began to think about other things, discussed them with one actor, and now these ideas can come true. If there will still be a continuation, then we will show something exciting. "

However, everyone wants the show to return in February 2020, just like the previous seasons, now the premiere has not been appointed. But it is possible that the 4th season will still be released in the first quarter in 2020.

Actors and roles

At the moment, it is not known which actors will take part in the 4th season.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The original name of the project was to be "Ballads for the murder." However, at the last moment, HBO decided to abandon it.
  • Places for shooting, filters for the camera, weather, scenery - all this was selected specifically in order to create and maintain a constant psychological stress.
  • The series won the 2014 Emmy Award for Best Entry Titles.
  • Working on the series, the creators were inspired by another no less famous television project - "Twin Peaks".

Fans should expect official information about whether there will be a release date for the episodes of the 4th season of the series “True Detective” (possibly 2020), actors whose plot has not been announced and the trailer has not been released. If the project showrunner Nick Pizzolatto promised that there is an idea for the continuation, then there is no need to worry - the continuation will still come out, albeit not as fast as the fans want.

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