"Good" man - a new series about the Angarsk maniac from the director "Container"

The next Russian project in the psychological thriller genre was the series about the Angara maniac "Good Man" (2019-2020), the plot of which is known, the release date, actors and trailer are not announced. The project is based on the story of a real maniac in whose bloody murders relatives who considered him a "good man" could not believe. The series has already announced itself loudly, and the audience is eagerly awaiting the premiere.


Genre: detective, drama, thriller

Producer: Konstantin Bogomolov

Release date: 2019-2020

Cast: is unknown

Who would dare to find and catch an Angara maniac who left behind a bloody trail of many bodies?


In the quiet and peaceful town of Rubezhnoye, bloody murders of girls suddenly begin to occur. Young metropolitan investigator Eugene Klyuchevskaya arrives in the city in order to check local rumors about the appearance of a serial killer. However, many residents are unhappy with the arrival of the capital's guest: like many people of the 90s living in a provincial town, they do not trust anyone, and everyone has more than one secret hidden in the closet.

Director and shooting

The director's place of the project was taken by Konstantin Bogomolov, known for such works as: "Gobsek", "Container". The producer was Irina Sosnovaya ("Rzhev: The Unknown Battle of George Zhukov", "Brest: Serf Heroes", "The White House, Black Smoke", "Container").

Konstantin Bogomolov

Konstantin Bogomolov says that in the “Good Man” the film crew tried to investigate the evil that can be hidden in every person:

“In our new project, we turn to a certain extent to the study of the dark side of man. And so we switch to another genre - the psychological thriller genre. I am also glad that the series became a continuation of the study of our own profession and at the same time a continuation of relations with a great producer and creative team which I met on "The Keepers", and with which I continue to work with pleasure. I’m sure we will do a lot more cool and interesting. "

Producer Irina Sosnovaya personally met with the "Angarsk maniac" in order to better convey his character in the project:

“The dialogue turned out to be very open. Mikhail Popkov spoke literally about his whole life: childhood, growing up, psychological trauma that prompted him to kill. In our project, we want to show much more than just bloody killings. It became clear that the plans to shoot the series are not so much about crimes, how much about the society as a whole, which gave birth to a bloody killer because of its patriarchal ideologies. I have no doubt that the film crew will make an important social discovery and attract a wide audience to discuss this issue. Bloem. "

Actors and roles

Nothing is known about the cast of the series at the moment.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The story of Mikhail Popkov, the "Angara maniac", goes back to the 90s, when he was operating in the Irkutsk region. In 2015, Mikhail was sentenced to life for the murder of 22 women and two assassination attempts. The maniac said that he began to kill after the betrayal of his wife. In January 2017, Michael confessed to another 59 murders. Interestingly, all the time before his capture, Mikhail worked as a policeman. The creators of the series with their project want to convey to people the whole truth about the "Angara maniac" and about what prompted him to kill.
  • The maniac’s case was handled by investigator Yevgeny Karchevsky. Some names of the main characters of the series have been changed to give the project artistic value.

Mikhail Popkov - serial killer from Angarsk

The viewer will be able to watch on television how the investigation of the "Angara maniac" in the film "Good Man" (2019-2020) took place, the release date, the actors and trailer of which were not announced, and the plot is already known and interested many people who want to know the truth about the events of those days.

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