13 main films of the fall of 2019 that everyone has been waiting for

A promising autumn awaits moviegoers in 2019, because not only the top-end films from the expected list are released, but also real “long-term construction” that fans have been waiting for more than one year. From our selection you will find out which films should not be missed in the fall of 2019, because we are waiting for the continuation of the franchises beloved by many, as well as new interesting works by talented directors.

It 2 (It Chapter Two)

Genre: thriller horror

Producer: Andres Muschetti

Date of: September 5th

Details about the movie:It 2 (It: Chapter Two)

Jessica Chastain (Beverly Marsh) and Jess Weixler (Odra Phillips), who play female roles, are best friends in real life. Filming began on June 19, 2018 in Toronto, Canada, and officially ended on October 30, 2018.

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The 2017 film “It” with a budget of $ 35 million raised almost $ 700 million, so it’s not at all surprising that the creators announced the second part almost immediately after the release of the tape. Exactly 27 years have passed after the terrifying events that occurred with the "losers" in childhood, each of the heroes has their own life, and no one is eager to remember Pennywise. But each of the friends receives a strange phone call, after which they decide to get together again. The losers return to their hometown, and the grown-up Beverly is about to visit her home on Main Street, from which she left exactly 27 years ago. There she meets a strange old lady, Mrs. Kersh, who is not at all who she claims to be. In the 2nd part, the emphasis will be on the history of Pennywise, in which lies the reason for all the horrors, and “adult” and harsh things will already happen to matured characters. Judging by the trailers, the film turned out to be quite atmospheric and creepy. We hope that the expectations are worth it, and “It 2” will not be inferior to the first part.


Genre: drama

Producer: John Crowley

Date of: 12-th of September

Details about the movie:Goldfinch

The film is based on Donna Tartt’s 2013 Goldfinch novel, which spent 30 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

The protagonist, an American teenager Theodore Dekker, during a tour of the New York Museum falls into the hearth of the terrorist attack. An explosion occurs in the museum. Theodore, by a lucky coincidence, remains alive. The painting "Goldfinch", painted by Karel Fabricius in 1654, also turns out to be miraculously preserved. The mother of 13-year-old Theo dies from the explosion, and one of the affected visitors, a dying old man, hands him his ring and the same picture. From this day on, both the boy’s life and the life of the picture begin a new story.

Rambo: Last Blood

Genre: western, thriller, action, adventure

Producer:Adrian Grunberg

Date of: September 19th

Details about the movie:Rambo 5: Last Blood (Rambo 5: Last Blood)

As Sylvester Stallone said, he wants the franchise to end on a high note, and if Rambo: Last Blood is successful and collects a good box office, he will continue to play the role of John Rambo.

Strongly aged, tired and hiding from everyone on a ranch in Arizona, the main character John Rambo again forced to shed someone else's blood. After all, unknown persons kidnapped the daughter of his ranch neighbor who went to Mexico and went missing, possibly falling into sexual slavery. Now Rambo’s goal is to destroy the crime syndicate and save the girl. To do this, a soldier crosses the Mexican border and gets acquainted with a journalist who is investigating a series of kidnapping, and together they manage to unravel the trafficking scheme, which is controlled by a drug cartel. The hero will have to fight back at his ranch, where he will be forced to set traps and traps in order to destroy all enemies. And at the very end, Rambo may finally find eternal peace in his native land, having died from his wounds.


Genre: comedy drama

Producer:James Franco

Date of: September 19th

Details about the movie:Zeroville (2019) - to Hollywood for a dream

This is the third film in which the brothers James and Dave Franco appeared together. James shaved baldly.

The film was an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Steve Erickson, which was included in the top list of the best books of 2007. G

The main character is a film-obsessed student architect Ike Jerome with a large tattoo on his shaved head. The storyline “Zeroville” is associated with “Once in Hollywood” by Tarantino, because the action of the picture also takes place in Hollywood of the 60s, and Ike is mistaken for Charles Manson, an accomplice in crimes, whose story runs through the whole Quentin film. The main character manages to penetrate the world of cinema and even become an editor, but the ending is quite tragic.

To the stars (Ad Astra)

Genre: thriller, adventure, drama, fiction, detective

Producer: James gray

Date of: 23 September

Details about the movie:To the stars (Ad Astra)

The name of the film means the proverb “Per aspera Ad astra”, which is translated from Latin as “Through thorns to the stars”.

One of the main films that will be released in the fall of 2019 has become the fantastic thriller “To the Stars” with Brad Pitt in the title role. The release date of the tape was postponed several times due to the merger of Fox-Disney. According to the plot, strange radiation came to the Earth from the depths of space, after which disasters began to occur everywhere, the number of which was only increasing, and now the life of an entire civilization is threatened. To find out the cause of the radiation, the main character Roy McBride will have to go to the outskirts of the solar system, because exactly 20 years ago a team of astronauts headed by his father went there in search of an alien life.


Genre: crime, thriller, drama

Producer:Todd Phillips

Date of: October 3rd

Details about the movie:Joker

The Joker makeup is very similar to the makeup of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who entertained young children by dressing as Clown Pogo. This makeup style was avoided by working clowns at the time, as it scared children. It is also interesting to know that the soundtrack that can be heard in the teaser trailer is called "Smile", it was written by comedian Charles Chaplin for his film "New Times" (1936).

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The creators did not take DC comics as a basis, deciding to tell their version of the story of the appearance of a character like the Joker. The film takes place in the 80s of the 20th century, Arthur Fleck returns to Gotham to look after his aging mother. The main character also hopes to start a comedian career, but it turns out only a sad and frightening transformation of an ordinary man into a real madman. But there are reasons for everything ...

Maleficent: Mistress of Darkness (Maleficent: Mistress of Evil)

Genre: adventure, fantasy, family

Producer: Joaquim Ronning

Date of: 17 October

Details about the movie:Maleficent: Mistress of Darkness (Maleficent: Mistress of Evil)

The date of the premiere of the sequel "Malificent" was postponed from 2020 to 2019, which greatly delighted the fans. According to the creators, the second part will be stronger and more emotional than the previous one.

It has been several years after Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) cast a spell on Aurora. Fantasy tells the story of the strange connection between the queen and the dark fairy, as well as about new characters that will become a threat to the magical forest and its inhabitants. Many waited a long time for the continuation of "Malificent", but the inhibitory factor was Jolie's employment, which decided to abandon acting for a while and plunged into the director's work with her head.

Thought wolf

Genre: drama

Producer: Valeria Gai Germanicus

Date of: October 24th

Details about the movie:“The Mental Wolf” - a new drama by Valeria Guy Germanicus

When Germanicus wrote the lyrics for the group “Meaningful Hallucinations”, she already used such a theological concept as “the mental wolf” (the prayer of John Chrysostom). It means the dark side of the person, hidden fears that come out if we succumb to them. After previewing the film, some saw references to Little Red Riding Hood in the film.

“The Mind Wolf” fell into this collection because of the talent of the director Valeria Gai Germanika, she always has something to surprise the viewer. After the premiere, critics noted the nightmarish computer graphics and ridiculous behavior of the main characters, but it’s still interesting to see what Germanika prepared for us in 2019. The main thing is that “Wolf” does not look like the Synevyr horror of 2013, which collected fantastically low ratings 2.4. In the story, a woman with a baby decides to visit her mother, who lives in a house in the forest. Their relationship is devoid of love, they often quarrel and do not hear each other. To scare the daughter, the mother comes up with a terrible story about the cannibal wolf living in these parts. And, when the heroines understand that this is not a fairy tale at all, but a reality, they will have to resolve all internal conflicts in order to unite against a common enemy.

Zombieland: Control Shot (Zombieland: Double Tap)

Genre: action, horror, comedy

Producer:Ruben Fleischer

Date of: October 24th

Details about the movie:Welcome to Zombieland-2 (Double Tap)

The film will be released in honor of the tenth anniversary of 2009's Zombieland. The script for this part was written back in 2017. It will also be the 3rd zombie movie with Bill Murray and the one that Woody Harrelson worked on as a team with director Ruben Fleischer.

In the second part, we are waiting for the emergence of a new type of zombie - “super-zombies” (homers, hawks and ninjas), with which the main characters will come to grips. But now the danger is posed by other survivors who are not at all friendly towards the four fearless hunters. Needless to say, the magnificent cast, in which Jesse Eisenberg from the Social Network, Woody Harrelson from The Hunger Games, Emma Stone from the musical La La Land and Abigail Breslin, known for the drama My Angel the keeper".

Terminator: Dark Fate

Genre: action, fiction, adventure

Producer:Tim Miller

Date of: October 31

Details about the movie:Terminator: Dark Fate

The 6th part of the franchise will be released on the occasion of the 35th birthday of the Terminator in 1984. And, according to James Cameron, this film will be the last in a series. It is also interesting to note that the poster of the 6th Terminator, in which Sarah Connor walks along the highway, was affected by the poster of the 2017 Logan movie.

Many are waiting for the premiere to see all the same cool, albeit aged Sarah Connor performed by Linda Hamilton. In the new part, the same shooting techniques will be used as in the past. For example, a chase with a large truck or frames of the road. The main antagonist will be the terminator of the new model performed by Gabriel of the Moon, who has the ability to transform his limbs into a stabbing weapon, and also to divide himself into two parts - a black endoskeleton and black liquid metal. At the same time, the two parts of the new terminator will operate autonomously from each other, which poses an even greater danger to the main characters, and the new model is made almost an invincible killer machine.

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Doctor Sleep

Genre: horrors

Producer: Mike Flanegan

Date of: November 7th

Details about the movie:Doctor Sleep

In Doctor Dream, Stephen King named the clown mage after Mysterio, the villain from the Spider-Man comic book. It is ironic that, unlike Stephen King’s book, which is a direct continuation of his novel “Radiance,” this film was a direct continuation of Stanley Kubrick’s classic film “Radiance,” which King is known to hate because of the changed ending and the book’s inconsistency.

“Radiance” returns in 2019, which will be remembered by many at once by several adaptations of Stephen King, “Pet Cemetery” and “It 2”. In 2020, two King series should be released at once: The Dark Tower and The History of Lizzie. In "Doctor's Dream" whole scenes from the "Shine" Kubrick will be re-shot. In the story, the clairvoyant boy Danny Torrance has already grown. He survived the nightmares that occurred at the Overluk Hotel, settled in a hospice and worked as a regular orderly. Evenings Danny spends alone, getting drunk the same way as his father in the past. Once a certain otherworldly being comes into contact with him, or rather a little girl with radiance, superpower, which allows him to keep a mental connection with other people without communicating directly with them. The main antagonists will be vampires from a strange cult called the True Knot.


Genre: action, fantasy, adventure, fantasy

Producer:Nikita Argunov

Date of: November 14th

Details about the movie:Coma (2019)

They started working on Coma back in 2016.

A coma is an image of a clean slate on which everyone can build this or that world on the basis of their fantasies and memories. It is in this space that the main character, the young architect Victor (Rinal Mukhametov), ​​falls after a terrible accident. He will have to learn all the secrets of Coma, to live different states, and also to understand by what algorithms this space works, and whether there is a way out of it. According to the director, the film is based on a simple idea: if you close your eyes and try to remember the world around us that we see daily, the picture that appears before your eyes will be different from reality. The creators tried to make the world of Coma so self-sufficient character of the film that he wanted to turn it on a second time and consider the background in detail, not paying attention to the acting history and action.


Genre: military, action, drama, history

Producer:Roland Emmerich

Date of: November 28

Details about the movie:"Midway" - a film about a major naval battle of the Second World War

The shooting took place in Montreal (Canada) and Hawaii (USA).

You can not miss the new film of the military genre from the list of those that will be released in the fall of 2019, it was Midway. The historical drama is based on real events that took place in June 1942 during the Second World War with the American fleet in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Then the US fleet under the command of Admiral Chester Nimitz (Woody Harrelson) won a major naval battle at the Joint Fleet of Japan at the Midway base.

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