The story of Lizzie - a new series based on the novel by Stephen King

The plot of the new series, which will be released in 2020 on Apple’s stream channel, will be based on Lizi’s Story. The novel was written by Stephen King in 2006, the exact release date of the film is still unknown, the trailer has not been released, but among the actors there will be a world-famous star, Julianne Moore, which fuels interest in the project.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk) - 97%

Lisey's Story


Genre: drama

Producer: Pablo Larrain

World Premiere: 2020

Premiere (RF): 2020

Cast: Juliana Moore

Stephen King’s novel "The History of Lizzie" is dedicated to the writer’s wife, Tabitha King, with whom the king of horrors has been happily married since 1971.


Lizzie is the wife of a popular writer. All his life he was haunted by Horror. After Scott Landon died, Horror switched to his wife. She has to learn a lot - what did her husband live? How did he really die? How was he really inspired? What terrible secrets of his biography did she not know? In addition to the struggle with literary scholars who want to get the lines written by Scott, the battles for the balance of the mentally unhealthy sister and other troubles, Lizzie needs to be saved from the nightmares that overcome her, somehow connected with her dead husband.

Director and shooting

The series "The History of Lizzie", which is an adaptation of Stephen King's book, will become one of the most anticipated films of 2020, according to the latest information, the following films will work on the film:

  • Above the script are Stephen King (Christina, Losing Weight, Misery) and Josh Boone (Pretenders, Everything We Have, Stuck in Love);
  • Pablo Larrain ("Ulysses", "Nasty Child", "Fantastic Woman", "Gloria") will act as the director of the drama;
  • Editing - Robb Sullivan (American Gothic, Guilty Stars, Stuck in Love, New Amsterdam);
  • The film is being produced by Marty Bowen ("With Love, Simon", "Dear John", "Quiet Harbor"):
  • Executive Producers - Stephen King (Under the Dome, Hopelessness, Storm of the Century), JJ Abrams (Monstro, Anatomy of Hope, Another's Funeral), Ben Stevenson and starring Julianne Moore (" Mary and Bruce, Gloria Bell, After the Wedding).

Pablo larrain

In a recent interview, the king of horrors admitted that “The History of Lizi” is his favorite book from his own work. King also noted that modern realities, in which there are streaming services, significantly make life easier for both viewers and filmmakers:

“Now there is much more freedom to do things, and when you film a book, what I call the“ syndrome of sitting on a suitcase ”arises. This is when you try to collect all the clothes at once, and you cannot close the suitcase, so you just sit on it, until it snaps into place. And sometimes when it sits on the luggage carousel it breaks and your dirty laundry is everywhere. Therefore, it’s hard to take a book that is fully textured and put it in two hours or more hours of screen time. But in the series you have 10 hours, there is always the opportunity to do something like "Stories servant" and make it unusual. "

Actors and roles

It became known that the main role in the series will be played by Julianne Moore ("Laws of Attraction", "Big Lebowski", "Human Child", "Blindness").

Julianne moore

Interesting Facts

Future viewers may be interested in the following information:

  • Despite world fame, Julianne Moore has never played a major role in the movie.
  • Project director Pablo Larrain hails from Chile. The world famous movie brought him “Jackie”, the main role in which was played by Natalie Portman.
  • The Lizi Story was written after King nearly died after the accident. The master of words simply, in his words, imagined what would happen to his wife if he was gone, and did so in a manner peculiar only to him.
  • The project will be released on its own streaming service Apple and will be the third work of Abrams for the service.
  • The series will consist of eight episodes.

The new series “The History of Lizzie” (2020) is not just another adaptation of Stephen King, a project whose release date is unknown. It is an expected film, with an interesting plot, famous actors, whose trailer is due out soon. King will write a script for each episode, because in some ways the project is autobiographical.

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