Box office "Once Upon a Time ... Hollywood" - Latest News

The latest news about the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: box office box office tape in Russia has taken a leading position. At a loud pre-premiere screening in Moscow on August 7 at the Oktyabr cinema center, Russian stars such as Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Alexander Petrov, Natalya Rudova, Regina Todorenko, Ksenia Sobchak and others visited. Especially in order to personally present the tape to the public, the premiere was attended by director Quentin Tarantino and producers Shannon McIntosh and David Hayman.

Best Start Among Tarantino Films

The tape arrived at a wide Russian film distribution on August 8 and immediately managed to earn more than 60% of the total box office per day, which made the film a leader in box office in Russian film distribution. On his first rental day, "Once ... in Hollywood" managed to earn 115.2 million rubles excluding the CIS countries. By the end of Sunday, the total film fees exceeded 430-450 million rubles. And such results were the most impressive among all the Tarantino projects that were released: for example, the previous film "The Disgusting Eight" earned 401 million rubles for the first weekend.

The total box office of the film may exceed one billion rubles. The incredible level of preliminary sales, the star level of the cast and the arrival of Tarantino to Moscow - all this, of course, influenced such a stir of the project and its fees.

Quentin Tarantino arrived in Moscow as part of the Once Upon a Time to Hollywood promotion. The director managed to walk around the capital, communicate with the public (which includes Russian officials, and even Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky), and on August 7 a press conference was held at which Tarantino spoke about the film.

Recall that the focus of the plot of the film is the once popular actor Rick Dalton and his understudy Cliff Booth, who are trying to find a new portion of fame that has already managed to die out. To this end, Rick makes friends with the director Roman Polanski and his wife Sharon Tate. Against the background of such searches for career success, other events are unfolding that have affected the whole of Hollywood in 1969.

The main characters played:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton (Titanic, The Beginning, Catch Me If You Can, Survivor, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Departed, Django Unchained);
  • Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth (Fight Club, Big Jackpot, Seven, Ocean's Eleven, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Allies);
  • Margot Robbie in the role of Sharon Tate ("The Wolf of Wall Street", "Tonya Against Everyone", "Boyfriend from the Future", "Suicide Squad", "Two Queens").

Gold bullion in actors pocket

This work was the second in the list of the best film starts with Leonardo DiCaprio, it lost to the movie "Survivor", which started on New Year's holidays ($ 479 million on the first weekend), for the game in which the actor received the long-awaited Oscar, and among films with Brad Pitt up to this point, the War of the Worlds Z ($ 379 million) occupied the first place in the title role. Among Sony's projects in Russia, only blockbusters such as Venom ($ 857 million), Spider-Man: Away from Home ($ 549 million) and People in Black 3 ($ 509 million) began to be more successful.

“Our Russian viewers have long been ready to watch individual auteur cinema if it gains the status of a mass event. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movie has everything that is needed: the director’s ingenious work, star cast, and Tarantino’s visit to Moscow,” he said. CEO of Sony Pictures Productions & Releasing in Russia Anton Sirenko.

Today it’s all the latest news about box office in Russia by Quentin Tarantino’s film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. Thanks to the excellent plot, star cast, and the genius of the director, the film can get more than a billion rubles at the Russian box office by the end of the second weekend, and even more in the countries of CH.

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