Call me by your name 2 - will there be a sequel

The release date of the movie “Call Me by Your Name 2” is still unknown, the trailer has not been released, but the plot is known, and the actors are ready to star in the sequel to the sensational Oscar-winning film about the relationship between an adult man and a talented teenager on the Italian coast.

Rating of expectations (KinoPoisk website) -97%

Untitled Call Me by Your Name Sequel


Genre: melodrama, drama

Producer: Luca Guadaninho

World Premiere: 2020

Premiere (RF): 2020

Cast: Timothy Chalamet, Michael Stulbarg, Armie Hammer, Amira Kasar, Ahmed Adele, Esther Garrell.

The writer Andre Asiman admitted to reporters that after the successful adaptation of the novel, he realized that he was not ready to just take and part with the main characters. Therefore, in October 2019, a continuation of the book will appear, the plot of which will be very unexpected for fans.


The continuation of the melodrama will focus not only on the relationship between Oliver and Elio - the main focus will be on Samuel Perlman, Elio's father. In the first part, the guy’s parents are a harmonious and happy couple who do not know that a divorce awaits them. Samuel goes to visit his son and accidentally meets a girl on the road, completely changing his life. The fate of the main characters also did not remain unchanged: Elio becomes a successful pianist and falls in love, and Oliver, whose children managed to grow up, wants to repeat his trip to Europe.

Director and shooting

While the audience is waiting for the second part of the film “Call Me Your Name” to be released, it is worth recalling who will be part of the crew of the melodrama:

  • The director of the picture will be Luca Guadaninho ("I Am Love", "The Big Splash", "Unconscious Italian," Suspiria ");
  • The film will also be produced by Luca Guadaninho. Previously, the Italian produced the projects "City Stories", "Anthony", "Home Owners".
The script will be based on a new book by Andre Asiman.

Actors and roles

The cast of the sequel to the film will look like this:

  • Timothy Chalamet (Interstellar, Handsome Boy, Hot Summer Nights, Miss Stevens);
  • Armie Hammer ("Social Network", "Hotel Mumbai: Confrontation", "Call Me Your Name", "Agents A.N.K.L.");
  • Michael Stulbarg ("Dangerous Game Sloan", "Underground Empire", "Arrival", "Doctor Strange");
  • Amira Kassar ("Pornocracy", "Oscar and the Pink Lady", "Planetarium", "Transylvania");
  • Esther Garrell ("House of Tolerance", "The Beautiful Fig Tree", "Jealousy", "Camilla's Double Life");
  • Ahmed Adele ("The Invisible Guest", "Lady Winsley", "Tight Dress").

Interesting Facts

The following points may interest future viewers:

  • The first part of the acclaimed Italian painting received an Oscar for the best adapted script.
  • The director of the melodrama, Luca Guadaninho, wants the actors to grow up a bit and grow old in a natural way before starting filming, since, according to the idea, a significant time period passes between the events of the first part and the continuation.
  • Guadaninho said that he would like to shoot five films in a series in order to tell the story of the characters in full.

You should not wait for the trailer for the film “Call Me Your Name 2” soon, because the release date has not yet been announced, and the actors have not started filming. The plot of the picture will be based on the new novel by Andre Asiman, which will be on sale in the fall of 2019.

Watch the video: Call Me By Your Name 2 - Sequel Movie TRAILER (April 2020).