"Mad" - a new horror remake of the film by cult director David Cronenberg

At the famous FrightFest horror festival in the UK, the world premiere of the movie "Mad" (2019), the release date in Russia, the actors, the plot of which has been announced, and the trailer has already been released, will take place. The tape tells about a young model who has become a peddler of a terrible infection that forces men to kill everyone in their path. The film has already intrigued many Russian viewers.



Genre: horror fiction

Producer: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska

World Release Date: August 26, 2019

Release in Russia: November 21, 2019

Cast: Laura Vandervoort, Stephen McChetti, Greg Bryk, Stephen Husar, Ben Hollingsworth, Mackenzie Gray, Lily Gao, Jen Soska, Hanneke Talbot, Lynn Lauri and others.

Budget: 5 million dollars

With stem cell treatment, the young model who crashed becomes even more beautiful than before, but now she is a carrier of a dangerous infection ...


What happens when you realize that to achieve your dream you have to live a nightmare? The plot focuses on Rose - a quiet, modest girl who holds high hopes in the modeling business. But due to the terrible accident, ugly scars appear on Rose's body. The girl agrees to a dangerous treatment that has not yet been tested. The procedure does a miracle, and Rose becomes even more beautiful than before. However, this new beautiful life has a price: all its beloved turn into distraught monsters, ready to kill ...

Director and shooting

The directors of the horror were the sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska, who had already managed to work on horror films: "American Mary", "The Alphabet of Death 2", "Blood Revenge". The script was written by John Serge (Veronica Mars, Death in College, Angel of Death).


  • Paul Lalond ("Left", "Sign of the Beast", "Last War", "Formula of Eden");
  • Michael Walker ("Left");
  • David Gilbury (Bone Tomahawk, Misty Relationships, SuperBob, Street Cats, McQueen);
  • Charles Dorfman (“The King Speaks!”, “The Thorps”).

Editor - Eric Dack ("In the Desert of Death", "Modified Carbon", "Slasher", "Our Home").

Actors and roles

Starred in the film:

  • Laura Vandervoort in the role of Rose (Vizitery, The Little Star, So War, White Collar, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Private Investigators, Saw 8);
  • Stephen McChetti as Dr. Keloid (Thirteenth, Seinfeld, X-Files, Murdoch's Investigations, Child of Lazarus, Little Zombies);
  • Greg Bryke as Director (ReGenesis, RED, Hot Spot, Fargo, Space, Rookie Cops, Mary Kills People, Handmaid's Tale);
  • Stephen Husar in the role of Dominic ("Edge", "Rush", "Supernatural", "I am a Zombie", "Flash", "Twilight Hunters", "Carter");
  • Ben Hollingsworth as Brad Hart (Resuscitation, Force Majeure, Once Upon a Time, Backstrom, You Can't Buy My Love, Snow Blower);
  • Mackenzie Gray as Gunther (Traveling the Unicorn, Shooter, Warcraft, Strict South, Sex in Another City, Dirk Gently, Detective Agency, Riverdale);
  • Lily Gao in the role of Stella ("Investigation of air crashes", "Space", "The Handmaid's Tale", "Carter", "Keane");
  • Jen Soska as Ally;
  • Hanneke Talbot in the role of Chelsea ("I Am a Zombie", "Once Upon a Time in Stockholm");
  • Lynn Lauri as Cynthia (Spasms, Super, The Theater of the Absurd, George: Zombie Rehab).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The film is a remake of the film of the same name directed by David Cronenberg in 1977.
  • Actress Laura Vanderurt is the owner of a black belt in karate.
  • The producer Paul Lalond is best known for his Christian films, including such as: “Left to Back: The Film” starring Kirk Cameron, as well as the tape “Left behind”. "Mad" will be the first non-religious project for the producer.

The release date for the movie "Mad" (Russia) in Russia is known, the actors and plot have been announced, the trailer has already been released. Interested viewers are left to wait for the premiere of the film, which, judging by the trailer, will be truly bloody and terrifying.

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