Continuation of the film "After" - filming begins in August

In August 2019, the shooting of the second part of the film “After” will begin, the premiere of the continuation has not yet been appointed, but the creators promise an approximate release date in 2020. The first part, based on the world's best-selling writer Anna Todd, won the hearts of the audience and became one of the most commercially successful independent projects in 2019. It is not surprising that the creators, without thinking twice, announced the production of a sequel.

Start filming and a new character

On its premiere weekend, the movie "After", whose budget was $ 14 million, took first place in the number of fees in 17 countries. In France - $ 9.9 million, in Germany - $ 9.3 million, in Italy - 7.1. In Russia, the tape managed to raise more than $ 3 million. It was this success that allowed the show runners to create a sequel.

In the Russian box office, the sequel was named "After: Chapter 2", its release date is set for 2020. The director of the tape is Roger Kamble, who has become popular thanks to such projects as Force Majeure, Cruel Intentions, Best Guard, " Pretty little liars, "" Life Sentence. "

When will the creators start filming the movie "After: Chapter 2"? Production began in August 2019. In addition to the main characters Hardin and Tessa, who were played by Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin ("Security", "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", "More Ben", "Stripping") and Josephine Langford ("Wolf Pit", "Fear Your Desires" , “Towards Darkness”), a new character Trevor will appear in the film. It will be played by Dylan Sprouse ("The Show of the 70s", "Grace on Fire", "Chicks", "Wife of the Astronaut", "Lesson is Over").

Recall that the focus of the plot of the first part was the teenagers Tessa and Hardin, who fall in love with each other, despite different characters. While studying at college, Tessa meets a local girl's favorite Hardin, but he is constantly looking for a way to offend the girl with something offensive. Despite this, Tessa reaches for Hardin, and one day she manages to find out the bitter truth about the guy’s past. The ending of the story was open. In the second part, we will find out if Tessa has forgiven her lover, and whether the main characters will remain together.

Filming of the second part of the film, called "After: Chapter 2" will begin in August 2019, and the premiere of the sequel will take place in 2020. Spectators, most of whom are teenagers, will be shown dramatic events woven around two people in love. And since there are 5 books in Anna Todd’s “After” series of novels, one can hope that this part will not be the last, and the creators will share the story not only in 2 parts.

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