Go Forward - an animated adventure featuring Tom Holland and Chris Pratt

The release date of the Forward family cartoon in Russia is set for March 2020, the actors involved in the dubbing, the plot are already known, and the trailer is available for viewing below. Spectators are waiting for the exciting adventures of elf brothers living in an ordinary suburb and dreaming of the return of magic to the modern world.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 98%.




Genre: cartoon, family, adventure, drama, fantasy, comedy

Producer: Dan Scanlon

World Premiere: March 4, 2020

Premiere in Russia: March 2020

Roles voiced: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer

The director of the multiproject Dan Scanlon said in his interview that the idea to shoot this animated film arose when he thought about his friendship with his brother. He believes that family films should be based on stories in which there is a piece of their creators, their emotions and feelings.


From modern realities, magic has completely disappeared. Gadgets replaced magic. Computer equipment and smartphones have become an alternative to carpet carpets and slippers. Even elves, unicorns and trolls now live a boring and measured life. Two elf brothers do not want to be ordinary inhabitants, and therefore they come up with the idea - what if somewhere in the world there is a place in which magic remains? Perhaps just a drop of magic will allow them to see their father, who died when they were very young. They have to make a journey full of adventures and dangers, but they simply must achieve their goal and find the lost magic.

Director and shooting

Camera crew:

  • Director's work and script - Dan Scanlon ("Monster University", short film "The Master and the Phantom Light").
  • The producers of the cartoon were Corey Ray ("Monster Corporation", "Up", "The Incredibles", "Monster University") and Pete Docter ("WALL-E", "Puzzle", "Toy Story", "Up").
  • Family Fantasy Composers - Jeff Danne (The Boondock Saints, Silent Hill, The Prey, She's Grace) and Michael Danne (Interrupted Life, The Man Who Changed Everything, Pi's Life, "Ararat").
The film company Pixar, which is famous for its thoroughness in films from the video sequence to the soundtrack of the pictures, is working on the project. "Forward" will be the first project of the studio, released on the screens in the 20s of the XXI century.

Dubbing actors

The cast that will be duplicated at the box office:

  • Ian Lightfoot - Tom Holland (The Wolf Hall, How I Love Now, The Impossible, Homecoming);
  • Barley Lightfoot - Chris Pratt (“Parks and Recreation Areas,” “Widower’s Love,” “The Man Who Changed Everything,” “Guardians of the Galaxy”);
  • Mom Ian and Barley - Julia Louis-Dreyfus ("The New Adventures of Old Christine", "Vice President", "Father's Day", "Enough Words");
  • Octavia Spencer ("James Brown: The Way Upstairs", "The Servant", "Red Bracelets", "Water Shape").

Interesting Facts

Future viewers will be interested in:

  • The working title of the animated drama sounded like "Suburb of the world of fantasy."
  • Dan Scanlon and his brother lost their father when they were children, so the film is somewhat biographical.
  • Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, voicing the main characters, are very friendly in real life.

Spectators are waiting for an interesting and exciting plot - in the spring of 2020, the cartoon “Forward” from Pixar studio starts in cinemas, the release date in Russia is set for March, the cast of voice actors is already known, and the trailer is available for viewing.

Watch the video: Onward Official Teaser Trailer (April 2020).