"We" - a film adaptation of dystopia Zamyatin

The release date of the film "We" has become known, the plot of which is based on the Zamyatin dystopia, on September 24, 2020 the film appeared on the screens, the trailer has not yet been released, in the list of actors you can see many star names of the domestic film industry.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 90%


Genre: dystopia, fiction

Producer: Hamlet Dulian

World Release: September 24, 2020

Release Date in the Russian Federation: September 24, 2020

Cast: Egor Koreshkov, Philip Yankovsky, Elena Podkaminskaya, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Sophia Doniants, Dmitry Chebotaryov, Sergey Ivanyuk, Maryana Spivak, Vasily Kopeikin, Andrey Rebenkov.

According to Hamlet Dulian, who is the director of the film, he decided to coincide with the premiere of the centenary of the book of E. Zametin. The work “We” is a classic dystopia that inspired George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and many other writers to create their own masterpieces.


The Great War ended two centuries ago, leaving behind a handful of surviving people, a miserable part of the population that once lived on the surface of the Earth. Now there is no division into countries - the society is united into a perfect One State. Authoritarianism reigns in the social system; people have no names - they are replaced by serial numbers. Each person has a uniform, a house with glass walls and scheduled sex. All are happy and live, as expected, in harmony with themselves and power.

The engineer D-503 has an ideal life, he is no different from his fellow citizens. He is engaged in the creation of a powerful spaceship, and puts all his soul and knowledge into its construction. After a chance meeting with an I-330 woman, all his ideas about life and himself are turned over. Suddenly, he realizes that he is unable to control his feelings and passions, which, it would seem, were peculiar only to "ancient people." He learns one more thing - not everyone is satisfied with the existing order, and many seek the destruction of the One State.

Director and shooting

The director of the picture was Hamlet Dulian ("The Meaning of Life", the short film "Immersion in Fire").

The plot was based on the book of Eugene Zamyatin ("Northern Love", "House in the Snowdrifts", "Flood", "Metropolitan Opera").

Camera crew:

  • The dystopian scriptwriters are Alexander Talal (Balabol, Star Dogs: Squirrel and Arrow, Day Watch, Black Lightning), Hamlet Dulian.
  • The film was produced by Ghevond Andreasyan ("Moms", "American Robbery", "Earthquake", "Champions"), Sarik Andreasyan ("Happy New Year, mothers", "Unforgiven", "All About Men", "Corporate" ) and Armen Ananikyan (“A Gift with Character”, “One Left”, “Love in the City of Angels”, “Happiness! Health!”).
  • The cameraman is Karen Manaseryan (Ivanov-Ivanovs, Shurochka, Come on Tomorrow, Love Wanted).
  • Editing - Irina Bychkova (Catherine, Fizruk, Private Pioneer, Winter Romance) and Tatyana Moreva, making her film debut.
The filming process started in the late summer of 2018 at the Glavkino cinema complex near Moscow. For the tape, a special layout of the post-apocalyptic world was built.

Actors and roles

The cast of the film is as follows:

  • D-503 - Yegor Koreshkov (Psychologists, Champions: Faster! Higher! Stronger!, Metamorphosis, Brothers Ch);
  • I-330 - Elena Podkaminskaya ("Kitchen", "Teach me to live", "Love for rent", "Poirot's failure");
  • С-4711 - Philip Jankowski ("Afghan Break", "State Counselor", "Mysterious Passion", "Major Sokolov's Heters");
  • Panda - Yuri Kolokolnikov ("Wings of the Empire", "Concerned", "Method", "Hero of Our Time");
  • R-13 - Dmitry Chebotaryov ("Secrets of the lost country", "Inquisitor", "Belovodye", "Coach", "Rock");
  • O-90 - Sophia Doniants (Tatyana's Day, Demons, The Loop of Time, Genius, To Paris);
  • Sergey Ivanyuk (“Youth”, “Interns”, “These eyes are opposite”, “Sniffer”, “Roof of the world”);
  • Musician - Vasily Kopeikin ("Papa", "SashaTanya", "Weddings and Divorces", "Eternal Cold");
  • A-2248 - Maryana Spivak ("Dislike", "Son of the Father of the Nations", "Cipher", "Gemini", "Bureau");
  • Doctor - Andrey Rebenkov ("Kitchen", "Buy Me", "SuperBobrovy", "Hotel" Russia "," Best Day ").

Interesting Facts

Viewers might be interested in the following information:

  • Evgeny Zamyatin is one of the unknown and underestimated domestic writers of the twentieth century. The novel "We", written back in 1920, was banned in the USSR, readers could truly appreciate the work only after 1988, when the book was finally published.

The premiere of the film “We” based on the conceptual dystopia Zamyatin will be released in autumn 2020, the release date in Russia is set for September 24, the plot and actors are known, it remains to wait for the trailer to appear on the Web to assess how much the film meets the audience’s expectations.

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