5th wave - will there be a 2 part

Many viewers are interested in the question: “Will part 2 of the movie“ The 5th wave ”be released on the screens. If the answer is yes, then when is the release date, what is the cast, when will the trailer be released, and what to expect from the plot? There is very little information, and this prompts fans of the first part to the idea that due to the relatively small fees of the first part, there will be no sequel, filmmakers do not comment on the sequel.

The budget of the first part of the picture amounted to 38 million dollars.

The 5th wave ii


Genre: fiction, adventure, action, thriller

Producer: unknown

World Premiere: date unknown

Russian release: date unknown

Actors: Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick J. Robinson, Ron Livingston

Despite the exciting plot, the strong cast and competent advertising of the film "5th Wave", we can say, failed at the box office. His rating was only 5.1 (KinoPoisk) and 5.2 (IMDb).


The plot of the first part of the film was built on five waves of disasters that were supposed to destroy the planet. After the destruction that occurred around, the surviving people learned one thing - now you can not trust anyone, but in order to survive, you must fight. The film was a film adaptation of the teenage novel of the same name by Rick Yancy. The novel has a sequel - "The Endless Sea", it can be a continuation of the story.

Director and shooting

The composition of the crew has not yet been announced.

Actors and roles

Some of the actors who starred in the first film adaptation, including the main cast Chloe Grace Moretz ("The Amityville Horror," "If I Stay," "Kick", "Time Guardian") and Nick J. Robinson ("With Love, Simon," Jurassic World "," Kings of Summer "," This World "), confirmed their possible participation in the filming of the sequel to the fantastic drama. If the sequel is removed, then Ron Livingston ("The Time Traveler's Wife", "Spell", "End of Tour", "Brothers in Arms") will star in the project.

Interesting Facts

Viewers might be interested in the following information:

  • With a budget of the apocalypse film of 38 million dollars, in the United States the first picture collected only 34 million. Worldwide film distribution totaled 109 million. For such a blockbuster, this result can be considered a failure.
  • Critics also coolly greeted the film adaptation of the novel - in all, the film received thirty critical articles.

The exact release date of Part 2 of the movie “5th Wave” is still unknown, as well as the list of actors and the plot, the trailer will appear on the screens only after the filming of the sequel begins. Critics agree that the sequel is likely to fail.

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