Silent Hill 3 - wait for continuation

At one time, the action-packed thriller "Silent Hill", created on the basis of the games of the same name, caused great excitement and attention of fans. In the wake of such popularity, 2 television projects were released that managed to collect a large box office, and now fans are expecting the release date of the film "Silent Hill 3", the actors and the plot of which have not yet been named.

Silent hill 3

USA, Canada

Genre: horror thriller

Producer: Michael Burhan (unofficially)

Release date: Fall 2021 (unofficially)

Cast: is unknown

In the third part of the franchise, the main characters can return to the city of Silent Hill to save him from the new monster.


The narrative of both films is centered on the Da Silva family. Young mother Rose is worried about the mental state of her adopted daughter Sharon - the girl is having nightmares about the town of Silent Hill. She decides to take her stepdaughter to the city without telling her husband about it, in order to find answers to all questions. However, an accident occurs along the road, and, waking up, Rose does not find Sharon nearby - the girl was kidnapped. She heads to the city and reveals incredibly terrifying information.

In the second part, Sharon, already matured, returns to the city in order to find the missing mother. It turns out that only Sharon can save the city from a terrible monster.

Director and shooting

A lot of time has passed since the premiere of the last franchise film, and fans still hope that the creators will decide to release the third part. Despite the appearance in the second part of such actors as Sean Bean, Keith Harington, Edelein Clements, she was coldly received by fans, but still managed to pay off at the box office, collecting almost $ 2.5 times more with a budget of $ 18 million. It is possible that the creators still decide to continue production. It is still unknown when the movie "Silent Hill 3" will be released. The creators can set an approximate release date for 2021.

From unofficial sources, it became known that the director's chair of the project may be occupied by Michael Burhan ("Hotel Babylon", "Battle of the Bullies"), he will share the script with Chris Dayce. And the producer will be Enigmar Entertainment. It was these people who developed the series "Silent Hill: Genesis", but he still did not appear on the screens, so the whole crew can switch to the full-length film "Silent Hill 3", official information about which has not yet been announced.

Actors and roles

At the moment, it is not known whether the film will be released or not. Therefore, the cast was not named. Perhaps Sean Bean (Black Beauty, Equilibrium, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Game of Thrones, Torchki) will return to the franchise, Edeleide Clements (The End of the Parade, Errors of the Past, The Great Gatsby "," A World Created Without Flaws "), Keith Harington (" Game of Thrones "," Memories of the Future "," Underworld "," Gunpowder ").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The first franchise film was released to the world on April 20, 2006, and the second premiered on October 25, 2012. The horror game of the same name served as the basis for the storyline of both tapes.
  • In the production of the franchise, the creators tried not to use computer special effects - all the roles of monsters were played by real people.
  • The strange stumbling movements of the Dark Nurses, when they first “come to life,” were obtained by playing back in the film on which they were filmed as they go back.
  • The prototype of the town of Silent Hill was the city of Centralia (Pennsylvania), under which coal burned for 40 years, because of which residents hastened to leave there.

Whether the producers will set a release date for the film "Silent Hill 3", the actors and the plot of which are not announced, is still unknown. Franchise fans still hope the horror gets a green light and goes on television.

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