Ninth - a new thriller about investigations and mysticism

Not so often Russian filmmakers take up the production of mystical thrillers, but if they get down to business, they promise to create something really worthwhile. This happened with the film "Ninth" (2019), the release date, the actors and plot of which were announced, and the trailer has already been released.

Rating of expectations for the premiere (KinoPoisk) - 93%.



Genre: thriller, adventure, horror

Producer: Nikolai Khomeriki

Release Date in Russia: November 7, 2019

Cast: Evgeny Tsyganov, Daisy Head, Maria Skuratova, Dmitry Lysenkov, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Anna Khristich, Igor Grabuzov, Vilen Babichev, Vyacheslav Gasai, Evgeny Anisimov and others.

Budget: 450 000 000 rub.

In St. Petersburg in the late 19th century, corpses of young girls began to be found on the streets. Two policemen take up the investigation, and the evidence leads them to the girl-medium, who is the next victim of the maniac.


Events develop in the late 19th century in St. Petersburg. The city was swept by the wave of popularity of the occult sciences and the study of the beyond. At this time, the British clairvoyant Olivia Reed arrives in the capital of then imperial Russia, who managed to gain attention thanks to the ongoing spiritualistic sessions. At the time of the arrival of the medium in the city, brutal murders begin, similar to some kind of ritual - the girls are first abducted, and then their bodies are found in completely different corners of the city. A young detective Rostov and his comrade Ganin were sent in search of a maniac. An investigation of the evidence leads the heroes to Olivia, and they decide to use her gift of invoking spirits.

Director and shooting

The directorial place of the film was taken by Nikolai Khomeriki, the owner of the golden palm branch of the Cannes Film Festival, who worked on such projects as: “The Last Fairy Tale of Rita”, “Dragon Syndrome”, “Together”, “Life Long Night”, “Mistresses”, “Icebreaker” .


  • Alexander Rodnyansky (“Dislike”, “Sun”, “Driver”, “Special Purpose Friend”, “Multiplying Sorrow”, “The Man Who Amazed Everyone”);
  • Sergey Melkumov ("Saboteur", "Dostoevsky", "Elena", "Tests for Real Men", "Brezhnev", "Demons", "Doctor Richter", "Dylda");
  • Natalia Gorina ("Dostoevsky", "Leningrad", "The One Who Turns Out the Light", "Stalingrad", "Dylda");
  • Plato Emich ("Duelist", "Investigator Tikhonov", "Hurray! Vacations!", "Yield").

Operator - Maxim Osadchiy ("2 days", "Kitty", "Triumph", "Defenders", "Olesya", "The story of one appointment").

The filming process took place in St. Petersburg in 2018, the premiere is scheduled for November 7, 2019.

Actors and roles

The film starred:

  • Evgeny Tsyganov in the role of Rostov (Brest Fortress, Inadequate People, Walk, Battle for Sevastopol, Thaw, Tenderness);
  • Daisy Head as Olivia Reid (Young Morse, Endeavor, Courtesans, Doctor Martin, Fallen, Ophelia, Accused);
  • Maria Skuratova in the role of Avdotya (“Two tickets home”, “Alien District 3”, “High Stakes”, “Trotsky”, “Bridge”, “Investigator 2”);
  • Dmitry Lysenkov in the role of Ganin (“Kuprin: In the Dark”, “House Arrest”, “Podsadnaya”, “Angel Challenge”, “Excellent student”, “House Arrest”, “PI Pirogov”);
  • Yuri Kolokolnikov (“Method”, “Hero of Our Time”, “Game of Thrones”, “Cook”, “Mommies”, “Godunov”, “Hunter Killer”, “Comedian”);
  • Anna Khristich in the role of Martha Berg (“Reject”, “The Hunt for the Singer”);
  • Igor Grabuzov (“You can’t execute pardon”, “The last article of a journalist”, “Three days before spring”, “Countdown”, “Major 3”, “Tanks”, “Realization”);
  • Vilen Babichev (“Offside”, “Investigations Waged ...”, “Anna Detective”, “Fizruk”, “Love by mistake”, “Godunov”, “Mounted Police”, “In a Cage”);
  • Vyacheslav Gasay as Creepy ("Alien District 2", "Cop Wars 8", "Five Minutes of Silence", "Last Journalist Article", "Alien Face", "Miller");
  • Evgeni Anisimov as an investigator (Golden Calf, Teacher in Law 2, Wolf Island, Grigory R, ​​All Smokers Damned, Three Days Until Spring).

Interesting Facts

Did you know that:

  • The slogan of the film is "Discover the secret of its number."
  • Initially, the creators wanted to develop the film as a psychological thriller, but later switched to the format of a mystical thriller.
  • Olivia Reed was supposed to be played by Kaya Scodelario (“Moon 2112”, “Skins”, “True Love”, “Now is the time”, “The Maze Runner”, “Trap”).

The audience became interested in such an attractive and intriguing mystical plot of the film "Ninth" (2019), the release date, the actors of which are known, and the trailer has already been released. The expectations from the tape are the highest, and we will be able to enjoy the premiere in November 2019.

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