New Dad is all about the sequel to Young Dad

The 2nd season of the series “Young Dad” will be called “New Dad” (2019), the release date of the series, the actors, the plot are known, the teaser trailer is available below. In the continuation of the series, the main character will be a different character, but Jude Law will nevertheless return to his role as Lenny Belardo, but here the attention to his character will be less.

Project Expectations Rating (KinoPoisk) - 98%.

The new pope

Italy, France, Spain, USA

Genre: drama

Producer: Paolo Sorrentino

Season 2 release date: november 2019

Cast: Jude Law, Stefano Accorsi, Javier Camara, Cecile De France, C. Giorgio, Massimo Gini, Henry Goodman, Marc Ivanir, Maurizio Lombardi, John Malkovich and others.

This story began as a story about Lenny Belardo, who became Pope Pius XIII. His behavior was always eccentric and even scared others. But now the head of the church is the new Pope, so how will Lenny react to the fact that he is now out of work?


At 47, Lenny Belardo becomes one of the youngest popes. This post was helped by the cardinals of the warring clans, who thus decided to compromise. Their hopes of manipulation were dispelled - the young Pope turned out to be a wayward and tough leader. He miraculously solves all problems, and his main rule is to refuse publicity. However, Lenny still violates him in the first season - he goes out to the crowd with an encouraging speech, and among the people he sees his real parents, which immediately provokes him to faint ...

There are not many details about the new season. It is known that the plot will focus on the new Pope, played by John Malkovich, and the hero of Judah Low will now be given much less attention.

There are already continuation promo frames on the net. They depict Jude Law playing Lenny Belardo, and also next to him in the frame is the new head of the Catholic Church, played by John Malkovich.

Director and crew

The director and one of the authors of the continuation script was Paolo Sorrentino, winner of the Oscar, who worked on such projects as Great Beauty, The Consequences of Love, Youth, Wherever You Are, Loro. Also, the scriptwriters were Stefano Bises ("Gomorrah", "Don Corleone", "Miracle: Tears of the Madonna"), Umberto Contarello ("Great Beauty", "Wherever you are," "Loro").


  • Lorenzo Gangarossa ("My brilliant friend", "Pavarotti", "Miracle: Tears of the Madonna");
  • Simon Arnal (“The Call of Sorrow”, “My Life in Pink”, “Coco Do Chanel”, “Paris: City of Zombies”);
  • Carolyn Benjo ("The Call of Sorrow", "Coco to Chanel", "Returned", "Lobster").

The operator was Luca Bigazzi ("Great Beauty", "Keys to the House", "Youth", "Consequences of Love", "Loro").

Work on the new season began in 2018 - director Sorrentino said this: “I’m starting filming the second season in November, and in November next year it will appear on the screens. The filming process took place in Venice. The premiere of the 2nd season is scheduled for 2019. In total, it will consist of 8 series.

Actors and roles

The following actors played in the series:

  • Jude Law as Lenny Belardo (Gattaka, Sherlock Holmes, Cold Mountain, Artificial Intelligence, Captain Marvel);
  • Stefano Accorsi as Prime Minister of Italy (Italian Racer, I Travel Alone, All the Suns, Kiss Me Again, Made in Italy);
  • Javier Camara as Cardinal Guttieress (The Secret Life of Words, Paris, I Love You, Talk to Her, Lucia and Sex, Bad Education, Miracle: Tears of the Madonna);
  • Cecile De France in the role of Sophie ("Spaniard", "Enemy of the State No. 1", "Around the World in 80 Days", "Deliver Me from Doubts", "Chinese Puzzle");
  • C. Georgiou (El Greco, City of Children);
  • Massimo Gini (Titanic: Blood and Steel, Tea with Mussolini, Guess Who's Coming for Christmas);
  • Henry Goodman (Damned United, Their Highlights, Bullies, Body Parts, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hill Dwellers);
  • Mark Ivanir as Bauer ("Undisputed 2", "Schindler's List", "Terminal", "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", "Barry", "Diving Resort in the Red Sea");
  • Maurizio Lombardi as Cardinal Mario Assente (Medici: Lord of Florence, All the Money in the World, Name of the Rose);
  • John Malkovich as Pope Giovanni Paulo III (“Substitution”, “History of the Sun”, “Dangerous Liaisons”, “Champion”, “About Mice and People”, “Handsome, Bad, Evil”, “Velvet Chainsaw”).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Marilyn Manson and Sharon Stone will be guest stars on New Dad.
  • Pope’s clothing, which Jude Law wears in the series, playing Pius XIII, was created in an atelier that produces clothing for the true ministers of the church in the Vatican.
  • The budget for the first season was $ 45 million. This makes Young Papa the most expensive Italian television project in history.
  • This is the second project in which Jude Law plays an American living in Italy, and the film "Talented Mr. Ripley" became the first.

The release date of the series, the actors and the plot of the 2nd season of the series “Young Dad” (2019), which is now called “New Dad”, has been announced, a teaser trailer is also available for viewing. Fans of the project can not wait to see the continuation, where a new character will now appear performed by John Malkovich.

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