8 to tears of comedies funny and familiar to everyone

Watching comedies you can forget about everyday problems, cheer yourself up and have a fun laugh heartily. Check out the list of funniest movies to tears. The collections will delight everyone who wants to brighten up a cozy evening.

The Hangover 2009

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.8, IMDb - 7.7

Three pairs of twins and a mannequin were used as an infant.

You need to thoroughly prepare for the wedding. That's what Doug thinks, so he, together with his best friends, decides to organize a grand bachelor party in the heart of Las Vegas. The guys collect bags and go to the city of dreams. At first everything went just fine - a cool hotel, expensive alcohol, the fun was in full swing. But the next morning, everything changed. For some reason, one of the friends has no teeth, and a real tiger is sweetly sniffing in the bathroom! But the worst part is that the groom mysteriously disappeared somewhere. Now, soberly, they need to restore the events of last night.

End-to-end (Due Date) 2010

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 6.5

In some cinemas, this film was shown under a different name - "Motherhood Day".

Peter is getting ready to become a dad and is experiencing severe stress. A man gets on a plane and heads to Los Angeles, where his wife must give birth any minute. In the salon, he meets the ambitious actor Ethan, who will notably spoil the nerves of the protagonist. A new friend from the moment of the trip began to attract trouble - first, Peter is disembarked from the plane, and then he finds out that he lost his wallet with money. Ethan kindly offers his help, and the two of them go to the hospital to Peter's wife. The future father will still regret that he contacted the grief actor ...

Green Book 2018

Rating: KinoPoisk - 8.3, IMDb - 8.2

For the role in the film, actor Viggo Mortensen had to gain weight. To do this, he switched to Italian cuisine. "I only ate pizza. It was important to try all the sauces and ask for supplements (laughs). And, of course, I did all this before bedtime."

Details about the movie:Green Book

The action takes place in 1962. Tony is a poorly educated Italian who has just lost his job as a bouncer at a local club. The hero barely makes ends meet and gets a driver to the African-American pianist Don Shirley. Tony and Don go on a grand tour of America together. Heroes have a different worldview and outlook on life, so at the very beginning it was difficult for a rude bouncer and sophisticated musician to find a common language. But during the trip, men will face terrible injustice that will unite them.

Me, I, and Irene again (Me, Myself & Irene) 2000

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.2, IMDb - 6.6

When filming ended, actors Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger began dating.

Charlie is a very cute, kind and helpful cop. The young man does not like to enter into conflicts and always rejoices when it is possible to avoid a brawl. But the trouble is, the guy suffers from a split personality. When someone tries to offend or put pressure on him, a second “I” appears - Hank. This is an ill-mannered, rude and evil type who is not averse to fighting and getting drunk in a local bar. Charlie’s life is still a torment, because Hank constantly appears at inopportune moments and spoils everything forever. Charlie and Hank agree on only one thing - they both fall in love with the charming girl Irene. Which of them will the pretty beauty choose?

Eurotour (EuroTrip) 2004

Rating: KinoPoisk - 7.5, IMDb - 6.6

The picture could appear under several names. One of them is Terrible Americans. But he was considered too defiant and rude.

The audience after this film had a lot of jokes, and the funniest scenes are still remembered, because it’s impossible to watch a movie one or two or three times - you want to come back to it endlessly. Scott Thomas has finally graduated from a local school. The guy is studying German and wants to know it perfectly. To enhance his conversational skills, he starts correspondence with a German resident named Mike. Scott is sure Mike is an ordinary guy. The main character calmly shares his experiences with him and talks about his relationship with the girl. But then it turns out that Mike, or rather Mike, is a pretty girl who is crazy about Scott. Thomas is shocked by this news and plans to go to Eurotour to find a charming blonde. Naturally, he went with a company of crazy friends. The fun is in full swing!

Why he? (Why Him?) 2016

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.4, IMDb - 6.2

Filmmakers provided the actors with an unlimited opportunity to improvise. As a result, about 240 hours of material were shot, and the creators of the film needed to reduce the picture to one and a half hours.

Ned is an overly protective guardian who misses his daughter Stephanie. Together with his family, he goes to Stanford to visit his beloved daughter. Upon arrival, he meets a guy Stephanie - Laird and comes into a wild horror. Laird is a social-awkward young man who behaves strangely. But he is a billionaire! Ned is jealous of his daughter. A real war begins between father and boyfriend. Ned feels uncomfortable in the big world of high technology. But then it will only get worse, because Laird is going to make a marriage proposal to Stephanie.

Agent Johnny English 3.0 (Johnny English Strikes Again) 2018

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.1, IMDb - 6.2

The slogan of the film is "Intellect Doesn’t Always Make a Man"

Agent Johnny English is back! At the very beginning, the protagonist finds out that as a result of a cyber attack, the identities of all the active agents who worked undercover were revealed. Johnny English is the last hope for salvation. He was given the following task: to find a hacker who arranged cyber attacks. But the trouble is that English does not really get along with high information technology, so the agent will have to face great difficulties.

Personnel (The Internship) 2013

Rating: KinoPoisk - 6.9, IMDb - 6.3

The film starred real Google employees.

"Shots" is one of the funniest films to tears in the list of comedies presented. Billy and Nick are two best friends who have been involved in sales all their lives. Once, buddies lost the job of salespeople after their company went bankrupt. Friends almost went crazy trying to find a new job. In the end, Billy suggested that Nick take an internship at Google. The guys have absolutely no experience, but they were accepted according to the results of non-standard answers in the passing test. Billy and Nick will have to compete with the smartest technology geniuses to get the job they want.

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