15 movies about survival games you might not see

Dangerous games, exciting tournaments and tempting bets, the stakes of which are human life, are a rather favorable plot that can rive the viewer to the screen and excite consciousness for a long time. Below is a list of the best films about survival games. After watching, the viewer will admire the inventiveness and resourcefulness of the main characters.

Lot (Die) 2009

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Crime

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.1, IMDb - 4.9

The film mentions the work "Lot and Bones". Such a book really exists.

"Lot" - a frightening picture of survival, which is similar to the film "Saw". Do you often rely on the will of blind fate? Six strangers wake up in a gloomy room with glass partitions, not understanding how they got there. Heroes are trying to get out of a terrible trap, but nothing comes of it. They meet a mysterious man who offers them to play a game called "Fate." Game participants are encouraged to roll the dice and accept the foregone conclusion. “Open the box and cast lots,” the stranger whispers. What decision will fate make?

Saw: The Survival Game (2004)

Genre: Horror, thriller, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 7.6

The scene in the bathroom was filmed for 6 days.

"Saw: A Survival Game" is one of the most creepy and bloody films you can see. “To live or die is up to you,” whispers the mysterious John Kramer, the inventor of deadly traps, in every part of the film. Gloomy, damp basement. The light turns on sharply. In the middle of the room lies a corpse with a shot head, and a gun in his left hand. Two men come to their senses and cannot believe - their legs are chained to old pipes. How do they get out of this room of death? A mysterious voice on the tape says that there are clues in the room. To be saved, they need to solve all the secrets. But the trouble is that only one person can get out of the room. It seems that our heroes will have to shoot each other, but who will be the first to get to the gun? Yes, and how to do it if their legs are chained? But saws in a room are not a decoration ...

Circle 2015

Genre: Horror, science fiction, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.7, IMDb - 6.0

Filming took only 10 days.

Fifty strangers come to life in a huge chamber. All of them are in the center of the big circle. Heroes cannot move and do not understand how they ended up in such a terrible place. But the unknown is not the worst. The worst part is that there is a strange device in the room that kills people every two minutes. Strangers find out that they collectively influence victim choice. But how to decide who deserves to die? And what happens when only one person remains in the room?

Cube 1997

Genre: Science fiction, thriller, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 7.2

It was originally planned that all the characters in the film were supposed to be accountants.

"Cube" - one of the best films about survival games in the list. Are you afraid of cramped and enclosed spaces? If so, then you, like the heroes of the picture, were not lucky, because they woke up inside a giant cube in which there are thousands of rooms. Each of them contains a certain secret and mystery. Together, strangers are trying to find a way out of the giant structure. But every minute they are becoming less and less, because the Cube does not want to just let its guests go. Our poor fellows fall into death traps. They can scream out loud, pray to God, but nothing will help them, nothing ...

The Hunger Games 2012

Genre: Fiction, action, thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 7.2

For the role in the first part of the film, actress Jennifer Lawrence received 500 thousand dollars. In the second - 10 million.

Future. The tyrannical state arranges demonstrative survival games every year. But who is taking part in this nightmare? It's simple, the authorities themselves select candidates. Refuse - you get a bullet in the forehead. This time, the charm of the game fell to the charming Katniss and Pete, who secretly in love with the girl. They were born and raised together, but now they will have to become enemies. Indeed, according to the rules of the Hunger Games, there can only be one winner. A total of 24 people are playing, will the audience again see the brutal murders of boys and girls? The authorities wanted to spit on people's opinions. The main thing is a fun sight. And this time the show will be unforgettable.

Panic Button 2011

Genre: Horror thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.2, IMDb - 5.3

The slogan of the film is "Remember to read the rules."

We all know that free cheese only happens in a mousetrap. Four friends won a free trip to New York - their joy knew no bounds. The guys still do not know that in a few hours they will fall into a real nightmare. Friends slowly climb aboard a private plane and then they are politely asked to give mobile phones. Friends agree, but the surprises did not end there. They were forced to take part in an unusual game. The guys answer questions, have fun, but soon they will obviously not be laughing. The game goes on its own life at an altitude of 10 kilometers above the ocean. It’s definitely not possible to escape from this hell ...

31: Death Day (31) 2016

Genre: Horror thriller

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.0, IMDb - 5.1

Director Rob Zombie called his film the most brutal and bloody of all time.

Through the vast expanses of a remote province, a traveling circus travels. Their actors do not shine with talents, but for an ordinary half-empty village, it will fit perfectly. The day before Halloween, a company of five fell into the bloodthirsty paws of a crazy sect, which included fans of extreme spectacles and maniacs of all stripes. A mad gang dragged the poor people into a strange room reminiscent of biblical hell. To survive, the heroes need to hold out in the "wheel of death" for at least 12 hours. Observers are sure that all the stupid gang of artists will die. The bloody game called "31" has begun! Who will be the first to be killed at the festival of death? Crazy thugs begin their hunt. Some crave blood, others thirst for bloody spectacles.

Mafia: Survival Game (2016)

Genre: Fiction, action

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.2, IMDb - 4.2

For approval of the role, each of the actors had to play the Mafia with the director Sarik Andreasyan. This was a prerequisite.

The film takes place in the future. Card game "Mafia" has become the most popular in the world of television shows. The game participants gather at the table, and here the fun begins. 11 people will find out which of them is a civilian and who is the bloodthirsty mafia. Spectators with bated breath watching the denouement of an exciting game. Preparing a cocktail of emotions and feelings. The winner in the confrontation will take a solid jackpot with him, and the loser will die in terrible agony.

Trap Farm (La habitación de Fermat) 2007

Genre: Thriller, detective

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.7, IMDb - 6.7

The slogan of the picture is "Think inside the box."

The four most intelligent mathematicians in the world did not even know about each other's existence. Once a mysterious stranger gathered great geniuses in one room to solve a complex puzzle. Our heroes find themselves indoors. With every minute the situation is heating up. Mathematicians receive telephone questions that they must answer within a minute. If they are mistaken, then the walls in the room begin to move. What will happen if the characters cannot answer any of the questions? Will they die in this deadly trap? Answering questions, they simultaneously think who and for what reason gathered them in such a terrible place.

Nerve 2016

Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.4, IMDb - 6.5

The directors of the film said that they deliberately did not insert a frank scene of the participants in the video game in order to make the film acceptable to young viewers.

Vee wants to go to university, but she does not have money to pay for her studies. The girl lends herself to persuading classmates and takes part in the online game "Nerve", where participants perform various tasks that other users come up with for them. The winner will receive several million dollars. Wee successfully passes all the tests and in one of the rounds meets the guy Ian. The young couple immediately liked and liked the observers. The audience wants the boy and girl to perform all the tests only together. Over time, the characters realize that it is impossible to exit the game. Participants are ordinary puppets in the dexterous hands of the Observers. None of the players know which task will be next - or last?

13 Sins (13 Sins) 2013

Genre: Thriller horror

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.4, IMDb - 6.3

The picture is a remake of the Thai film "13" (2006).

13 Sins is a scary movie on the horror genre list. Elliot Brindle is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The guy has a lot of debts, because of which he can not make a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. Depression from within "eats" a young man. At the moment of utter despair, he receives a strange phone call. A voice from the tube reports that Elliot has become one of the players on the popular talk show. Elliot needs to complete 13 tasks, and then he can earn more than six million dollars. Temptation turns out to be stronger than common sense, and the hero, with great contempt, completed the first 2 tasks - he killed and then ate a fly. Elliot saw that the money had actually been transferred to his bank account. Brindl continues to perform the following tasks. How far will Elliot lead his obsession?

What would you do ... (Would You Rather) 2012

Genre: Thriller horror

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.5, IMDb - 5.7

The slogan of the picture is "Tell yourself that this is just a game."

Iris is haunted every day. She recently lost her mother, and she also needs a huge amount of money to treat her sibling. Once she met a man who offered her to play an attractive game. The girl agreed and the next day arrived in a large mansion, where other participants were sitting. The game begins. Its meaning is to complete tasks. In the beginning, these were simple tasks, but very unpleasant. For example, a former alcoholic had to drink a glass of wine, and Iris was forced to eat a piece of meat, although she is a vegetarian. The owner of the house thoroughly prepared for the game and studied each participant well. But then dangerous and terrible tasks followed, the rejection of which meant only one thing - death. And if the participants knew in advance that something else would be waiting for them instead of money, then they would have thought several times: to play this game or not ...

Nine Dead 2010

Genre: Horror, thriller, drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.9, IMDb - 5.5

Barrow in the film had the number B-33920. In reality, Charlie Manson had such a number in a California prison.

A masked armed man abducted nine strangers and told everyone that he would kill everyone until they understood how they were connected to each other. What type is this and what the hell does he need? A very motley "compass" gathered in the large room - a pervert, a selfish mother, a priest, a policeman, a cool mafia ... Each of them perceives death differently - someone laughs in her face, and some hide and are afraid to look into the eyes of the "old woman with oblique. " There were nine of them. Every hour they are becoming less. Who will survive?

Philosophers: Lesson in Survival (After the Dark) 2013

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, History

Rating: KinoPoisk - 5.8, IMDb - 5.7

Actor James D'Arcy starred in the fantastic drama Cloud Atlas.

School, last lesson, soon awaited graduation. Students finally take a deep breath ... Or do not you take a breath? The philosophy teacher offers his students to take part in an unusual experiment. Boys and girls should imagine that a catastrophe happened on Earth. The only salvation is a bunker designed for 10 people, and students - 21. They need to logically decide which of them is worthy to be saved, and who should die? Suddenly, the experiment of a crazy teacher becomes real: a real apocalypse is approaching, and students are forced to fight for their place "under the sun."

Experiment (Das Experiment) 2000

Genre: Thriller drama

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.7, IMDb - 7.7

The painting is based on the work of the writer Mario Giordano "Black Box".

“Experiment” is deservedly on the list of the best films about survival games. From the very beginning, the viewer will plunge into a frightening atmosphere. In a research laboratory built a makeshift prison. It has cells and surveillance cameras. In one experiment, 20 men are participating. They will play the roles of prisoners and security guards. Prisoners should sit quietly in their cells and perform simple tasks. The guards will keep order without using physical force. Each of the participants can exit the game at any time, but then he will not receive money. In the beginning, everything was fine, but then the prisoners began to dislike the guards, and a serious debate broke out between the two groups. To show their credibility, the guards are ready to decide on the most radical measures ...

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