Meet the characters in the new self-acceptance movie UglyDolls. Dolls with character "

In the new cartoon studio STXfilms "UglyDolls. Dolls with character ”(release date in Russia - August 22, 2019) with an unusual story of creating characters, the main characters were the famous plush toys that appeared on sale in 2001. It harmoniously combines humor, music and adventure. The film tells about joy and friendship, tolerance and differences, about how to become better. Consider the history of the way of unpretentious dolls to large screens and the character of each of the characters so charming in their disarming ugliness.

Pit bull, the actor who voiced the role of one of the characters, summarizes the important and accessible keynote of the film, decoding the acronym U.G.L.Y. like "U. Gotta. Love Yourself ”-“ You Must Love Yourself. ”

Cartoon slogan: “Milota is a terrible force!”

In the vibrant city of Agleville, it is an honor to be unusual. Residents are not strange, but special. By "beauty" is meant something more than what is accessible to the eye. In this city, the carefree Moxie and her friends live, rejoicing in the endless possibilities that life offers them. Unlike each other, residents periodically raise their eyes to the sky, from where a new doll appears, which the whole community welcomes.

"Beauty" and "ugliness" do not exist

Moxie loves her life in her beloved, albeit so imperfect, city, but she is haunted by the thought of what is (if anything at all) on the other side of the mountain, at the foot of which Agleville lies. Moxie gathers a group of closest friends and sets off on a journey in search of an answer to such a burning question. As a result, friends find the Institute of Excellence, in which ordinary dolls live, study according to a special program, and at the end of their studies they prepare to be sent to the "real" world to find a child who loves them. At the Institute for Perfection, Moxie and her friends become the subject of ridicule to Lou (Nick Jonas), the perfect doll responsible for training recruits. Travelers from Agleville find it difficult to understand the meaning of differences, fight for the right to be loved, and ultimately realize that it’s not necessary to be perfect in order to become special, because what matters is who you really are.

Ultimately, Aglivilli will have to understand that everyone has a different understanding of the words "ugliness", "good-looking" and "beauty", because everyone sees everything in their own way.

Acquaintance with Dolls and "Ideal" characters

Six friends from Agleville go on a colorful and fascinating journey. They themselves and all residents of two dissimilar worlds have to understand what is the charm of the uniqueness of each of us. To breathe life into such a motley charming characters, the producers gathered talented voice actors, whom Oren Aviv called "Ocean's 11 friends, including music stars." The producer claims that all actors, without exception, appreciated the importance of the main message of the film - the ability to accept ourselves as we are.


Meet Moxie, an energetic and purposeful doll with an unusual but charming trident smile and some strange, flower-like thing on her head. She will not allow anyone to stand in her way to the realization of a dream. The role of Moxie was voiced by singer Kelly Clarkson.

“She is just as unstoppable as Moxie herself,” director Kelly Asbury says. “Kelly has contributed a lot to this role, completely taking on the unusual character of her character. There were no such characters in any other animated film.”

It seems that fate itself gave Clarkson this role. The actress admits that in childhood she dreamed of playing the role of a Disney princess, but she did not regret at all that she got the role of a purposeful doll with an unusual smile. Clarkson fell in love with Moxie, who became her first major role in an animated film. “Moxie’s character is exactly the same as mine,” says the actress. “She’s an optimist. During recording sessions, I constantly found myself on similar lines with the heroine. I liked voicing a positive character that reminds me that each of us has his own height, weight and character, and that uniqueness should be encouraged. "

“Among other things, Moxie is pink, and this is my daughter’s favorite color,” the actress adds with a smile.

Important features of the character of Moxie are fearlessness, determination and boundless daydreaming. “Moxie, like many of us, seeks to find a way to fulfill ourselves,” explains Clarkson. “For her, the main goal in life is to be a child’s favorite doll.”

Producer and marketer Oren Aviv, who worked on animated films from Disney Animation, Pixar, and Blue Sky, confirms that Clarkson was perfect for her character. Aviv recalls that while reading the script, she periodically asked: "Are you sure that the role was not written specifically for me? I would say exactly the same!" Like Moxie, Kelly is confident and proud of it. "

“Kelly really looks a lot like Moxie,” producer Jane Hartwell agrees, “just as funny and optimistic. When Kelly came to the recording studio for the first time to record her first song, it seemed like some kind of unearthly creature had fluttered into the room. Her voice all of us impressed. "

Zubaster Dog

Moxie's closest friend is Zubaster Dog, and the visual similarity between the character and the musician Pit Bull, who voiced the role, is not accidental. "We decided it would be funny if we propose voicing the role of Zubaster Dog Pitbull,” Aviv explains. “He himself liked this idea, and he signed the contract with little thought.”

The musician, producer and entrepreneur was interested in the topic of community acceptance, especially given how actively it is being discussed on social networks. “The film perfectly reflects what is happening around the world, and will be especially useful for children,” explains Pit Bull. “We live in a society aimed at instantly satisfying needs and striving for excellence, despite the fact that neither one nor the other exists "Children are worried about followers and likes. This film suggests that it’s not necessary to have many followers, and the number of likes is not that important. It’s more important to be a leader. It’s more important to be unique. It’s more important to be different from others."

According to Pit bull, it was not difficult for him to enter the image of a four-legged:

"Zubaster Dog is practically me myself, he enjoys life the same way and loves to have fun. He does not care what others think of him. Zubaster Dog strives to help others and always finds a solution to any problem."

Asbury notes that Pitbull managed to capture the main quality of the character:

"Zubaster Dog has the stamina and charm of mongrels and constantly strives to prove himself, which is typical for all small dogs. He is ready to jump above his head, get involved in troubles and get out of them, but at the same time he is always on Moxie’s side and will help her.


Clarkson proposed involving her friend and colleague, musician Blake Shelton. He got the role of Oks, the leader of Agleville, who joins the mission of Moxie, despite the fact that he himself doubts the existence of anything outside their city. Unlike his hero, Shelton did not have to convince much of anything. “It was very interesting to voice the role of Oks, a resident of such a colorful and unusual world,” he admits. “I can’t wait to see all of our characters in Agleville.”

Oaks always and everything must be in control, whether it is city management or mission defense.

“Unfortunately, this is not always possible,” complains Asbury. “Everyone has to find out their truth.”


A terrific reinsurer Wage spoke in the unique voice of comedian Wanda Sykes, who is convinced that Moxie’s dream of finding inhabited land outside Agleville is just a dream. Still, Wage is unable to resist the enthusiasm and pressure of Moxie. "She may be criticizing Moxie for not following safety precautions, but Wage can't be changed about that," says Asbury.


Lucky Bat spoke with the voice of the singer, musician, producer, actor and director Wang Lihom, the recognized king of Chinese pop music. “Lucky Bet is Chinese, he is wise, sensitive, and he sings! Can there really be alternatives? Only Van Lih,” he laughs. The actor notes the importance of the film’s key theme: “Social networks are full of images of an ideal life that have been carefully processed in Photoshop, so it’s important not to forget what is real and what is illusory. People are characterized by weaknesses, vulnerability and emotionality, but it is our weaknesses that help us write the best music. " And, of course, discover all the best in us.


The charming and cheerful Babo was voiced by comedian actor Gabriel Iglesias, who also imbued the theme of the film about how important it is to be different from others. “This topic is very close to me both in life and in my career,” he says. “In general, I am convinced that you need to be able to be yourself in order to leave your mark on life. I managed to accept my dissimilarity quite early and make a successful career thanks to that I am different from the others. Therefore, I completely agree with the main theme of the film that our differences make life better. "


In addition to the sextet of protagonists, viewers will get acquainted with the recently arrived at Agleville Wedgehead, whose role was voiced by Emma Roberts. The heroine got her name because of an incident related to her appearance - falling, she did not very successfully land on her head.


Each exciting adventure needs its own catchy villain. For six friends from Agleville, Lou becomes such a villain - the charming but treacherous leader of the Institute for Excellence. Outwardly, he is handsome, which can not be said about his inner world. Lou is ready to do anything to sabotage any Moxy activity outside of Agleville. He strives for the illusions of perfection to hold the crowd of his followers. All of them are convinced that they will not fall into the hands of a loving child without close supervision of Lou. "Lou believes that he has created an impressive base that will not be a nuisance, especially dolls with such an unusual appearance as the inhabitants of Agleville," says Asbury.

Lou was voiced by actor and musician, Grammy and Golden Globe nominee Nick Jonas. “Lou himself should learn a bit, and in all areas,” says the actor. “I really enjoyed watching the gloss slip off him and disappointment with a lack of perfection. I am glad that thanks to Lou I went to amazing places.”

It turns out that getting used to the image of such a disappointed villain is not so difficult. According to Jonas, such a “Lou” lives in each of us. “For example, mine appears in the morning before I drink coffee,” he admits with a smile. “However, deep down, behind an impeccable haircut and chic costume, Lou wants love and recognition in the same way.”

In general, Jonas notes that he was close to all the topics raised by the film - friendship, acceptance by society, and, of course, the ability to fall in love with one's uniqueness. “All my life I have been convinced that the strangeness is wonderful, and being a weirdo is cool,” he explains. “We always have to accept the challenges of fate, dream and develop the imagination. In my youth, I loved musical theater and often arranged performances for relatives in an impromptu the theater that he organized in the basement. It was eccentricity, but the family liked it. "

Producers note that Jonas perfectly got used to the role:

“Lou turned out to be charming, but at the same time malicious and insidious, and Nick caught all the nuances of this role,” Aviv says. “In his performance, Lou became a really interesting bad guy.”


One of Lou's many followers at the Institute of Excellence is Mandy, a pretty doll that has a secret. The fact is that she may not be as perfect as she wants to seem. At first, Mandy struggles to impress Lou, but he does not seem to notice her. Meeting Moxie and her friends, Mandy gets a valuable lesson in life and becomes a faithful ally of the team.

Actress and singer Janelle Monet managed to use her talent to convey all the nuances of an ambiguous role:

“Mandy sees something unusual in a team of unsightly dolls, although they themselves don’t notice it,” Monet explains. “She is strong and confident, but at the same time she demonstrates her vulnerability. For the time that she spends with dolls from Agleyville, Mandy is getting even stronger. "

Mandy and Agleville immediately find a common language.

“Mandy easily joins the team of new acquaintances, because she herself understands that she does not fit into the Institute of Excellence,” Monet explains. “Indeed, she is by no means ideal. New friends awaken new feelings in Mandy. She understands that in their circle can feel like herself. Mandy no longer has to pretend to be perfect, and she allows herself to relax. "

Like her colleagues, Monet immediately imbued with the main idea of ​​the film. “The main message of the picture is that it’s wonderful to be strange, and that’s why I decided that I should definitely participate in the work on the film,” the actress says. “Differences should be encouraged, we need to be proud of our uniqueness, even if someone doesn’t like it "

If Mandy seeks to distance herself from Lou's zeal for excellence, then the girl trio of Tyuzdey, Kitty and Lydia, known as Spies, remains selflessly faithful to their leader. The girls are ready to carry out any order from Lou, including how easy it is to guess by the name of the group, espionage, and if necessary, the abduction of unsuspecting dolls from Agleville. The roles of the trinity were voiced by a Grammy-nominated singer Bibi Rex, musician and producer Charli XCX, as well as singer Lizzo.

The birth of UGLYDOLLS

The path of plain dolls to large screens began about 17 years ago. Illustrator, comic book artist and toy designer David Horvat, who was then in Los Angeles, corresponded with his girlfriend (who later became his wife) Kim Sung-min, who lived in South Korea. Horvath designed his letters with funny drawings that inspired Son-min - she decided to sew a plush toy manually according to one of the drawings.

Horvath pleasantly surprised by the craft showed it to the owner of a large supermarket Giant Robot in Los Angeles, but he apparently did not understand it - he sold the doll and ordered twenty more.

“Sun-min sewed another 20 dolls and named them UglyDoll, they were also immediately sold out,” recalls Horvath. Sun-min even had to buy a sewing machine, but with all the desire she could not cope with the rapidly growing demand, because other American stores were also interested in dolls. Therefore, Sun-min decided to open a full-fledged toy factory. “I think people were pleasantly surprised by the material that we called ugly fur,” Horvath continues. “Someone liked the name UglyDolls, someone liked the amusing descriptions of the characters that we fixed on each doll.”

The fame of the unusual dolls reached Hollywood. Horvath and Soon-min, holding their breath, watched the growing interest in their work, providing producers with preliminary drafts for the film. “Dolls have been our brainchild for 17 years, and it was nice to know that they were in good hands,” says Horvath about Aviva, Asbury, STXfilms and other filmmakers who worked on the film.

Aviv talks about “UglyDolls. Dolls with character "(2019) got to the big screen:

"STXfilms representatives understood that this was a great opportunity to turn an unusual and beloved by many brands into a real magical world - first into a full-length animated film, and then into a television series that Hulu became interested in.Given the strategic partnership with McDonald's, Carl's Jr., Hasbro, Walmart and other world famous brands, the idea has become quite real. It was the first STX animation project, so we tried to convey the exclusivity and authenticity of UglyDolls dolls as accurately as possible. "

Moxie's attitude to life, which appeared in the song Couldn't Be Better, was also reflected in Today's the Day. Today is the same day. The song convinces the viewer that even though Moxie and her friends love Agleville, there is no end to fun in their lives, but Moxie is sure that there, outside of their city, is the Big World. She must realize the life goal of any doll - to give happiness and joy to the child. After all, each doll must have its own child, and each child must have its own doll. "Moxie stubbornly holds on to the dream that each doll has its own purpose," says Asbury, "and she voices this dream in Today's the Day."

Traveling through an unfamiliar world, Moxy, like any heroine, is forced to face many trials and show her weaknesses. She agrees to try to hide her unusual appearance under makeup, so that she and her friends can more easily join the society of the Institute of Excellence. Not without the help of Mandy, the Aglyvillians epilate, pluck their eyebrows, correct their shapes, and so on.

Cartoon "UglyDolls. Puppets with a character ”(2019) with its funny main characters from Agliveslenna tells the story of the ability to love ourselves, to love our life, to realize that we are all different, but at the same time the same. It is so nice to bring something fun into the world, filled with positive energy of hope and self-perception. As the creators promise, viewers of all age categories will have a great time at the show and will be inspired by the cartoon. “UglyDolls. Dolls with character ”will entice you into an interesting adventure, the purpose of which is to show that the most important thing in us is ourselves.

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