How to create the film "Blue Abyss 2"

In the 2nd part of the Blue Abyss, young girls go diving into the underwater caves of an ancient flooded city, and very quickly realize that they were victims in a trap in the territory of deadly predators. Four heroines fall into the most terrible nightmare - they find themselves in a system of flooded caves, oxygen inexorably ends, and here also large white sharks appear! Without a doubt, this will be the new word in the genre of films about sharks. Spectators are waiting for incredible entertainment. We will tell you about interesting facts from the filming and casting of the actors of the film “The Blue Abyss” (2019).

The release date of the 2nd part of the horror about sharks in Russia is August 15, 2019.

About the work on the film

In the summer of 2017, Claire Holt and Mandy Moore starred in the chilling thriller about the shark "Blue Abyss". An exciting adventure picture became the most successful independent film of the summer, having collected more than $ 62 million at the world box office.

"The viewers have a good appetite for good movies about sharks, don't get me wrong," says Byron Allen, who founded Entertainment Studios in Los Angeles in 1993. In 2016, he decided to open a division of Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures, aimed at film distribution.

The purchase of the rights to theatrical rental of the movie “The Blue Abyss” in North America was the company's debut deal in the market. “I always respected these paintings and knew that the audience liked them,” says Allen. “We found the film that Johannes Roberts made and decided that the picture was worthwhile. As a result, everything worked out perfectly for us.”

Producer Mark Lane admits that the success of the film was a complete surprise for everyone. “It’s not often that a small British film performs so well in the American box office,” says Lane. “It was something incredible.”

Hit or miss

Considering the box office of $ 62 million and an army of fans who were eager to admire how big white sharks tear people apart, the sequel was given the green light. Screenwriter and director Johannes Roberts, his co-author Ernest Riera and other members of the crew who worked on the film "The Blue Abyss", were going to again immerse themselves in the waters teeming with sharks.

"Byron was ready to start work on the sequel at the moment when the first film was released," says Lane. "The events of the film BLUE ABOUT 2 will unfold in a new space of flooded caves," the producer assures. "I want to believe that no one has seen this before."

“The audience of the sequel will make a truly unforgettable journey,” says Allen. - It will be much larger and more dynamic than the first. And the plot itself is unique: girls dive with scuba gear into the underwater labyrinth and find themselves surrounded by hungry sharks. It is very interesting to watch how they get out or try to get out of this situation. It is very funny".

According to Roberts, on the weekend he took cave diving lessons, as he already knew that he wanted to make a movie about it. “The blue abyss 2 is very different from the first film,” the director says. “The main characters are four girls - two half-sisters and two friends who decide to spend the day by the lake in Mexico. One of the sisters is the daughter of an archaeologist who maps the ancient flooded city "All the girls have basic diving skills, so they decide to inspect the found entrance to the city. However, the tunnel collapses and the heroines find themselves in a trap. And they are not alone! So sharks are added to claustrophobia! It's damn scary."

About casting actors

Johannes Roberts says:

"At first, I just had the idea that the girls were in the flooded caves, I did not think about the emotional component."

Roberts and Riera set themselves the task of diving to where all the other horror movies did not dare to go down, creating full-fledged heroines and a realistic storyline.

"In fact, it was WILD GIRLS, only with sharks! We had two stepsisters who can not stand each other," the director continues. “And one of them is constantly being bullied. As the story progresses, the alignment of forces changes, so the ending will be completely unexpected. I really liked that - take the John Hughes template and lower it to the depth of the sharks.”

Casting of actors will present the audience a new generation of movie stars

“They're all great actors,” says James Harris, one of the producers. Director Johannes Roberts joins the conversation, noting that Blue Abyss 2 will saturate the audience’s emotional movie starvation just as much as the characters in the film, voracious white sharks.

Each of the four actresses who played in the film is unique in its own way:

  • The talented Sophie Neliss recently appeared in the title role in the movie The Book Thief.
  • Corina Fox is only at the beginning of her journey. As the daughter of Jamie Foxx, she continues the film dynasty. Sophie is truly charismatic. According to the director, it was enough for them to meet her once to understand how energetic, beautiful and talented she was - she was just a born actress;
  • Brienne Tju became the star of the popular TV show "Easy as a feather." When she gets into the frame, one cannot look away from her, Roberts says;
  • Sistin Stallone is very interesting in the frame. She didn’t have to do anything. She is the daughter of Sylvester Stallone and has amazing energy. With her appearance, she seems to electrify others. In addition, she is in great shape.
Each of the girls proved to be excellent in difficult underwater filming.

About filming

Throughout the filming, the actress practically did not crawl out of the water.

Nicole performed by Stallone is fearless until the situation finally gets out of control:

“The hardest thing was to cope with fatigue,” says the actress. “For 40 minutes spent in the water, we got tired as if at least two hours had passed. It was extremely tiring to constantly shout and breathe oxygen. During the filming, we all had fun, but when we got out of the water, it was as if a truck had just hit us. "

“It was very inconvenient to be underwater in diving equipment, so we didn’t even have to play much,” Fox, who played Sasha, admits with a smile. “Each of us was in our little little world under a diving mask. We couldn’t communicate, so we had to Cheer yourself up. "

Neliss, who played the role of Mia, Sasha's half-sister, agrees with her colleagues:

“You need to hold your breath when others make their remarks, otherwise you won’t hear anything,” the actress explains. “And we really wanted to breathe! Each of us had to know not only our remarks, but also each other’s remarks. In short, we had a difficult underwater choreography".

However, the girls found ways to have fun in the process. “It was impossible to talk underwater, so we wrote notes to each other in the sand,” Neliss continues. “And sometimes we even cried together with fatigue.”

Tju played the role of Brianna, Nicole's best friend. Tju admits that she is an adrenaline junkie, but for her the worst thing was a forced diet.

“In the first week I had time to eat a banana between takes,” Tju recalls. “We didn’t have time to rest, we immediately plunged back, and I thought:“ Oh, Lord! If only I wouldn’t feel sick! "I had to somehow negotiate with my body. We had to drink a lot of water because we were constantly moving. We crawled out of the pool for lunch, but spent the rest of the time in the water to save time. It is not particularly pleasant to walk around a wet bathing suit, and there really wasn’t time for changing clothes. Besides, it wasn’t hot in London, so we preferred to stay in the pool. We even learned to meditate under water, and I almost fell asleep several times! "

"Goosebump" Filming

Even before the triumph of the first film, the British company Tea Shop Productions created from scratch the flooded Mayan city in the pool in Basildon. Spectacular exterior scenes of the BLUE VOICE film were filmed in the Dominican Republic.

For the shooting of the initial and final scenes of the sequel, the picturesque landscapes of the Dominican Republic were again chosen, mesmerizing by the hot sun, white sand, lush vegetation and sparkling blue water. Filming of underwater scenes took place in the UK, where they worked in Basildon and at the legendary Pinewood studio.

“When we worked at Pinewood, from the windows of my trailer you could see the decorations of STAR WARS,” Roberts smiles childishly. “We shot underwater scenes at both Pinewood and Basildon. Nobody has ever done this before - we managed to build an underwater the whole city. We constructed a metal staircase that weighed two tons but didn’t sink. That is, how can this even happen ?! "

Production designer David Bryan seriously raised the bar of filmmaking, creating underwater scenery that cannot be compared to the first film. In the Mayan city there were labyrinths of tunnels, and towering columns, and spiral stone stairs, and majestic statues, and filigree engraving. The key element of the design was the so-called Altar, a bewitching cave where the Mayans once performed human sacrifices.

“Spectators can prepare themselves for the atmosphere of the first film, but this time it’s all on a larger scale,” says Lane. “The characters, the situation, the suspense - everything was taken to a whole new level. The first film was a performance of two actors locked in a cage. "We purposefully localized the events because we were limited in budget. The sequel? Well, the challenge has been thrown. Everywhere you look, everything has become more interesting. Both the characters and the sharks will not be sweet."

The great white sharks, catching the fear of heroines, were the revolutionary creation of Outpost VFX visual effects company specialists. "We decided to move away from the generally accepted practice of combining real video material with computer effects, because it turned out too unnatural," Roberts explains. Although there was one mechanical shark on the set - it came in handy when it was necessary to scare actresses and the crew. Working on the film was as interesting as watching it.

Tju recalls:

“In the first week, Johannes once said:“ Bree, look into the cave, we’ll take you off. ”I looked, and there was a shark’s head. I wasn’t so scared in my life. I yelled and all the divers laughed at me.”

“In fact, I am very afraid of sharks, so I constantly looked around for fear of whether they would eat me,” Fox recalls. “There was a mechanical shark that was periodically hidden in the scenery. We went down to the pool, and somewhere in the maze, the shark was hiding! "

Such jokes, coupled with several weeks spent under water, caused the actresses a real fear of the mere thought of another immersion in water. “I'll probably start with a shower, then a bath, then a pool, and maybe the ocean there,” Fox says. Tju echoes his colleague: "I will definitely refrain from water procedures for a while." Stallone picks up: "I'm no more foot in the water!" Neliss only turns pale and frantically shakes his head, widening his eyes.

However, everyone agrees that natural fear did not prevent the girls from doing their job.

“Everyone did a great job,” Allen confirms. “Filming was not easy. Actually, filming a movie is difficult because we work without respite, but when underwater filming happens, the work is much more complicated. And yet we got an amazing movie. Spectators will satisfied. "

“For such filming, the most important thing is that the actors have a certain attitude to the work,” Harris explains. “The schedule was tight - seven or eight weeks of diving, climbing and action. Such work can exhaust the most seasoned athlete. It was not without risk. "We have taken all the precautionary measures, but this is by no means the same as shooting a scene in the living room. The events took place at a depth of six or seven meters!"

“I can only dream of something they had to do,” admits Roberts, who has 15 years of diving experience. “Sophie was breathing in her air pocket even though she had no oxygen tanks. It's very extreme.” cave diving trick. "

Judging by the casting of the actors and the difficult filming of the film “The Blue Abyss” (2019), the second part turned out to be much more impressive than the first in terms of budget and scale. According to the creators, it’s like “Aliens” compared to “Alien”. Spectators are waiting for a real attraction, a dizzying roller coaster.

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