"Crowded room" - will a "unfinished" come out about a maniac with DiCaprio

If the plot of the film "Crowded Room" is known to everyone, then with the release date in Russia, the cast and the release of the trailer, everything is more complicated - the project has been under development for several years.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk website) - 99%

The crowded room


Genre: drama

Producer: unknown

World Premiere: date unknown

Premiere (RF): date unknown

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio

The peculiarity of the project is given by the fact that Billy Milligan is an absolutely real person. In the 1970s, this man committed a number of crimes of varying severity, but was acquitted, because psychiatrists managed to prove that it was not Billy who was to blame, but his subpersonalities. Milligan was sent to compulsory treatment in a specialized clinic.


At first glance, Billy Milligan is the most ordinary person, if not for one “but”. More precisely, twenty-four “buts” - precisely so many personalities fit inside it. His brain resembles a crowded room in which a lesbian girl, a Yugoslav communist, criminals and respectable citizens coexist. Milligan himself has several real crimes, for which he must be punished. But what to do if in fact they were not committed by him, but by those people who live in it. This is a story about how for the first time in world history a maniac was acquitted and escaped prison because of his serious mental illness.

Director and shooting

The script for the film about the life of Billy Milligan will be an interpretation of the novel written by American science fiction writer Daniel Keyes ("Flowers for Algernon", "Hello, God", "Steel hour of the United States", "Charlie"), which created a mini-cycle of works about Milligan .

Appian Way, owned by DiCaprio, should start producing the painting.

By the end of summer 2019, the project is in development, and moviegoers are worried about whether or not the long-awaited film will come out.

Actors and roles

The main role in the drama was to play Leonardo DiCaprio (“The Departed,” “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “The Road to Change,” “Django Unchained”).

Interesting Facts

Future viewers may be interested in the following information:

  • After information appeared in the press about the release of "Crowded Room" with DiCaprio, the fans of the actor, as well as fans of the work of Daniel Keyes, stood still. Suddenly, instead of the project, “Split” appeared with James McAvoy, whose plot is too similar to the idea of ​​the project. After such a turn of events, the film community began to wonder: “Will the Room come out at all, or won't the film creators produce similar films?”
  • Leonardo DiCaprio admitted in an interview that he adores the story of Billy Milligan, and for twenty years he dreamed of playing it in a movie;
  • Daniel Keyes wrote his novel about Milligan in 1981.

For several years now, fans have been waiting for the release date, list of actors, plot details to become known, and you can see the trailer for the movie "Crowded Room", but they do not lose hope. Perhaps in the near future the project will move from a dead center.

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