"Do you know how to keep secrets?" - A new adaptation of the world bestseller

Based on the world-famous bestseller of the same name by Sophie Kinsella, the romantic comedy “Can You Keep Secrets” is released in 2019 (the film is released in Russia on October 3, 2019), the actors and plot are announced, the trailer is available below.

The slogan of the picture: "Is truth possible between a man and a woman?"


Can you keep a secret?


Genre:comedy, romance

Producer: Elise Duran

World Release: August 16, 2019 (in Turkey)

Release Date in Russia: October 3, 2019

Cast:A. Daddario, T. Hacklin, C. Glenn, L. Cox, S. Mani, J. Friedlander, C. Castonguey, S. Asghari, C. Gonzalez, B. Tisdale and others.


Every young girl and woman has a chest with secret secrets, access to which is closed to everyone except, perhaps, an accidental companion - an unfamiliar handsome Jack in the cockpit of a plane that has fallen into turbulence. Thinking that the plane was about to fall, and sharing secrets with a stranger, Emma was sure that they would never meet again. But, as you know, the world is small and the earth is round, and the same man turns out to be the new boss of the girl who now knows all the humiliating details of her life. What if everything told now turns against her? ...

Do you know how to keep secrets?

Director and shooting

The director's chair was taken by Elise Durand (TV series “The Bride for the Millionaire”).

Camera crew:

  • Screenwriters - Peter Hutchings (“The Art of Love”, “30 Crazy Desires”, “Outskirts”), adapted the script, and author of the book Sophie Kinsella (“Shopaholic”, the series “Breakfast”);
  • Camera work - M. Autumn Eakin (“Someone Cool,” “Lenny”);
  • Producers - Claude Dahl Farrah (“30 Crazy Desires”, “Ticket”, “The Art of Love”), Brian Kidi (“Bachelors”, “Outskirts”), Bryce Dahl Farrah (“Humanities”, “Outskirts”);
  • Responsible for installation - Nathaniel Krause (“Double Bet”), Jason Nicholson (“Indigo”, “30 crazy desires”).

Location - New York, USA. 32-year-old actress Alexandra Daddario was dressed in autumn, in a multi-colored sweater and blue jeans.


  • Alexandra Daddario as Emma Corrigan (Soprano Clan, Parking, Real Detective);
  • Tyler Hacklin - Jack Harper (Flash, Solstice 2007);
  • Kimiko Glenn - Gemma ("Law and Order", "Orange - The Hit of the Season");
  • Laverne Cox - Cybill (“Special Corps”, “Orange - The Hit of the Season”);
  • Sunita Mani - Lissi ("Shine", "Mr. Robot");
  • Judah Friedlander - Mick ("Meet the Parents");
  • Kate Castongway - Artemis ("Love and Other Medicines");
  • Sam Asghari - Omar ("Unbelievable !!!!!" 2018);
  • Courtney Gonzalez - Lawyer (TV series "FBI");
  • Bobby Tisdale - Doug (Iron Man 3), etc.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Sophie Kinsella’s book, which made the film, has been translated into more than 40 languages ​​and sold over 40 million copies worldwide.

The release date for the melodrama film “You Can Keep Secrets” is set for October 3, 2019, the plot is based on the work of Sophie Kinsella, the cast is known, the trailer is already available for viewing.

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