"Gentlemen" - a new film by Guy Ritchie

The director Guy Ritchie pleased his fans with the production of the next action movie - the release date, the actors and the plot of the film "Gentlemen" (2020) were announced, and the trailer has not yet been released. The tape tells about the confrontation between seasoned gangsters and successful drug dealers. Many people compare the project with the first work of the director and predict unprecedented success for him.

The rating rating for film premieres (KinoPoisk) is 99%.

The gentlemen


Genre: crime action movie

Producer: Guy Ritchie

World Premiere: January 24, 2020

Russian release: February 13, 2020

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, Colin Farrell, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant, Jason Wong, Christopher Evangelo, Coco Sumner and others.

The English drug lord decides to sell his business to billionaires from Oklahoma to get money, but is this scheme so clean?


The plot focuses not so much on the main characters as the "old and new" money of the criminal world of Britain. The English drug lord, who decided to sell his business as quickly as possible, will have to face many troubles before he reaches his goal. The impudent and smart graduate of Oxford developed a scheme for enrichment illegally, for this he uses the estates of impoverished aristocrats in England. But, when the main character comes up with the idea of ​​selling his business to one of the most influential clans of American billionaires, he meets no less charming, cunning, but cruel gentlemen. It seems that business will not do without chases and shootings ...

Director and shooting

The director of the project was the talented and famous Guy Ritchie, who became popular thanks to his work such as Big Jackpot, Cards, Money, Two Trunks, Sherlock Holmes, Rock and Roll, Agents A.N. KL "," Aladdin "," The Sword of King Arthur ".

Guy ritchie


  • Ivan Atkinson (Aladdin);
  • Marne Davis (Sherlock Holmes).


  • Max Keen ("Agents A.N.K.L.", "Aladdin", "The Sword of King Arthur");
  • James Joseph MacDonald ("The Adventures of Paddington," "The Woman Walking Ahead");
  • Robert Symonds ("Scream", "Lucky Gilmore", "Big Game", "Big Dad", "Best Enemies");
  • Alan J. Wands (“Winter Guest”, “East is East”, “Resident of Joy”, “Lake”).

Editor - Paul Machliss ("Scott Pilgrimm Against Everyone", "Kid on the Drive", "Fucking", "Peep Show", "Born to Become a King").

Filming started in November 2018 in London, England.


The stars of the Hollywood movie starred in the film:

  • Matthew McConaughey (Real Detective, Contact, Time to Kill, Dallas Buyers Club, Lincoln for the Lawyer, Interstellar, Sea of ​​Temptation, Beach Loafer);
  • Charlie Hunnam (“Sons of Anarchy”, “Bullies”, “Moth”, “Price of Passion”, “Sword of King Arthur”, “Close Friends”, “Triple Border”);
  • Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey, Air Marshal, Forgotten by God, Empty Crown, Good Behavior, Tuka and Berti);
  • Jeremy Strong (The Big Game, The Heirs, Sex Masters, The Good Wife, The City of Gangsters, The Judge, The Short Game, The Sea of ​​Temptation);
  • Colin Farrell (Real Detective, Brugge, Minority Report, Telephone Box, Seven Psychopaths, Widows, Dumbo);
  • Henry Golding ("Insanely Rich Asians," "Simple Request");
  • Hugh Grant (“Real Love”, “Reason and Feelings”, “Bitter Moon”, “A.N.K.L. Agents”, “Notting Hill”, “I'm Still Here”, “Extremely English Scandal”);
  • Jason Wong (“24 Hours: Live Another Day,” “The Marines 2,” “Han Solo, Star Wars: Stories”);
  • Christopher Evangelo (Street Fighter: Resurrection);
  • Coco Sumner (Stardust, With You and Without You).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • Actor Charlie Hunnam says: “When I read the script, I realized that the good old Guy Ritchie was back. I grew up on his film projects, so when he sent me the script for this project and suggested that I be part of it, I just took this chance. Guy Ritchie is immersed in his workflow, he needs to be on the set with all the actors. It’s really great to watch him work in real time. Guy creates amazing energy that overwhelms his films, he works closely and Allows everyone to fill the project with their own philosophy, their own worldview. "
  • Actor Henry Golding was also pleased to be involved in the filming: "Guy Ritchie is a cult director, he really created many genres, and the editing in his films is always at the highest level."
  • Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor, Van Helsing, Another World, Remember All) was supposed to star in the film, but she was replaced by actress Michelle Dockery.

Interested viewers have to wait for the release of the trailer for the film "Gentlemen" (2020), the release date in Russia, the actors and plot of which are announced. Will Guy Ritchie succeed in repeating the success of his first paintings? We will find out in January 2020.

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