British television channel will release the series "Putin: the history of the Russian spy"

The shocking news is that in Britain they will shoot a series about the Russian president called Putin: The History of the Russian Spy, which will consist of three parts. The show will be documentary and will talk about the biography of the Russian leader. Its development will be undertaken by the British channel Channel 4 and Rogan production, which promise to tell the whole truth about the influence of Vladimir Putin on world politics.

Putin on Channel 4

Channel 4 is known for its projects focused mainly on adolescents: "Skimmers", "Scum", "Overgrowth", "My Crazy Diary". However, now the studio began to develop a fairly adult documentary project. Producer James Rogan says:

"To understand what is happening now in international politics, you need to know about the personality of Vladimir Putin. He is one of the most significant figures of the 21st century. In our project, we want to show how the former spy was able to come into politics, and how this influenced the world."

The creators promise that the narrative will focus on the period of Vladimir Putin’s work in the KGB and how this influenced the worldview of the future president. The producers also said that the series "will give an understanding of the figure that we are interested in." Indeed, in 2019, it was exactly 20 years since Putin became president, and the Western audience still wonders: Who is mr. Putin? (Who is Mr. Putin?).

"Our project will tell how modern Russia was becoming, overcoming a sense of betrayal and anger. Putin’s authority and worldview managed to penetrate into different parts of the world," the series announced, which also states that when he was elected president, Putin intended to make Russia again great "and strengthen its position among other countries.

For the production of films, materials will be used from well-known interviews with Putin, as well as information that could be learned from the lips of people close to the president. The project will consist of three episodes. The show's release date is currently unknown.

It is interesting that the series was already filmed about Vladimir Putin by the American director Oliver Stone, who had many talks with the president from July 2015 to February 2017. Stone said that Putin impressed him with his leadership qualities, as well as discipline and hard work. “The true son of Russia,” as Stone calls the president.

Several times, Western media presented various interviews with the Russian president to the world. For example, in the summer of 2018, he talked to Fox News journalist Chris Wallace, and then, unexpectedly for the whole world, this interview was nominated for an Emmy Award!

The news that a British TV series about the Russian president called "Putin: The History of the Russian Spy" will be filmed in Russia has excited the Russian public. Will Western television producers manage to convey reliable information about the life and work of Vladimir Putin?

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