5 vulgar films for watching together with a girl

Each person has to go through a period when you are no longer a boy, and hormones boil in the blood. Below is a list of vulgar movies to watch with a girl. The relationship between a man and a woman in the paintings is shown with all their passion and sensuality.

Newness 2017

Genre: Drama, melodrama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.2, IMDb - 6.4

The film was shot in the fall of 2016. The creators until the last kept the picture secret.

The film "Novelty" is ideal for viewing together. A couple of free minutes, Internet access, an application for dating - that's all that modern youth of the 21st century needs. Why burden yourself with a difficult relationship, when you can get acquainted with a beauty, drink a glass of semisweet with her, forget yourself in a passionate kiss, and start looking for a girl again in the morning? That's what Martin thought, until he accidentally met Gaby in a bar. The young people got into a conversation, went for a walk in the night of Los Angeles, and at night they had the most memorable sex in life. Surprisingly, in the morning they did not want to leave. Gaby moved to Martin, but are young people ready for a serious relationship? Suddenly this is an ordinary flirt, and our heroes will again want a thrill?

About love. Adults Only (2017)

Genre: Comedy

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.5, IMDb - 6.1

John Malkovich and Ingerboga Dapkunaite already worked together before - this was in 1991 at the Old Vic Theater in London.

"About love. Only for adults" - a good film for two, which will leave a pleasant impression. The film takes place in Moscow. The heroes of the film live in a big metropolis. Each of them has their own affairs and hobbies. People in this "giant anthill" are constantly in a hurry and are in a hurry somewhere. It is time to say stern no to chaos and disorder! Boys and girls of different ages and nationalities decide to escape from the bustle for at least a minute and unite in search of the most beautiful and brightest feeling on earth - love. In addition, summer is in the yard - the time of year sets the mood for romance. During the search, the heroes will fall into ridiculous situations. Someone just wants to lose their virginity, some are tired of being alone, and they see a way out only in swinging.

Their first night (Nuit # 1) 2011

Genre: Drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.1, IMDb - 6.4

Actor Dmitry Storozh starred in the film "The Untouchables" (2011).

"What movie can I watch?" - a fan of frank films is interested. The tender, sensual and romantic picture "Their First Night" will help brighten the evening at home. Nikolai and Klara met by chance at the club. The guy immediately liked the girl, and he decided to end the era of loneliness. At some point, they lost control of their minds and ended up in the same bed. On a hot night, their acquaintance did not end. How will they look and what will they say to each other in the morning? At the beginning, the film seems like an ordinary erotic tape, but gradually it turns into an explicit monologue. The film-feeling and the film-reasoning will affect the thinnest strings of the soul.

Fifty Shades of Gray 2015

Genre: Melodrama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 4.4, IMDb - 4.1

The director of the picture could be Angelina Jolie, but she refused to take part in the project.

A modest and quiet student Anastacia Steele lives with classmate Kate. At the request of a friend, Anastacia goes to interview the billionaire Christian Gray. The first conversation was not very good, and the girl thinks that she will never meet this handsome again. Once Christian accidentally went into the store where Anastacia worked as a seller. There was a strange tension between the characters. The girl attributed everything to her wild fantasy. Their acquaintance continues, and Anastacia learns about the sexual interests of the rich man.

Friendship Sex (Friends with Benefits) 2011

Genre: Melodrama, comedy, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.1, IMDb - 6.5

In some explicit scenes, instead of Mila Kunis, the understudy was shot.

Friendship Sex is one of the most fascinating vulgar movies on the list, ideal for watching with a girl. Jamie is a recruiter. The girl just broke up with a guy and realized for herself that she was tired of a serious relationship. Dylan was also in the same situation, who also broke up with his soulmate. These heroes are made for each other. Having met, they decide to spend time together, but without any obligation. Dylan comes to visit Jamie, and almost all of their meetings end in sex. The guy with the girl pretends that everything is fine. But how to explain that feelings broke out between them? It cannot go on for so long, and Jamie "takes the bull by the horns."

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