“Halo” - All About Season 1 of the Halo Series

After a long stagnation in the production of the series, the film industry again talked about “Halo”, which should appear in 2021 on the screens, the exact release date of the series is unknown, but the actors are approved, the plot details are disclosed, and the audience is waiting for the trailer. The idea of ​​a project based on a popular computer game appeared almost 15 years ago, but due to various difficulties, the filming process was constantly postponed.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 95%.



Genre: fiction, action

Producer: Otto Buthurst

World Premiere: 2021

Russian release: 2021

Actors: Pablo Schreiber, Shabana Azmi, Natasha Kulzach, Erin Ha, Bentley Kalu, Kate Kennedy, Natasha McElhone, Bokim Woodbine

The creators of the series claim that they can please both fans of the game and drama lovers with their project.


The 26th century became apotheotic in a fierce war in which earthly forces lose the religious union of alien civilizations. Mankind is struggling to survive, but aliens are stronger than the United Nations Space Command. There is only one hope for salvation - this is the development of the SPARTAN-2 project. The project is aimed at creating people of increased strength who will be able to engage in a battle with alien invaders ...

Earthlings lose the battle, despite all the efforts of the Spartans. The planet is destroyed. Only one spaceship called the Column of Autumn survived, and on it the last representative of the Spartans - John-117. Perhaps the surviving ship will be able to turn the tide of history, because John finds a mysterious alien artifact - Halo, which is a world-ring.

Director and shooting

The director of the series based on the famous game will be Otto Buthurst (Black Mirror, Sharp Visors, Virtuosos, Robin Hood: The Beginning).

Otto bathurst

Screenwriters will be Kyle Killen (Game of the Mind, Awakening, Scenic Route, Lonely Star) and Joseph Staten (Halo Legends). Otto Buthurst ("Hysteria", "City Gothic", "Man's Best Friend", "Teachers"), Robert Bernachchi ("Trickster", "Another World", "Titus - Ruler of Rome", "Perfect Escape") and Justin Falvey (The Haunted House Ghosts, United States of Tara, Las Vegas, Life as a Show) produce a fantastic project.

Filming of the series based on the popular game will begin in Budapest at the end of 2019. This means that the project will not be released until 2021.

Actors and roles

The cast of the film is as follows:

  • Master Chief - Pablo Schreiber ("On the Edge", "Happy Together", "American Gods", "Mama's Son");
  • Admiral Margaret Paragonski - Shabana Azmi (Beauty Lucknow, Closest Relative, Black Prince, Crown Reception);
  • Reese-028 - Natasha Kulzach ("Men in Black: International", "Damned", "The Witcher", "Christmas Carol");
  • Kuan Ah - Erin Ha ("Reef Break");
  • Vannak-134 - Bentley Kalu ("Destroy Command", "Doctor Who", "Red Dwarf", "Edge of the Future");
  • Kai 125 - Kate Kennedy (Catastrophe, Midsummer Night's Dream);
  • Cortana - Natasha McElhone (“The Truman Show”, “Living a Life with Picasso”, “Lascivious California”, “Ronin”);
  • Soren-066 - Bokim Woodbayn ("Remember Everything", "House of Poker", "Almost Heroes", "Big Deal").

Interesting Facts

Future viewers may be interested in what:

  • Initially, the creators of the project planned that the director's chair would be occupied by Rupert Wyatt, who shot the film "Exorcist", but he refused to shoot the series.
  • The series can be called "long-term construction" - its shooting has been planned since 2005, during which time he changed the cast of one cast and reduced the number of episodes from ten to nine.
  • According to David Nevins, the series cannot be called fiction in its purest form, but rather "futuristic space science fiction, a vivid representative of which is the cult project" Star Track ".
  • In the production of the series will participate the company of Steven Spielberg Amblin Entertainment.

Although the creators of the Halo series have not yet announced the exact release dates for the series, its premiere will take place in 2021, the plot and cast are known, and the release of the trailer should not be long in coming.

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