"Mr. Robot" - all about season 4

Recently, the topic of hacking has been actively discussed by media representatives. American filmmakers decided to clearly show the life features of the fighters of the invisible front - the release date of the series, the actors and the plot of the 4th season of the series “Mr. Robot” (2019) were announced, photos from the shootings were posted, and a teaser trailer was released. The 4th season will be the final one for the whole show.

Rating of the series: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 8.5.


Mr. Robot


Genre: thriller, drama, crime

Producer: Sam Esmail, Jim McKay, Trisha Brock and others.

Season 4 Release Date: fall 2019

Cast: Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin, Portia Doubleday, Martin Walström, Michael Christopher, Grace Gummer, Stephanie Corneliussen, B.D. Wong, Sunita Mani and others.

The protagonist Elliot, who decided to become a hacker, finds himself in the center of the struggle between the company where he works and underground organizations trying to recruit Elliot with the goal of breaking down powerful American corporations.


Elliot is a brilliant young programmer who works as a cybersecurity engineer during the day and as a hacker at night. The hero suffers from a strange disease, like schizophrenia, which he tries in vain to control, regularly taking both legal and illegal drugs and visiting his therapist. Once a mysterious young woman named Darlene and a man calling himself Mr. Robot offer Elliot a chance to prove himself and help them destroy the large financial company E-Corp, where the main character works. Mr. Robot also claimed to be the leader of an underground hacker group known as the F-Society, and another mysterious organization called the Dark Army is their ally. That is how Elliot finds himself in a difficult position: to betray his own corporation or become a hero in the world of hackers.

The events of the last season will take place in 2015 and will be related to the theme of the Christmas holidays. Also this season, viewers will be shown the development of a relationship between Elliot and Leon.

The creators left a secret message to fans of the series, urging fans to go to //www.whoismrrobot.com/ to learn more about the upcoming final season.

Director and crew


  • Sam Esmail ("Comet", "Homecoming");
  • Jim McKay (“Good Wife”, “Boss”, “Patients”, “Good Fight”, “Instinct”);
  • Tricia Brock (Twin Peaks, Silicon Valley, The Walking Dead, The Strange City);
  • Deborah Chow (“The Kingdom”, “The High Cost of Living,” “Better Call Saul,” “Lost in Space”);
  • Niche Ganatra ("Girls", "Man of the Future", "Love", "Black Monday").


  • Sam Esmail;
  • Randolph Lyon;
  • Adam Penn (American Horror Story, Ordinary Heart, Feud, Scream Queen, Pose);
  • Jeff McKibben


  • Kyle Bradstreet (Borgia, Pointing Dog, Philanthropist);
  • Steve Golin ("True Detective", "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind", "Age of Adalin", "Trick-22");
  • Chad Hamilton (Comet, Homecoming).


  • Franklin Peterson (Shangri-La Suite, Sphere, Big Bear);
  • John Petaya ("New Amsterdam", "American Horror Story", "Scream Queen");
  • Justin Krohn (White Collar, Family Tree, Homecoming).

The filming process of the series took place in New York and Arizona. When will the new season come out and how many episodes will be in it? According to one of the actresses, the sequel premiere is set for fall 2019. In total, there will be 12 episodes in the new season. The first promotional photos, as well as photos with actors from the shootings, are already on the network - the guys touchingly said goodbye to the project, holding back tears.

That season 4 will be the last, the showrunner Sam Eismale said:

“When we first started production, we decided that the project would not get much popularity, but only a few loyal fans would acquire it. But the recognition of the fans broke all records - all this thanks to the excellent crew and actors. From the very beginning we went to a certain goal, and working on season 4, we realized that it was time to complete the project. We won’t delay it, of course, it’s hard to say goodbye, but it needs to be done. "

Actors and roles

The following actors starred in the series:

  • Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson (Pacific, Bohemian Rhapsody, Short Term 12, Moth, Gilmore Girls, BoJack Horse);
  • Christian Slater as Edward Alderson (Interview with the Vampire, Wild Heart, True Love, First-degree Killing);
  • Carly Chaikin in the role of Darley Alderson ("The Last Song", "Suburb", "You Can Know Them", "Pursuit of Love", "Towards Darkness", "Public Library");
  • Portia Doubleday as Angela Moss ("Rebellious News", "She", "Fashion Stuff");
  • Martin Wallström in the role of Tyrell Wellick (“There is no feeling in space”, “For something beautiful”, “Jeff and aliens”, “Ashes in the snow”);
  • Michael Christopher in the role of Phillip Price (“Gia”, “Temptation”, “Eastwick Witches”, “Force Majeure”, “Girl in the Book”);
  • Grace Gummer as Dominic DiPiero (House of Spirits, American Horror Story, News Service, Hot Zone, Listening);
  • Stephanie Corneliussen in the role of Johanna Wellick (“Illusion”, “Legion”, “Dear Doctor”, “Former”, “Legends of Tomorrow”);
  • B.D. Wong as Minister Zheng ("Seven Years in Tibet", "Jurassic Park", "Father of the Bride", "Ordinary Heart", "Bird Box");
  • Sunita Mani in the role of Trenton ("In sight", "In a better world", "Madeleine Madeleine", "Shine", "Wine country").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Throughout the series, Elliot wears a black brand B hoodie: SCOTT, which was taken from the personal wardrobe of actor Rami Malek. Especially for the show, 20 such identical hoodies were created.
  • To correctly convey the character and mental disorders of Elliot through the screen, the film crew consulted with a psychiatrist who read the script of each episode and corrected inaccuracies in the hero's behavior.
  • In 2016, the show earned 2 Golden Globe awards in the nominations for Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series and Best Drama Series.
  • Each episode of the project contains links to other films and television shows.
  • One of the producers of the series, Steve Golin, died in April 2019, but his name will continue to be associated with the show "Mr. Robot" as a tribute.
  • Rami Malek said that he thinks about the end of the show: “I trust Sam Eismeil infinitely, so if he decided it was time to finish the series, I agree. Work on this series was very effective and emotional. I am delighted how the show ends, it will be a very strong ending. "
  • In Russia, an Elliot diary in Russian has become available for ordering - you can place an order on the website of Eksmo Publishing House. The cost of the book is 500 rubles.
There is a fan theory that the final season will be released on October 9th.

Fans should expect an official announcement of the release date of the series and the release of the trailer for the 4th season of the series "Mr. Robot", the actors, plot and photos from the filming of which have already been announced. What will the audience show in the last season and how the show will end, we will find out in the fall of 2019.

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