Need for Speed: Craving for Speed ​​2 - Released in 2020

Viewers hope that the release date for the 2 part of the film "Need for Speed: Need for Speed" in Russia will take place in 2020, but until the actors are unknown, the plot is not fully disclosed, and the trailer, apparently, will have to wait a long time, because the shooting The action movie has not yet begun.

The budget of the first part of the picture is 66 million dollars. Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) -95%

Need for Speed ​​2


Genre: action movie

Producer: not announced

World Premiere: date unknown

Russian release: date unknown

Cast: Aaron Paul

Many viewers are interested in whether the sequel to Thirst for Speed ​​will be released. It is worth recalling that the film is an adaptation of the popular computer game Need for Speed, created by Electronic Arytt.


Toby Marshall, who has already defeated Dino Brewster, is ready to face even greater challenges in the first part. Spectators are once again waiting for the fastest cars and the most dangerous people living in Beverly Hills, California. The plot of the continuation will return the audience to the eternal race and the world of adventure.

Director and shooting

The sequel will be written by George Gaitins (“Too Cool for You,” “Well, You're a Dumbass!”, “My Wife Is Mentally Retarded,” “Need for Speed: Lust for Speed”).

The producers of the project are Yen Chao (“Capture the Tiger Mountain”, “When a Governess lives in a Beijing family”, “Office”), Mark S. Ganis (“All or Nothing”) and Sidney Ganis (“Call Man”, “Involuntarily Millionaire” "," The Test of Aquila, "" Big Dad ").

The first part was released in 2014, and a year after the premiere, four Chinese film companies expressed a desire to start filming the sequel.

Actors and roles

In continuation of the action movie, Toby Marshall will appear on the screens again, played by Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Fathers and Daughters, The Last House on the Left, Horse BoJack).

Interesting Facts

Viewers might be interested in the following information:

  • For shooting an action-packed action movie, real cars are used, the cost of some cars exceeds the amount of $ 10 million.
  • The franchise clearly lost in the box office and in the minds of the audience to another mega-popular Forsage project with Vin Diesel. According to critics, the topic of racing has been exhausted and closed, so shooting a continuation of the picture is pointless.
  • The largest fees the first part received in China - 66 million dollars. The total world box office was $ 203 million. In general, the filmmakers expected a much larger amount from the action movie.
  • Chinese film companies are eager to film the sequel to the action movie in 3D to make the film spectacular, and viewers can fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of speed.

Is it worth waiting in 2020 for the continuation of the action-packed film "Need for Speed: Thirst for Speed", or is it pointless to expect the release date for 2 pictures in Russia? Viewers are waiting for the trailer and want to know the cast, but so far only the plot has been revealed. Fans of speed, beautiful racing cars and computer games do not lose hope that filmmakers will reveal maps and provide information about the filming of the sequel.

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