"Spite the Enemies" - a political thriller with Kristen Stewart

The premiere of the film “Spite the Enemies” with Kristen Stewart in the title role will take place in 2019 at the Venice Festival, the release date in Russia is set for December, the actors and plot are known, but the trailer has not yet been released.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk website) - 97%



Genre: drama, thriller, biography

Producer: Benedict Andrews

World Premiere: August 30, 2019

Premiere (Russia): December 2019

Cast: Kristen Stewart, Zazi Bitts, Margaret Cuelli, Anthony Mackie, Jack O'Connell, Vince Vaughn, Stephen Routh, James Jordan, Jade Pettigon, Colm Mini

The premiere date of the biographical film about the star of French cinema is August 30, 2019 as part of the non-competitive program of the Cannes Film Festival


The movie star Gene Seeberg has lived a short but vibrant life. It is the French actress of the new wave that is dedicated to political drama. The press wrote about her activist activities and romantic relationships. She was not afraid to talk about equal rights for the black population in the 1960s, she was associated with political intrigue, and FBI agents watched her as a dangerous criminal.

Director and shooting

The director's work belongs to Benedict Andrews (Una, Tram Desire, Cat on a Hot Roof).

Benedict Andrews

Camera crew:

  • Joe Shrapnel (Willpower, Aftermath, Frankie and Frances, Tonto Woman) and Anna Waterhouse (Lone Jim, Aftermath, Willpower, Edge of the Future 2) performed in as screenwriters.
  • Produced by Marina Acton, Fred Berger (La La Land, Volunteers, Mountains Between Us, Demon Inside) and Kate Garwood (Resident Lies, Harvest, Lascivious California, Unusual detective").
  • The operator of the film is Rachel Morrison ("Now or Never", "Drug", "Black Panther", "The Sound of My Voice").
  • Editor - Pamela Martin ("Datura", "Little Miss Happiness", "Free People of Jones County", "Rebellious Youth").

Actors and roles

The cast of the film project is as follows:

  • Gene Seeberg - Kristen Stewart (Still Alice, Yellow Scarf of Happiness, Room of Fear, Welcome to Riley);
  • Margaret Cuelli ("Left", "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," Death Note, "Acolyte");
  • Dorothy Jamal - Zazi Bitts ("Twilight Zone", "Dead Pigs", "Geostorm", "Nonsense");
  • Hakim Jamal - Anthony Maki (Modified Carbon, Living Steel, Captain America: Civil War, We Are One Team);
  • Karl Kowalski - Vince Vaughn (“Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “For Conscience,” “Uninvited Guests,” “The Real Detective”);
  • Jack Solomon - Jack O'Connell ("Skimmers", "Forgotten by God", "Broken", "Lake of Paradise");
  • Roy Maddow - James Jordan (Fargo, The Mentalist, Body Investigation, Veronica Mars);
  • Walt Brkman - Stephen Ruth ("Wedding Waste", "Scarecrow Night", "Fresh Water", "King of the Hill");
  • Colm Mini (Law-abiding Citizen, Scarlett, Under Siege, Parked);
  • Jenny Kowalski - Jade Pettijon ("Time of Retribution", "Test of Fire", "Real Genius", "School of Rock").

Interesting Facts

Future viewers may be interested in the following information:

  • The real fame of Gene Seeberg brought the picture "Hello, sadness" and "In the last breath."
  • The French actress led an active social life - she supported the representatives of the indigenous peoples of America and the rights of blacks.
  • Due to stress and various provocations, Seeberg lost the child from her husband Romain Gary. After the death of the actress, her husband accused the FBI of the fact that it was the surveillance and all kinds of interference in her personal life that led her to a trauma that ended in suicide.
  • The film operator Rachel Morrison was already in her eighth month of pregnancy by the time the filming process ended.
  • Photos from the set, in which Kristen Stewart appears in the image of a French star, delighted fans. Fans were captivated by the appearance of the actress, who appeared in front of them with a pixie hairstyle fashionable in the middle of the last century and in an A-siluet dress.
  • Kristen Stewart admitted to reporters that she often imagined during the filming that Gene was watching her from somewhere.

The plot of the film "To Spite the Enemies" or "Against All Enemies", as the film is also called, is biographical, the release date is set for December 2019, the star cast will soon appear in the trailer, the appearance of which the audience is waiting for.

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