Will Axel come out in Part 2?

The story of true friendship and devotion will not return to the screens - the release date, the actors and the plot of the second part of the film "Axel" (A-X-L) have not been announced, the continuation, most likely, will not be released. The first part failed at the box office, so there can be no question of a sequel - the creators rejected the idea of ​​a sequel, as this may be unprofitable.

Rating of the 1st part: KinoPoisk - 5.5, IMDb - 5.2.

Should I wait to continue

Recall that the plot of the first part focused on the young motorcyclist Miles, who accidentally found a military development - a robot dog named Axel. This dog became the owner of artificial intelligence, but still he was not an ordinary technology - Axel became a faithful friend of Miles. However, the military did not want to simply lose their weapons and therefore began a hunt for a hero.

There is no new official information about the second part of the film "Axel". The director and scriptwriter of the original film was Oliver Daily, for whom the project was debut. Prior to that, he worked on the short film Miles, which became the basis for the future film.

The main roles in the tape were:

  • Alex Nustadter as Miles ("Colony", "Agents Sch.I.T.", "Coming Out");
  • Becky Gee as Sarah (Dwarves in the House, Power Rangers, Empire);
  • Alex McNickall as Sam (Bones, Society, 13 Reasons Why);
  • Amin Nazemzadeh in the role of Andrik ("The girl returns home one night", "Rosewood Institute");
  • Thomas Jane in the role of Chuck ("The Darkness", "Bloody Thursday", "Space");
  • Lou Taylor Pucci as Randall ("Music Continued to Play," "Spring," "For Good Luck");
  • Patricia de Leon in the role of Joanna ("Detective Rush", "Investigation Jordan", "Dream City");
  • Nico Guardado in the role of Scroggins (“Sam and Kat”, “Fosters”, “Golbergs”);
  • Marie-Francois Theodore as Captain Webber (“Orville”, “Treason”, “Without Obligations”);
  • Ted McGinley as George (The Mentalist, Castle, Married with Children).

When will the 2nd part of the movie Axel come out, is unknown. Most likely, the sequel still will not be. The first part earned only about $ 8 million at the global box office, but its budget amounted to about $ 10 million. Therefore, the producers will not take risks, and we are not talking about filming the sequel.

Although the fans are interested in continuing the film Axel (A-X-L 2), the release date, the actors and the plot of which have not been announced, the second part still will not receive the green light, and the director Oliver Daily will start new work.

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