The series "Chernobyl" - a new version from NTV

Inspired by the resounding success of the American series "Chernobyl", our filmmakers decided to film their own project, which would convey their own vision of the terrible disaster that happened in 1986. The release date of the series "Chernobyl" (2019) from NTV is set, the actors and plot are announced, and the trailer has already been released.

Rating expectations of the premiere (KinoPoisk) - 38%.


Genre: historical, drama, detective

Producer: Alexey Muradov

Release date: 2019

Cast: Igor Petrenko, Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Dmitry Ulyanov, Maria Andreeva, Alexander Ilyin, Vladimir Yumatov, Dmitry Mulyar, Alexander Feklistov, Elena Yakovleva, Yuri Tsurilo and others.

A military intelligence lieutenant colonel arrives in Pripyat in order to catch a CIA spy who is interested in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


The time period shown in the series covers events between April and December 1986. Even before the Chernobyl accident, counterintelligence lieutenant colonel Andrei Nikolaev lived a quiet and peaceful life with his wife and daughter. But the authorities send the hero to Pripyat on a secret assignment: to find in the city territory an experienced CIA agent Albert Lenz, who became interested in the nuclear power plant. Andrei’s wife also decides to come to Pripyat without telling the head of the family about this, while she takes with her little daughter Olya. However, the Chernobyl zone poses a huge danger due to the emission of radiation - the accident has already occurred.

Reviews about the upcoming premiere

Earlier, some netizens criticized the series from the HBO channel, believing that the project has only one goal - to discredit the Soviet Union. But even now, when the Russian NTV channel has already shot its own version of the accident, many also criticized the upcoming series:

  • “The acting is terrible, the scenery is inappropriate, and the plot has nothing to do with the Chernobyl accident”;
  • "Why shoot what is already cool shot?";
  • "Chernobyl is just the backdrop against which cheap melodrama develops."
The main claim to the NTV series was the poor play of the actors, as well as the plot, which does not reveal all the events of the 1986 disaster.

Director and shooting

The directorial place of the series was taken by Alexei Muradov, who became famous thanks to such projects as "Night Sisters", "Twice in the Same River", "Tula Tokarev", "Fighters", "Vlasik: Shadow of Stalin."

Alexey Muradov

Valentin Spiridonov worked on the script (“To Save Her Husband”, “Without Witnesses”, “Fight of Local Importance”, “Black Jackets”). The cameraman is Robert Filatov ("Night Sisters", "Tula Tokarev", "An Angel Came to You", "Fighters").


  • Andrey Feofanov (“Turkish Gambit”, “Zone”, “Forgotten”, “Teach Me to Live”, “Aleshkina Love”, “From Five to Seven”, “Gold”);
  • Vladimir Schegolkov ("Angel in the Heart", "Wild Love", "Leningrad", "Forgotten", "Antidur", "Baby");
  • Irina Bark (“Pregnancy Test”, “Forgotten”, “Everything Will Be Alright”, “Drunken Firm”, “Defiant”).

Director Alexei Muradov says that the idea of ​​the film came to him back in 2014. A multi-part film should tell what happened in 1986:

“We want to tell a story in the range from the people who were in Pripyat during the explosion, to the Kremlin and the CIA - we want to show the whole spectrum of their emotions. And I must say that this is a personal drama - we look at how each person experiences a catastrophe and how fighting her. "

Also, the creators said that the script is based on secret documents that they managed to collect.

The filming process of the series began in the summer of 2018. It took place in Belarusian cities: Minsk, Khotimsk, Slutsk. In total, the project will have 12 episodes. The premiere date has not yet been set, but it is expected that the creators will release the project in the fall of 2019.

Actors and roles

The following stars of Russian cinema starred in the series:

  • Igor Petrenko in the role of Andrei Nikolaev (“Name Day”, “Star”, “Carmen”, “Driver for Vera”, “Hero of our time”, “Detachment”, “When you are not waiting for her at all”, “Pilgrim”);
  • Nadezhda Mikhalkova ("Burnt by the Sun", "Siberian Barber", "Son of the Father of the Nations", "Unloved", "Love with an Accent", "The Last of the Magikyan", "City", "Dead Lake");
  • Dmitry Ulyanov in the role of Albert Lenz (“Year of the Golden Fish”, “72 meters”, “Goddess: How I Loved”, “Jester”, “Exile”, “Battalion”);
  • Maria Andreeva (“Ordinary Woman”, “Sofia”, “Executioner”, “Black Cat”, “French Travel Companion”, “Godunov: Continuation”);
  • Alexander Ilyin (“Fighter”, “Graffiti”, “Closed Space”, “Wild Field”, “Siberian Barber”, “Year of Culture”, “Godunov: Continuation”);
  • Vladimir Yumatov ("Sunday, half past six", "The Executioner", "Metro", "Spider", "Lover", "Going through the agony", "Operation Satan");
  • Dmitry Mulyar ("Swallow's Nest", "Crew", "Territory", "Second", "Forgotten", "Once in Rostov", "Dragon Syndrome", "On the Edge");
  • Alexander Feklistov ("Matchmakers 4", "Year of the Dog", "Fall Up", "In August of the 44th", "Squad", "Relatives", "Optimists", "Mistresses");
  • Elena Yakovleva ("Crime and Punishment", "I Stay", "Karasi", "What a wonderful game", "Vangelia", "Intergirl", "Seven Dinners", "New Christmas Trees");
  • Yuri Tsurilo (“Fool”, “Teach Me to Live”, “Pop”, “Crunchy, Car!”, “In August of the 44th”, “Only You”, “Dragon Syndrome”, “Bloody Lady”, “Alien” , "Scythian").

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • On an unofficial site dedicated to the work of actor Igor Petrenko, a secret trailer for this feature film was posted. After a while, it was deleted, but managed to scatter to many other sites and social networks. The number of likes and dislikes left many viewers in shock: for 100-200 likes, the trailer earned thousands of dislikes. Because of this, the NTV channel decided to block all trailers that had time to fly on Youtube and other Internet sites. For one user, the channel threatened to sue due to copyright infringement when he uploaded the trailer before the series was launched on TV. The user decided not to bring the case to court and deleted the video.
  • The creators were looking for details and locations for the series throughout Belarus: the old Volga, Lada and other cars of that time. In addition to this, the requisites tried to recreate everything exactly, the flesh, to the instruments that measured the radiation.
  • Russian media say that the NTV series will be the "domestic response" to the western show.

Will the Russian filmmakers of the NTV channel manage to shoot the Chernobyl series (2019), the release date, the actors and the plot of which are known, and the trailer was released so as to show the real events that took place at the end of the 80s of the last century, viewers will learn in the fall of 2019 .

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