“Angel of Darkness” - all about Alienista Season 2

The continuation of the television project "Alienist" about an unusual team investigating the murders in the late 19th century in America received a green light - the show was able to attract the attention of millions of viewers, making it possible to produce a sequel. The release date of the series, the actors and the plot of the 2nd season of the series "Alienist", called "Angel of Darkness" (2020), have been announced, the trailer has not yet been released.

Alienista Season 1 Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 7.7. Rating expectations for the new season (KinoPoisk) - 96%.

The angel of darkness


Genre: detective, drama

Producer:David caffrey

Season 2 release date: 2020

Cast:Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans, Douglas Smith, Dakota Fanning, Martin McCready, Wendy Albiston, Shine Attol, Savannah Iode-Greaves, Emily Barber, Elena Delia, etc.

The brutal killings taking place in New York at the end of the 19th century are terrifying with their bloodyness - children are mutilated throughout the city. An investigation is being undertaken by a team of still unknown outsiders ...


In the first season, the newly-minted police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt calls on criminal psychologist Dr. Laszlo Kreutzler and newspaper reporter John Moore to secretly investigate the murders in New York. They are joined by Sarah Howard, the secretary who decided to become the first police officer in the city. Using new methods of psychology and judicial investigation, this group of social outcasts managed to detain one of America's first serial killers.

Continuation events begin a year after what happened in the first season. Sarah Howard becomes a private detective, and her new business is the search for the abducted daughter of one of the Spanish dignitaries. Dr. Kreutzler (Alienist psychologist) reunites with Sarah, John Moore (reporter) and the rest of the original team to find the missing child. The investigation leads them to a mysterious woman with a bloody past who is associated with a certain notorious gang.

Director and shooting

The director and showrunner of the project was David Caffrey ("Sharp Visors", "On duty", "Lucky").

David caffrey

The script is based on the 1994 Caleb Carr book of the same name. Adaptation for television involved:

  • E. Max Fry (Brothers in Arms, Where Money Is, Fox Hunter);
  • Carey Fukunaga ("Jane Eyre", "Bezrennye animals", "Anonymous", "True Detective").


  • Caleb Carr;
  • Stuart Keloran (Love / Hate, Innocent Lies);
  • Carey Fukunaga ("True Detective", "Jane Eyre", "Maniac").


  • Cheryl Potter (Lost World, Hannah);
  • Dermot Diskin ("Sharp Peaks", "On the Edge", "Corpses", "Tablets of Fate").
The shooting of the series took place in Budapest. The sequel is named after Kadeb Carr's second book, Angel of Darkness, in the Alienist cycle. The premiere is scheduled for 2020.

Actors and roles

In the series starred:

  • Daniel Bruhl as Laszlo Kreizler (Race, Inglourious Basterds, Merry Christmas, El Salvador, Captain America: Civil War, Paradox of Cloverfield);
  • Luke Evans as John Moore (The Great Train Robbery, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The Raven, The Fast and the Furious 6, The Mysterious Murder, Anna);
  • Douglas Smith as Marcus Isaacson (“Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters”, “Dangerous Game Sloan”, “Widow Love”, “Big Little Lie”, “When We Rise”);
  • Dakota Fanning as Sarah Howard (“I Am Sam,” “The Secret Life of the Bees”, “Now is the Time”, “Dreamer”, “Friends”, “Kidnapped”, “Ambulance”, “Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood”);
  • Martin McCready as Captain Doyle (Five, Legend, Transformers: The Last Knight);
  • Wendy Albiston as Mrs. Shermeron (Downton Abbey, Mind and Feelings, Bodyguard, Apple Yard);
  • Shine Attol as George George (Purely English Killings, Kingdom of Heaven, Foyle War);
  • Emily Barber as Violet;
  • Savannah Ayode Greaves;
  • Elena Delia as Helena.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The average rating of the first season of the TNT television project amounted to 0.41 - it was watched by more than 1.77 million viewers (audience aged 18 to 49).
  • The works of the writer Caleb Carr stand out from all the books of this genre - first of all, he pays attention to the inner world of the heroes, as well as the reliability of what is happening. The book "Alienist" was the apogee of all the work of Carr and earned a huge number of positive reviews: "The very air of this book is saturated with horror" - The New York Times; "Exciting, atmospheric, intellectual reading" - USA Today; "Original work, different from all modern genres" -
  • The first film adaptation of the novel was supposed to be a film directed by Curtis Hanson (“The Conquerors of the Waves,” “8 Miles,” “Secrets of Los Angeles”), but the project never received a green light.
  • Theodore Roosevelt did indeed serve as New York Police Chief for some time.
  • TNT Channel officially announced: "We are very proud of the work done - our entire team breathed life into the history of Caleb Carr. In the new season, we will immerse the audience even deeper into the world of our heroes."
  • Several other historical figures may appear in the sequel, including lawyer Clarence Darrow, women's rights leader Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and artist Albert Pinkham Ryder.

Fans of the series have to wait for the announcement of the official release date of the series (in 2020) and the release of the trailer for the 2nd season of the series "Alienist" called "Angel of Darkness", the plot and actors of which are announced. The old team, which the fans liked so much, will return to the investigation of the crimes and catch another maniac.

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