Dark Beginnings - New Magic Series from BBC and HBO

Many viewers are eagerly awaiting the release of Season 1 of the series “Dark Beginnings” (2019), the exact release date of the series is still unknown, but the actors can already be seen in the trailer, the plot of the series cleverly intertwines science, theology and magic. According to some reports, the first series will appear on screens in November 2019.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 98%.

His dark materials


Genre: drama, adventure, family, fantasy

Producer: Jamie Childs, Tom Hooper, Otto Buthurst

World Premiere: November 3, 2019

Russian release: November 3, 2019

Cast: Daphne Keane, James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Clark Peters, Ian Gelder, Will Keane, Erion Bakare, Georgina Campbell, Ann-Mary Duff

The plot of the series is based on the trilogy of the same name, written by the science fiction writer Philip Pulman. The premiere of the Dark Start trailer was unveiled at the Comic-Con festival in San Diego.


In the world of Lira Belakva, everything is unusual - in it you can meet real witches and even armored bears. Here, each person has his own daemon (a creature that is an integral part of the personality). Thanks to his guardian, Lord Azriel, Lyra gains access to travels in parallel lands. On one of them she meets the boy Will, in reality of which magic is completely absent. Will has an amazing knife that can cut the matter that connects the worlds. Together with Lira, they will be involved in a war with heavenly forces and many other fantastic adventures.

Director and shooting

Director's work - Jamie Childs (Doctor Who, Faith, Lucky, Next of kin), Tom Hooper (The King Says!, Les Miserables, Damned United, John Adams), Otto Buthurst (Black Mirror, Pointy Peaks, Virtuosos, Robin Hood: The Beginning).

Camera crew:

  • The script was written by Philip Pullman (Golden Compass, Shadow of the North Star, Ruby in the Dark, I Was a Rat) and Jack Thorne (War Book, Jonah, Clay, Long Fall) )
  • Produced by Dan McCallock (Young Morse, Endeavor, Victoria, Torchwood), Laurie Borg (Mind and Feelings, Four Feathers, If Only, Orlando) and Sue Calverly ( “Ashes to ashes”, “Under the gun”, “Boy A”, “Titanic”).
  • The operators of the series are Justin Brown (Men Don't Lie, End of the Fucking World, Sixteen, Silent Things), David Higgs (Alien Woman, Escape Master, Reservoir Dogs, Jane Austen's Revived Book ") and David Luther (" Sherlock "," Hour "," Past Goals "," Town ").
  • Responsible for installation - Niven Howie ("Bullet", "Dawn of the Dead", "Death Race", "Cards, Money, Two Trunks"), David Fisher ("Granchester", "No Offense", "Shetland", "Doctor Who ") and Stephen Haren (" Strike "," Black Mirror "," Good Day for the Wedding "," Bad ").

It is stated that filmmakers are involved in the film adaptation of only the first two books from the trilogy, each of which will be the main one for one season. The companies responsible for the production of the science fiction series were New Line and Bad Wolf Productions.

Actors and roles


  • Lira Belakva - Daphne Keane (Logan, Refugees);
  • Lord Azriel - James McEvoy ("And I Dance In My Soul", "The Big Game", "Jane Austen", "Atonement");
  • Marisa Coulter - Ruth Wilson (Luther, Lovers, Jane Eyre, Prisoner);
  • Lee Scorsby - Lin-Manuel Miranda (“How I Met Your Mother,” “House Doctor,” “Soprano Clan,” “Mary Poppins Returns”)
  • Dr. Korn - Clark Peters ("Wiretap", "Doctor Chance", "Mona Lisa", "Benefactor");
  • Librarium Charles - Iain Gelder (Game of Thrones, Poirot, Torchwood, Robin Hood);
  • MacPhail's father - Will Keane ("Purely English murders", "Crown", "Impressionists", "Genius");
  • Lord Boreal - Erion Bakare ("The Dark Knight", "Death in Paradise", "Good Signs", "Lewis");
  • Adele Starminster - Georgina Campbell (Gluconauts, Krypton, Black Mirror, Death on the Beach);
  • Ma Costa - Anne-Mary Duff ("Queen Virgin", "Sisters of Magdalene", "Suffragette", "Doctor Zhivago") and others.
At the end of the summer of 2019, it became known that Kat Whitefield had joined the cast (“Beyond Suspicion,” “Medea,” “Purely English Killing”). What role the actress will play has not been announced. According to some reports, Andrew Scott ("Saving Private Ryan", "Pride", "Corpses") can play in the series of the polar explorer.

Interesting Facts

Do you know that:

  • The Dark Beginnings trilogy is one of the best books of all time, according to the New York Times.
  • In visualizing the idea of ​​animal spirits, the author of the trilogy, Philip Pulman, was greatly helped by the painting “A Lady with an Ermine,” written by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • The first interpretation of the book was the movie "Golden Compass". Dakota Blue Richards, who played Lira in it, expressed her interest in participating in the television series Dark Beginnings.
  • The production of the second season began even before the first one was released on large screens. The creators explain this step by the fact that the main characters in the series are children, and they are known to grow rapidly. Fast shooting of the seasons will allow filmmakers not to repeat the mistakes of "Lost" and "Game of Thrones."
  • The mother of the lead singer Daphne Keane said in an interview that the premiere could take place on November 3, 2019.
  • The series will be the first joint project of James McEvoy and Ann-Mary Duff after their divorce.
  • Daphne and Will Cinema in real life - daughter and father.

Judging by the trailer, the first season of the series “Dark Beginnings” will be large-scale and exciting, the release date of the series is still unknown, an interesting plot and star cast of actors should appear in the fall of 2019. Fans of the eponymous trilogy Philip Pulman hope that the film adaptation will not disappoint them.

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