Cannot Be Exiled: Will Sony and Disney Re-Share Spider-Man

Disney exorbitant financial greed for franchise "Spider man", butthe copyright holder decided to take his hero back. However, rumors appeared about the preparation of a new agreement between Disney and Sony. Will Spider-Man stay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or leave it forever?

You need such a franchise yourself!

At first glance, this whole situation is very similar to the plot of an old Soviet cartoon about an ingenuous peasant, his cow and dexterous buffoon. He began with these words:

"A man was selling a cow in the market. Nobody gave anything for her."

A man would leave the market without revenue, if not for the guy who could give her dignity in a new light. After the advertising campaign, a line lined up for the cow. And the peasant seemed to meet his cow again and said:

"I won’t give my cow to anyone. I need such a cow myself."

A similar situation developed before our eyes. The Spider-Man franchise has never brought Sony the copyright holder as much money as it did when Spydi became part of the single and successful cinematic universe of Marvel. Joined the Avengers.

With the same Tony Stark, he made friends both on the screen and beyond. Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. often delight fans with joint photos.

But it only cost the movie "Spider-Man: Away from Home" to earn a little more than $ 1 billion at the global box office, as Sony decided to break the agreement, which gave Marvel / Disney about 5% of the box office. Do you need such a franchise yourself?

Since 1998, Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and another 900 characters that were associated with him in the comics. They should release a film about Spider-Man at least once every 5 years. In 2015, they made a deal with Marvel Studios / Disney, which allowed the hero to be part of the unified cinematic universe of Marvel. But Sony reserved distribution rights for the franchise.

Sony buying up or Disney greed

Other sources blame just Disney for greed. According to the Internet resource"We got this covered, "The Mouse House already had a right to profit from the sale of related products (T-shirts, Spaidi collectible figures, etc.) + 5% of the box office, but also demanded that Sony increase their share in financing the production of films about the Man Spider. Go to the 50-50 scheme. Experts write that this will automatically mean the need to divide equally and profit! Isn’t it too cool?

Fanatic joke: The main villain of the film became known "Spider-Man 3 ". This is corporate greed.

By the way, Sony does not want anyone other than Kevin Feigi to deal with future spider films. Kevin is the president of Marvel and the main demiurge of a unified cinematic universe. Allegedly, he was thrown to other projects when Marvel took possession of the rights to new characters. As you recall, Disney acquired Fox, and with it the rights to the X-Men. They blame Disney for recalling Feigy.

Believe in yourself. About a possible future without Marvel

Restarting Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield is hardly a success. As well as the final part of the Sam Raimi trilogy. Everyone understood that Sony was putting his hero into the hands of Marvel Studios, because he did not really believe in his own strengths. But, as it turned out, the film company did not give up without a fight.

The film "Venom" managed to gain 800 million dollars at world box office. Filmmakers have proven that they can make a good action on the Spider-Man universe without the hero himself. Venom (one of Peter Parker's most famous and cult opponents) turned out to be a completely independent character.

Now plans for Sony sequel the film "Venom" and the film about the vampire Morbius (also appeared in the comics about Spider-Man). Why not add completely independent Spydi movies to this?

If there is no new deal with Disney / Marvel, then Sony would like Tom Holland to remain Spider-Man, but there will be no more intersections with the Marvel cinematic universe. So far, it's more like another restart!

And what does Spider-Man himself think?

Tom Holland broke the silence about everything that was happening and posted a very emotional post on social networks. In it, he explicitly addresses both conflicting parties:

"These were crazy days, but I want you to know that deep down I love you all 3,000 times."

It sounds very sarcastic. The phrase about 3,000 times taken from the movie "Avengers: Final", which recently became the highest grossing film in the history of cinema. So said Tony Stark his little daughter. But the key expression here is clearly "deep down." It reminds a phrase from everyone’s beloved Soviet film: "We love you ... deep down. Somewhere very deep."

To date, more than 20,000 people have signed a petition on to leave Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In any case, the guy will not remain without work. Sony does not see a restart without his participation. And leave the opportunity for a new deal with Disney. According to rumors, they are preparing an agreement that will provide for as many as six new films with the participation of the actor. All within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These are not only solo artists, but also his participation in the next two parts of the Avengers.

And finally ...

Wait and see. In the meantime, I want to end with a joke. Actor Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) turned out to be a bad predictor. When Disney acquired Fokh, he posted a photo-tweet on Twitter where the stern policeman drove Deadpool away from Disneyland.

Films about this character do not fall under the concept of family, and in the Mouse House they only shoot such. But it turned out that it wasn't Deadpool who left the family at all, but ... Spider-Man. Who would have thought? We will continue to keep you up to date and find out if Spider-Man remains in the cinematic universe of Marvel.

Author: Mikhail Raskin

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